Monday, 14 January 2008


Prancehall has just learnt about tektonik / jumpstyle / Melbourne shuffle when we were all talking about it on Nasty Nets [not a porn site, promise] back in September 07. Some of you more dedicated fans of my blog will remember me blogging about the little meuf Yelle who sang the shitty song about Cuisinier and TTC back in August 07 and the the next track she had remixed - A Cause des Garcons - a Tektonik version - which I was totally in love with.

Anyway thankfully Prancehall has finally caught up cause I was reminded and went searching for un update par les clubbeurs et voila:

You also need to check out this community for these people. Here is Karmapa92. I don't need to link more - it is finally 2008 and you all know how to work the Internet.

C'est trop rupture! LOL.

xx Lektrogirl

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Thursday, 29 November 2007


This is the full cut video from the Katharine Hamnett Christmas webshoot. Enjoy! My personal favourite is the yellow/yellow LOVE t-shirt Jen is wearing.

xx Lektrogirl

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Thursday, 2 August 2007


After work I went out with some friends and some things happened that made me feel a bit sad because of some changes going through their lives. It made me think of the times I was dating Monsieur Raide. It made me think of when I was married to Saucepan Handle. It made me think of Ocho Choco. It made me think of Mumu. I was also totally sauced on wonderful cocktails from Hawkmoor. Nicely drunk but a bit of sorrow. But this sorrow was also kind of nice. I felt like I spent the evening surrounded by real people. I felt like the number of people I know with a real pulse is increasing. Which might feel a bit weird for the people I am talking about to know, but really, I need this. I need real people. I'm nearly 35 but I'm still finding my way.

In other news:
Chorley came to work today and modelled a tote bag for Katharine to see how gay he looked. I told him to be at work at 9am tomorrow, but really there is little chance I will be there. I wonder if he will do it? I spent some time trying to use my new stupid phone. It is really mondo retardo. I need to sleep.

xx Lektrogirl

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Sunday, 8 July 2007


Here is the cool video Pippa and I made on the most recent trip to Paris. Pippa and Max had a buying appointment at A.P.C. which was very cool to go and check out the A.P.C. headquarters there. Then on the adgenda, most desperately, was a visit to the Fifi Chachnil store. OMG we were too excited. Finally, an omlette mixte and a glass of rosé was totally required to calm down again.

The sound track is T.T.C.'s Une Bande De Mec Sympas from the album 3615 which I have listed previously in my post Top Songs In A Foreign Language.

xx Lektrogirl

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Wednesday, 28 March 2007


1] POUPÉE FLASH - Première Class
Language: French

This song is from a Belgian group in 1982 and it is incredible. I got my copy of the 12" from a guy called Rico in Brussels. I have been in love with this song for a long time. Then I decided with my band, The Fonts, to cover Poupée Flash [Shiny Doll]. You can hear the cover of the song
on The Fonts MySpace page. Look out from the aditional bugged out rap by MC Tighty Whitey. He's really smuggling plums.

2]TUERLICH TUERLICH [Sicher dicker] - Das Bo
Language: German

The summer this came out I was spending a lot of time in Hamburg. Das Bo is from Hamburg and Hamburg is my home by heart. Last time I went back to Germany to DJ apparently my friends Ralf and Booty Carrol were saying over a hair cut like "Oh it will be so good to Lektrogirl. And everyone will know Lektrogirl is in town when she plays Tuerlich Tuerlich at that moment in the party." Everyone was disappointed I didn't have the record with me...

3] G'DAY G'DAY - Slim Dusty
Language: Australian

My mother woke early every day of the week. Every day she had the same routine, go to the kitchen, put the radio on, put the dishes away from the night before. On Sunday's the radio show was "Macca on a Sunday Morning" and a track that got A LOT of airplay was this.

Language: French

This is neither a video of TTC nor TTC playing in the background of the video. But I found this clip while searching for UNE BANDE DE MECS SYMPAS on YouTube. Phillipa Cardinal shows the TTC track some face when she is DJing. She's cool. And hot.

5] VAMOS A LA PLAYA - Righeira
Language: Spanish

This song transcends the language barrier and united millions on the dancefloor with sangria in their hand. Now you can watch this Spanish mega hit sung by two Italians subtitled in Dutch.

