Friday, 13 June 2008


Who is in the hot seat this weeeeeeeek? Poor-sha Foxx from Atlanta’s V-103 radio station…. Poor-sha…..Poor-sha…Poor-sha…..How dare you try and disrespect the Queen????????????? Bitch…. You fell in the booby-trap and gave me the ammunition that I needed!! Yesssssssssssss! You looked cute in your orange suit!!! LMAO!!!!!! We all the same behind them walls… Did they turn you out in there Poor-sha????? Ohhhhh… I forgot….. You was bull-dagging before you went in!!!!!!!!

Nowwwwww……As yall know from the blog I wrote last week about hating ass bitches at these radio stations and at BET…… We have some serious problems that need to be addressed because there’s some serious hating going on ….. These bitches not wanting to play the Queen’s music and the Queen’s videos!!!! Refusing to play requested songs and turning bitches mic’s down during interviews…….Cheron of Detroit Senior!!!! See….. I am tired of you hoes tryna make interviews one-sided, screening calls allowing all the haterz through! Having a bitch on your show for drama to gain ratings…… And I have been intercepting the ball on you hoes……Taking Nasti Muzik to VICTORY!!!

This bitch invited me on her show and didn’t ask one thang about my album…. Dis bitch still bringing up old shit, still mad about me roasting her ass 6 years ago! Talkin bout……She didn’t like my video… You crackhead drug addict….. The only video you ever had… Was on Fox 5 News when Dekalb County was carrying your drunk ass to Rice Street…. Why didn’t you wanna talk about that Poor-sha????? Why didn’t you wanna talk about that felony drug possession, driving under the influence, driving with a suspended license and expired tags Poor-sha????? Let’s talk about that!!!!! Let’s talk about how the last time you tried the Queen…. You lost your job and your house…. In less than 30 days!!!!! Oh….. I forgot….. You did have another video…. The video of your house burning down after you intentionally set it on fire for the insurance money!!!!!!! Chile boo!!!!! Let’s talk about it Poor-sha!!!!!!! Why you in there hollering security…..Tryna make the listeners think that I was in there acting like a damn fool……. Now they see that you was the only fool on the set!!!!!

How could you even think about trying me after all this dirt I got you???? Poor-sha…. Poor-sha……Poor-sha???? You are a pussy-blower!!! Bitch why did you have security in there with ya??? Were you scared??? You had every intention on starting some shit with the Queen!!! Tryna make it seem like a bitch was acting immature and ignorant!!!! Bitch dats just how you were acting……And I got it all on tape…… Bitch you was looking stressed and disturbed and I was smiling and looking fabulous the whole time! Cutting the mic down and over talking my fans…… Bitch was you high???? I got you on tape doing this unprofessional shit…….Looking like a damn Ant Eater!!! You like bird trees and nose candy….. You drunken bitch!!!!! Gold teeth and tattoos… Is that all you could come up with Poor-sha???? Gold teeth and tattoos is Hip-Hop bitch and I am a representative of Hip-Hop…. The female Pac…. Bow down Bitch!!!!!!!
Nasti Muzik 08!! Im here to be the voice of those who are coming behind me… Im the only bitch that is strong enough to put you bitches on BLAST!!!!!
The Queen has spoken….And enough is enough!!!! Imma let the people know about the real Poor-sha!!! The nasty, conniving, slick-slimmey Poor-sha… Bitch Imma have your job cuz you are officially fired!!!! Remember Me…. Uh-huhhhh!!

Bitch you were jealous and intimidated, you tried to hate and come for me but bitch you fell for the booby-trap. Full promotion for Nasti Muzik 08.… The streets are talking…..And its not about you, Stephanie….Are you any kin to Slim Cutty Calhoun??? Bitch you wanted me to put my foot 6 ft off in dat ass…That’s why I had my hair pinned up in a bun ready for warrrrrr!!! You betta had dat damn security in there!!!! With your lifeless, drawed up ass… I thank you for helping me expose the haterz that lurks at radio stations!!!!! I got your blank ass on candid camera!!!!! You proved that what I had been blogging about is true! Radio stations are some hating ass bitches… Be sure to watch the full video on Myspace/Khia or under Khia on V-103!!!!! Team KHIAAAAAAA! Another touchdown!!! Nasti Muzik 08!!!!! Be sure to request the music at your local radio stations, BET and MTV. If they don’t play it, change the station!!! Its 2008 people and its time for change!!!

