Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Football Guy, originally uploaded by Michael O'Neill!.

The Air Commodore moved to Canada. [Why oh why!!??!!]

Since moving, he has had the new vantage point to spy on FOOTBALL GUY. Regularly, The Air Commodore posts pictures of FOOTBALL GUY'S workout in the building site, where FG uses all kinds of things to play different sports. Mainly, football.

In this picture, FOOTBALL GUY is limbering up to play golf. Which is a nice story because the mutual friend of The Air Commodore and I, The Cardinal, her brother has won some championship thing playing golf and is going off to somewhere or other in the middle east or Turkey or somewhere for a week to play in a competition.

It would be great to see FOOTBALL GUY at this level too.

Anyway I wish that The Air Commodore would start a blog about FOOTBALL GUY.

xx Lektrogirl


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