6] C'EST COMME CA - Les Rita Mitsouko
Language: French


7] A track by Supermerka2
Language: Argentinan

8] HYPER HYPER - Scooter
Language: German

Look I know he he is saying words in English but really - no-one speaks English like that except a German. And let's not pick at hairs here - Do you really understand what the fuck he is saying?!

Well, this list is by no means exclusive cause there are a gang more I would like to include. But this 8 will do for now.

xx Lektrogirl

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Sunday, 25 March 2007

I never thought I would...

Well I said I would never make a blog, but today I finally relented and here I am on the couch with my vile cold editing the template of my new blog.

Last night I went out with Roxy to Chalk, the night at the Scala with all the promise and potential but either I don't get wasted enough or the rooms are never quite full enough. Or hang on a minute... we are just in London. I was super excited cause my friend Teki Latex was gonna be there with his band TTC. Also playing was Kap Bambino who I have been dying to see live for a long time.

Last time I saw Teki was in Paris when he was hosting the last "New Jack Swing Bitch Ass Darius" Diamond Grills party put on by DJ's Goon and Koyote. I was there with Prolkoller who was nursing a broken heart and she had some deathly cold that weekend and so to cheer her up I was being totally retarded, getting more and more drunk, crazy dancing, rolling around on the stage and humping the speakers [Phillipa Cardinal didn't believe me when I told her this is my usual behaviour.] Teki did his usual "Now all the girls get up on stage and let me see you shake your ass routine" but being the faux female equlity dudette that I am, I decided to get a few guys on stage and make them dry hump me for comical effect. After doing so, Teki was giving the big ups to Lektrogirl and pointing and me, so I gave his finger fellatio to a cheering Parisian audience. However I think his girlfriend wasn't too thrilled. Hmmm... so where was I... yes, London. I had a t-shirt to give Teki from Bitch Ass Darius - one of the super hot NES Records t-shirts and a Katharine Hamnett LOVE t-shirt from the office. But thinking about it, Roxy and I realised we should have given TTC some of the limited edition LOVE and PEACE t-shirts that will be available on the website soon.

Through the haze of Benedryl cold and flu capsules, nasal sprays and cough sizzurp the TTC show was AMAZING!! Except for the fucking strobe light that pierced through my forehead right into my Occipital lobe where I had headache from a variety of reasons. They wiped the floor with JME who did a little showcase before them who was going on about MySpace like he invented it. TTC we so good in fact I missed going upstairs in time to catch Kap Bambino and all that was on by the time I got there was this revolting band that was excruciating to listen to. I had to wait for Roxy to weave her way up there in her Christian Louboutin's. Seriously how she does it I dunno.

So on the way out of the club, we saw XXCENSOREDXX from XXCENSOREDXX wearing on of the new Katharine E Hamnett t-shirt shapes we had biked over to XXCENSOREDXX on Friday afternoon for them to using as a buying sample. This is the equivalent of a producer walking into a nightclub hearing the master version of his/her new album that had been sent to the pressing plant the day before on the soundsystem as they walk in the door. It's a lot. A LOT. The t-shirts, with specially selected historical slogan is to be used for the front windows of XXCENSOREDXX. How the fuck this sample ended up on XXCENSOREDXX by Saturday night was beyond both Roxy and I!! We were both totally shocked. Roxy went up to XXCENSOREDXX and asked really politely where XXCENSOREDXX had got the sample from. XXCENSOREDXX replied "I work for Katharine Hamnett". Roxy said "No you don't, I work for her. Where did you get it from?" XXCENSOREDXX said "I know Katharine Hamnett." Which was a total lie straight in our face... Then we ran into Mollywood and Noriko who told us that last weekend they had huge arguments with XXCENSOREDXX as well. The whole encounter with XXCENSOREDXX turned prickly - she could have just told the truth and saved herself a lot of bother.

I'm sorry I have no cool pictures to accompany my first official solo blog - I haven't replaced my camera since my bag got nicked last week. If you want to see some hilarious pictures, you should check Prancehall's blog with his fashion pics themed "Tools". I have to say I was choking laughing looking at this. Oh - I also saw Prancehall dancing to house music the other week.

xx Lektrogirl

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