Tuesday, 22 July 2008

WEB 2.0

Lord Fauntleroy said that there is no such thing. [You can see that it was doomed from the off.]

I beg to differ and what I consider to be Web 2.0 - Facebook, Myspace, Friendster [remember that! LOL I wish I could remember my login and password] FLICKR [oh where would I be without you] and of course Blogger, rounded corners and scribble fonts.

An aside:
"OH yes! So yes I was right! My blogger files are on my server Lord Fauntleroy! You didn't believe me."

So tonight Drx and I chatted on ICQ like it was the good old days when we would chat on micromusic about Scooter, Marcel Masters would pop up every now and again with his hello kitty picture [OH MY DAYS - I think we had to have him banned or an official warning] and about falling in love and falling out of love and other such interesting matters. [No I never ripped out someone's spine and shoved it down their throat but I was close.] Drx told me that I must post something new on my blog for him to read in the morning or he will blow up the whole internet. I would like to see him try. I asked Bitch Ass Darius if the internet could ever 'run out' one day and he told me 'no' and explained about all kinds of things that would make it impossible.

Tonight, Drx and I used the internet to discuss Photoshop and it's use to erase identity on the internet. I had found a wonderful collection from a Flickr user who was quite good at drawing sunglasses on his nudie wife.

And himself

Drx reminded me of this project on Nasty Nets

Here are two favourites from the collection

What a poser.

Hugged by a blob.

I wish I could find the pictures of the woman who has the pool cue up her fanny that I found while chatting to Silverlink one night on Facebook with the womans face all scratched out with the pencil tool but alas, I have no clue where they are right now.

OH YEAH and does anyone remember that gay website where men would discuss the interiors of people homes who had post nudie shots of themselves online around with the bodies all blanked out? It was amazing and big in like 2000 or so. If anyone remembers anything about this site please let me know. It was HILARIOUS. I submitted a picture of a friend of mine who was dressed in a rubber outfit cause the shelves behind him were atrocious.

Anyway - not a lot of gossip in this post or anything like that. I just had to do it to save the internet for all of us tomorrow lest Drx try to get up to no good.

xx Lektrogirl

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Tuesday, 1 July 2008


Finally my friends Goon and Koyote have their first EP released and I am well excited - not only because I find the cover artwork extremely arousing [and it was my desktop image on my work laptop for a loooong time] but because I LOVE these tracks.

Oh and the classic Goon quote from the birthday party in Hamburg last year listening to Philippa, Pip, Manara and I natter away like girls is "What is 'stiffy'?"

1st EP "Wellness is wild" (DIGITAL ONLY)

1/Keep Dancin'
2/Pussy Out
3/Wellness Is Wild
4/Wellness Is Wild - Dre Skull Mix
5/Wellness Is Wild - Dikulous' Zulu Mix

Disponible sur
iTunes | Virgin Mega | Fnac Music


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Thursday, 8 May 2008


Yesterday I finally got around to framing a lot of images I had been wanting to.

Here are two by Carlo Mollino. Actually he is an architect foremost, then furniture designer. He actually looks really scary if you ask me. But I love his polaroids.



less well known are mollino’s erotic polaroid photographs.
after carlo mollino died, his executors found more than 2,000 polaroid
photographs, made beginning in the 1960s, subjects are turin’s unpenitent magdalenes - most of them nude.
at one level they can be confused as little more than a genre of amateur
pornography with a disinterested will to artistic form.
the beauty of mollino's images resides primarily in the pathos and humor
of the incommensurability between the ordinariness of these women,
however lovely, and the artist's need to weave a fantasy around them.
‘every nude betrays its author’, wrote carlo mollino in 1959.

But his photography from negative was heavily retouched when printed - I really like that aspect - that the the medium of photography that is often considered documentary still isn't a finished piece yet. It is also disappointing though cause I always believe the fantasy of something. When I realise, it is a bit heart breaking.

F.Y.I. Those images I put in those Victorian ivory frames are from a book I pulled apart - they obvs aren't original! They aren't even the best reproductions - a cheap Taschen. When I realised my original Polaroids book was worth £100's I thought it best to keep it in tact...

I also framed this:

xx Lektrogirl

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Thursday, 10 April 2008


So, my life is boring but I always find good juice on the internet. I would like you to all sit back and scroll through my latest online exhibition called 'RUDIE NUDIE SHOW' which is a collection of nude photos I have collected from eBay and Flickr.



[I was actually bidding on this picture for quite a while but it got to be more than I would spend.]


untitled-1.jpg, untitled-2.jpg, untitled-3.jpg, untitled-4.jpg



And finally, in a special section in the gallery we have this exclusive exhibition from what I believe to be an astounding photographer. This pictures are so amazing! I cannot tell you how much I love them.


Okay so house is on now. Later dudes.

xx Lektrogirl

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Sunday, 24 February 2008


More often than I do now I used to make a lot of different web based art projects with animated gifs and midi files.

Here is a piece I made about a particular dance step in a pop video created by US based art collective, BEIGE.

The full piece can be seen online here.