Number1 With or without them, the streets are talking!!!! Nasti Muzik 08!!!!
Thanks to my baby Weezy for all the love that he sent on the Carter 3. My baby said……. Yo back, Yo neck…… Funny how the song aint got old yet… To us!!! Nasti Muzik 08!!!!LOLOLOL!!!! Don’t get comfortable!!!!!

Posted by Khia on Sunday, June 08, 2008 at 4:29 PM

Wow - Khia is one eloquent and succinct bitch!

xx Lektrogirl

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Tuesday, 16 October 2007


Big Word! Nelly's fashion line Apple Bottoms has finally hit - Praise!!

I actually saw a REAL girl on the tube once wearing a pair of Apple Bottoms jeans with big embroidered apples on each pocket. I was kind of blown away.

Last night was really fun. Was round at ASBO's crib with Zara, Cardinal, Ronojoy and Deano and had a really delicious dinner. Late night and early start and I'm feeling it. I can't believe that Ronojoy remembers me from a 10 minute meeting 3 years ago - amazing. Watch this space people cause W.S.P.P. might actually be happening. Can't give too much cause I know there are always haters trying to peep my steelo. But here is a clue:

xx Lektrogirl

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Wednesday, 3 October 2007


Today I am feeling more chillax than I have in ages! I've upgraded and I'm double fisting a Mac and PC cause I have my own office assistant doing his thangdizzle on the data entry on my other PC. So while I train him on the intimate details of Sage, I'm nursing a little headache from only 3 beers that I drank last night with two men in North London.

Prancehall doesn't let me take pictures of him any more, but here is his new jacket that Daniel told me was from TK Maxx. Daniel was there thinking I was gonna laugh, but TK Maxx are cool.

Much of the evenings mirth was taken up by a story I had about the smell of XXCENSOREDXX's pussy which I smelt on the face of Brains when he came round to my house once [much to Brains shame now... I mean... dirty! Totally XXXtina! And it was commented on the state of Brains bathroom in his studio. I went to the loo in there the other day and worried that I was going to get hepatitis.] Also, did you know how much Prancehall hates the smell of olives. I wonder how he goes with anchovies. I LOVE them. We went and had an amazing dinner all three of us at The Star. Me and ASBO had miso marinated fish and Pranny had a Poussin. This food totally shat all over anything I ate in Milan.

So I hope they don't think I'm a complete freak any more - though I think I was on shakey ground when I was giving fashion tips about collared shirts being worn with hoodies is totally wrong, and also I had another dream about Prancehall where his character was included in the background as a line dancer. I don't think I'm going to get air pied any more, but let's see.

xx Lektrogirl

P.S. There is the full write up with pictures you asked about.

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Tuesday, 2 October 2007


There were loads of poor translations on the menu at this place. We were laughing til crying. This is meant to be sea urchin. Also "deep fried" became "deep freezing". Wrong.

And here is Bex and Joc in Bagutta. We went here twice. I wasn't really feeling the food at this place that much to be honest, but I loved the story of the restaurant. Bagutta was a place back in the days that artists, journalists, writers, actors and creative types met. Then they decided that they would meet there regularly each week for meetings. Then they decided that anyone who couldnt make the meeting should be fined. Then they decided that the fine should be used as a literary award for the favourite book of each year. So the Bagutta is the first Italian literary award. All over the walls in the restaurants are pictures for the awards, but also pictures painted by the different artists who ate there which the owner of the restaurant accepted as payment and all the people present would sign it. Down another wall was the winner of the Bagutta each year going back to the 20's or 30's. Amazing. The artwork was beautiful. I loved it.

And this was the last thing I ate in Milan. It was fucking gross.

I have to stop here: I am listening to Paul DJing on React FM with DJ Magic. It is all over the fucking place. Some good tunes, but a really awkward mix between them. It is hurting me.

