Friday, 3 August 2007


Woah - well my old external hard drive still working - and so tonight after work I spent some time getting info off it to transfer to my PC. I'm happy to have all the old favourite pics back! I have huge collections of weirdo porn from the olden days on my iMac:

I photoshopped out the Va-J-J but I didn't draw on that face! I have a whole series of pictures from that shoot. How I found it I don't know but totally weird.

Here is an old picture from Paul that he found back in America. He said "Don't put that picture on the internet! Now everyone is going to have that!!" Tough titties. Unlike what this lady has got. But she is so cute.

And then back in 2001, when I was still playing with the little Witch Mollywood together we ended up making a whole series of flyers for the parties. Here is one:

In 2002:

I imagine licking the end of a pool cue is pretty revolting.

And here is another from 2003.

From 2002, this is everyone's favourite:

Then check this out - my old autograph book from 1981.

Read what my cousin wrote in 1983. What a prophecy! Destined to be a slut from the age of 11.

I also have a GANG of signs, fonts, book covers, found notes and random shits:

I would dare put anything bigger than a wee in their toilet bowl. I wouldn't even dare do a little pop-off...

A Darkey Misunderstanding.

Anyway - there will be a whole more entourage of stuff from my deepest darked archive hole in the coming posts! Woo-hoo! Excitement plusss

xx Lektrogirl

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