Thursday, 4 December 2008



It is the time of year when you are looking your best. It is the time of year when you are able to, as we girls say "WORK A LOOK" with minimum effort and not looking like a wanker. It is also the time of year that you can commit a fashion suicide an realise you will standing alone under the mistletoe drinking mulled wine with tears in your eyes all the way to Auld Lang Syne and every other to the end of infinity.

Essentially, it is the time of year to have a decent coat, beautiful scarf, nice gloves, a woolly hat and proper shoes. If you just wear your NIKE bomber with a raggy doll scarf and some shit beanie from nowheresville you just look as cheap and tatty as the man in a suit on the way to work braving the elements in some grey nylon blousony style jacket affair he got from free at the latest conference in San Fransico about electronic cabling or something. Invest in the coat / scarf / hat / gloves combo and gentlemen you will be looking a million dollars.

It is obvious - a woolly hat [go easy on the pompoms...] - eradicates "bad hair days" or "bad hair lifetimes" if you started balding aged 20. Your face is still cute and fresh - you have just got over the 'seasonal change flu' and are excited about the prospect of Christmas holidays. Winter hasn't ground your face into oblivion. You look good.

xx Lektrogirl

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