Fortunately then, I got to go. I am meeting Prancehall and ASBO at a secret location in North London for the possibility of hosting parties in our neighbourhood. Prancehall has already asked if there will be a full write up on my blog saying "XXCENSOREDXX is a fucking cunt. But I promised I won't take any pictures unless someone pukes.


xx Lektrogirl

OH GOD... Now on the show Brains is playing that stupid Won Ton remix with the lamest chorus ever. IN BRAINS FAVOUR he played me some awesome new tunes round at his house today. Really brilliant.

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Monday, 27 August 2007


My Saturday started so well - Pippa and I knocked the VAT on the head, we managed to work out iMovie together [I prefer Windows Movie Maker FYI] and she made this cute little movie about nearly all the food we ate all day.

You might think that is kind of a random thing to go posting first when I have such cool pics to show you, but trust me - this is going somewhere.

So, after work Pippa and I knocked a bottle of Rosé on the head with "finger food" sized portions of chips at the Coach and Horses. Then who should roll up but the old 7 Year Glitch crew with DJ Assault.

Happy Days. Everyone has their best Photoface[TM] on.

I lept up and introduced myself to DJ Assault with a big kiss although I have to say I couldn't believe ASBO D would have the nerve to turn up smiling after the last time I saw him was in the Macbeth and he said to me "PREPARE TO FEEL THE FULL FORCE OF MY HATRED" with his eyes nearly bugging out of his head. I found it a bit sexual at the time. But more about the full force of ASBO's hatred later.

DJ Assault has both his hands full with our F.U.P.A.'s
Hard to believe but true, I had cracked DJ Assault up with a few jokes ranging from some smutty innuendo offering to suck his dick [and I thought Americans didn't have that kind of sense of humour!] and also explaining to him what showerface means. And Pippa has a picture to prove it but I sure as hell hope this NEVER surfaces on the internet. In this picture, Philippa and I are trying to hold it together after DJ Assault explains in secret what F.U.P.A. means - and there I was thinking he had said 'faux pas' trying to tell him he had bad French. Little did I know it was an acronym for FAT UPPER PUSSY AREA.

DJ Assault with All Dem Hoes
What the fuck I look like I don't know - I'm sideways and wider than everyone else in the picture. Philippa and Pippa have bonded after realising that they both have identical names - both Philippa Ann. Philippa found out today at some carnival that Pippa is Greek for blow job. I must remember to tell Pippa that when I see her next.

Like the end of a tin of Quality Street you always end up with an odd assortment.
Even so, isn't my ex-husband beautiful? Next time XXCENSOREDXX you wanna go flirt with him, you better watch out cause I look at this picture and it just makes me want to hate you more you rat headed sharp faced hoe.

Big Ups to DJ Assault for keeping it straight edge with a secret exlir juice that Pippa was getting the bar to make for him. I thought he was into milk, but he told me that he doesn't drink that any more cause he had to watch his physique. DJ Assault is so sweet and funny. I even got to see under his hat. He is perfect for cuddling.


I've only got a little bit of a crush on DJ Assault now. But I don't really know how happy he is with me after I told him the girl on his t-shirt had no ass or titties. Tho' that didn't stop him from staring and my titties all night. He said he wasn't but he so was!

So after a jolly night drinking ASBO sped off into the night with DJ Assault and we [I?] decided it would be an incredible idea to go to Trisha's. I already had a skin full on an empty stomach.

From this:

To this:

I have to tell the whole world THANK YOU BRAINS and I'm so sorry for making those coupld of jokes you found too personal. You are my hero for staying with me until 4am in Soho while I puked my soul up. Then convincing the Somali cab driver I wasn't to wrecked to take me home.

This song is for you:

Anway fans and party people, the last time I was ill like that was in Tasmania 10 years ago and my mother had to take me to the doctor to get an injection to make me stop wretching when there was NOTHING left. I had been longing for my old days for a while now - thinking "Life was so much more exciting when I was 25" but I really know that I would rather be 35...

xx Lektrogirl

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Wednesday, 25 July 2007


I'm sure Daniel ASBO is the kind of guy to practise dancing in front of the mirror with his buddy XXCENSOREDXX who I won't mention cause I'm already dead to him and I don't want to end up having him piss on my grave as well. In fact I'm pretty sure that XXCENSOREDXX wouldn't piss on me if I was burning. In my minds eye, this is how life was in Ancient Rome when Suetonius was keeping notes during the reign of Caligula.