And more of than I do now I used to travel and DJ a LOT around Europe. As Sara Manara - she got the mid air live report along with the BA inflight map display of everywhere I travelled.

Anyway - one place I went was Graz and I didn't like it very much. Here are some pictures from the trip.

xx Lektrogirl

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Sunday, 16 December 2007


My plane to Australia got cancelled! H.M.L. !!! But we all have to stay in a Premier Inn til tomorrow for the next flight. Roxy said I can try and lengthen my trip if need be. So ace. Then I was at the buffet trying to gag down some food. It was really fucking bad. Manara already challenged me to take great pics for my flickr but ones of my minge don't count.

So I took one of hers instead. In the middle of me seafood rice was a screwed up tight little furry mussel I pulled out and started snapping with my camera. These two Asian dudes in plastic gloves and messy aprons came over asking me if everything was okay and if there was a problem with my food. I looked at them like they were retards and said "Have you guys heard of flickr? I'm on holiday" They apologised and left me but kept staring. I couldn't eat any more. The food was revolting. So i went up to them and showed them the picture and said "don't worry guys, this is for my friend Sara. I'm sending it to her cause it looks like her minge." The Chinese Asian knew what I meant. The Indian one didn't. LOL.

xx Lektrogirl

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Saturday, 13 October 2007


Here is my latest exhibition that I have curated online called "I'm Not The Only One". Someone in my office was on the phone to someone in another office and the girl my office was telling me that the person she was talking to in the office had a friend in his office that was looking at nude pictures of me on the internet. Good Times.

If you are into these pictures, you can check the whole profile for as long as it lasts. I really love them a lot.

Ramiro goes to nudist beaches. But he never came back with stories about a view like this. It was always about seeing other men's assholes.

Speaking of assholes:

I still adore this picture of Paul. Hey, HOT TUB HARRY!! [private joke]

xx Lektrogirl

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Sunday, 5 August 2007


Mum called this morning just as I was thinking of her, while I was in the kitchen making a cup of tea. I thought of her cause I trod on something that reminded me of an umbilical cord from one of our old dog Winnie's puppies. Winnie was a great dog. My sister still has the plaster cast of Winnie's leg and this is like maybe 14 years ago. The cast isn't very big. Winnie was a corgi. So - there is Mum chatting away telling me that one of the teachers at her school was checking out my MySpace page and Flickr for some project for her class and then Mum started going on about this blog. I was like "Oh god Mum PLEASE don't read my blog." And she was like "Yes some of it is quite shocking." And I was like "But I write it and don't imagine you are reading it. I don't think you and your friends are going to sit there and read it. I write like it is all the stuff me and Dad used to talk about in the garage. Boys's talk." And she was all like totally casual "Oh God Emma, you've always been like that. Don't worry." So now I'm not. I didn't bring up the time she and my sister quoted sections of my journal back to me over the dinner table when I was 17 [see it was at this moment I realised there was no point to having any shame.] I also didn't was to mention either that she was part of the most embarrasing moment of my life envolving me, my ex boyfriend Nick Dunn and making eye contact with her through the bedroom window at a rather crucial moment... Talk about getting instantly floppy [if I was a guy.]

So, HI MUM!! How you doing? How cold is it in Tassie? Hope you keeping your map o' Tas warm! Do your headlights go on when you go outside. Herrrr herrrr herrrr.

Check me out in Bahrain in 1997!!

Those were the sneakers in the background that cost £120 which was A LOT in those days. Sneakers were never that much then.

Mum, I know you are proud of me whatever I do, even if what I do isn't what most people want their daughters to be doing. I'm proud of you when you told the bank to get stuffed cause you didn't want to wear tights.

xx Lektrogirl

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Friday, 3 August 2007


I genuinely hope that Paul's next girlfriend has a body like the one on the left cause it is all he deserves.



Woah - well my old external hard drive still working - and so tonight after work I spent some time getting info off it to transfer to my PC. I'm happy to have all the old favourite pics back! I have huge collections of weirdo porn from the olden days on my iMac:

I photoshopped out the Va-J-J but I didn't draw on that face! I have a whole series of pictures from that shoot. How I found it I don't know but totally weird.

Here is an old picture from Paul that he found back in America. He said "Don't put that picture on the internet! Now everyone is going to have that!!" Tough titties. Unlike what this lady has got. But she is so cute.

And then back in 2001, when I was still playing with the little Witch Mollywood together we ended up making a whole series of flyers for the parties. Here is one:

In 2002:

I imagine licking the end of a pool cue is pretty revolting.

And here is another from 2003.

From 2002, this is everyone's favourite:

Then check this out - my old autograph book from 1981.

Read what my cousin wrote in 1983. What a prophecy! Destined to be a slut from the age of 11.

I also have a GANG of signs, fonts, book covers, found notes and random shits:

I would dare put anything bigger than a wee in their toilet bowl. I wouldn't even dare do a little pop-off...

A Darkey Misunderstanding.

Anyway - there will be a whole more entourage of stuff from my deepest darked archive hole in the coming posts! Woo-hoo! Excitement plusss

xx Lektrogirl

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