Thursday, 2 August 2007


After work I went out with some friends and some things happened that made me feel a bit sad because of some changes going through their lives. It made me think of the times I was dating Monsieur Raide. It made me think of when I was married to Saucepan Handle. It made me think of Ocho Choco. It made me think of Mumu. I was also totally sauced on wonderful cocktails from Hawkmoor. Nicely drunk but a bit of sorrow. But this sorrow was also kind of nice. I felt like I spent the evening surrounded by real people. I felt like the number of people I know with a real pulse is increasing. Which might feel a bit weird for the people I am talking about to know, but really, I need this. I need real people. I'm nearly 35 but I'm still finding my way.

In other news:
Chorley came to work today and modelled a tote bag for Katharine to see how gay he looked. I told him to be at work at 9am tomorrow, but really there is little chance I will be there. I wonder if he will do it? I spent some time trying to use my new stupid phone. It is really mondo retardo. I need to sleep.

xx Lektrogirl

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