Friday, 18 December 2009


The GA, originally uploaded by Lektrogirl.

It was a horrid moment when I was in Melbourne at the airport and Mum text me to day Dad was having an operation and there was a strong possibility that he may die on the operating table. I really thought "FUCK I'm not going to make it."

When we got to the hospital though, I should have known that of course the prick would make it. It was so weird to be standing next to his bed after coming so far hearing him say "Before they took me in for the op they told me that I might die. I seriously thought I would never see you again." So if you want to talk about tears and emotions, all I can say is A LOT.

And then there were some LOLS.

Next day he was back in the home with a cup of tea and all that plastic tubing off. Irony of the situation is now I have a sore throat and headache so can't go round to see him today.

I cooked him some Cardomom and Pistachio shortbreads though. Tomorrow will be macaroons.

Got to go though cause Mum is nagging me to get dressed. It's quarter to four and I suspect she has a point. I'm going to Coles to get some prawns as big as my hands.

Kind regards

Yours Truly

xx Lektrogirl

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