Wednesday, 3 October 2007


Today I am feeling more chillax than I have in ages! I've upgraded and I'm double fisting a Mac and PC cause I have my own office assistant doing his thangdizzle on the data entry on my other PC. So while I train him on the intimate details of Sage, I'm nursing a little headache from only 3 beers that I drank last night with two men in North London.

Prancehall doesn't let me take pictures of him any more, but here is his new jacket that Daniel told me was from TK Maxx. Daniel was there thinking I was gonna laugh, but TK Maxx are cool.

Much of the evenings mirth was taken up by a story I had about the smell of XXCENSOREDXX's pussy which I smelt on the face of Brains when he came round to my house once [much to Brains shame now... I mean... dirty! Totally XXXtina! And it was commented on the state of Brains bathroom in his studio. I went to the loo in there the other day and worried that I was going to get hepatitis.] Also, did you know how much Prancehall hates the smell of olives. I wonder how he goes with anchovies. I LOVE them. We went and had an amazing dinner all three of us at The Star. Me and ASBO had miso marinated fish and Pranny had a Poussin. This food totally shat all over anything I ate in Milan.

So I hope they don't think I'm a complete freak any more - though I think I was on shakey ground when I was giving fashion tips about collared shirts being worn with hoodies is totally wrong, and also I had another dream about Prancehall where his character was included in the background as a line dancer. I don't think I'm going to get air pied any more, but let's see.

xx Lektrogirl

P.S. There is the full write up with pictures you asked about.

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