ASBO D is also the kind of guy to ask Paul which out of my friend does Paul think are hot. Segway into ASBO D talking again about how hot he thinks my friend JoJo is. Only now JoJo's fiancée knows and now ASBO D is dead to Alex. And this time I really mean dead.

It is a shame
ASBO D hates Katharine Hamnett T's so much - [I got a snippy random little MySpace message about them today - he must have been spying on my blog again...] - because the two girls that ASBO D would like to bang both like KH Slogan t's and neither of them fancy Daniel.

I'm so super thirsty but too lazy to get up and get a Ribena or something. I'm AIMing with Kenny Kingston while he packs his stuff to move. I miss him. We make good trouble together.

xx Lektrogirl

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Sunday, 22 July 2007

My Regular Life

Jennifer Juniper - you gotta view her shit hot blog layout here - AWESOME. Drx - I know you will love it for real.

This video is for Jennifer Juniper and my friend underneath being squashed by the weight of this post.

Report from my life:

Yesterday Max I were working together doing his personal taxes. He must hate it - I'm pulling out receipts saying "Are you seriously telling me you spend £360 on a bottle of wine!!" And he is rushing over in a panic saying "Oh no... that is Hong Kong Dollars." We both sigh with relief.

Later on, Pippa and I meet up in the Coach and Horses to have a glass of blush [wait for the hand movements] IN THE CURVY BOTTLE. Paul also met up with us there and I tried to talk him into a pint of prawns but he wasn't having it. He had a bacon baguette instead. We ended up at the wedding party for Jonathon and his partner I think the name is James. They had got married in the same place as Paul and I. At this wedding party though was the most incredible potato salad. We ate a mountain of it between the three of us and drank champagne. Paul and I came back to my house, I got ready for the DJ Assault party and we went to Paul's studio to pick up his records. Next thing I know I said "What time is it Paul?" I'd passed out there fully made up and woken up at 2.30am. Suffice to day, I never got to show DJ Assault my ass and titties. And I haven't heard from Prancehall and ASBO D if they liked the new flyer I made for their party and posted round MySpace but A LOT of people told me they loved it.

And if getting pissed with Pippa on Saturday wasn't enough we met for lunch with the boys at The Star - the pub at the end of my street. Joe and Duke seem on a bit of a one the last few times I have seen them. Today was no exception, but I took them both on walks around the neighbourhood.

Duke and I saw the Batbike, the Gingerbread Houses - a man even came and talked to us for a bit about them as he was gardening and a cat crossing the road with a giant mouse in his mouth.

Joe and I went to the Snake Park, down the Secret Alley way - where he made spells with his new magic wand on every single dog poo on the way and then back up my street where he peered through my letter box and checked out all my sneakers in the hallway. Then when we got back to the pub, the boys compared notes and decided that each of them would have prefered the others path around my neighbourhood. Typical!!

Tonight Vanished is on again. I read the episodes outline so I already know what is going to happen tonight. I wont say here and ruin it for you. My favourite show is definitely The Shield.

x Lektrogirl

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Wednesday, 18 July 2007


Don't send me to the Big Brother Diary Room for saying Cholo, but if I sang the song on Big Brother, would they evict me? I don't think I would get away singing Fuck 'Em by David Banner but maybe cause there aren't so many Mexicans here I'd get away with it. The fake Aussie should be thrown out for her AWFUL accent. I dunno what state she thinks she is from... I'll have to ask her where 'The Black Stump' is.


DJ Koyote said once I dance like a German girl. It wasn't until much later he admitted that he danced like a German guy so I was less cut. Actually I think I probably look more like this little dude. I will be busting out some of his moves on Saturday night at the DJ Assault gig I think. I still haven't managed to be Blankin' for more than 30 seconds without dying. And then I can't even stand up again. As for Strokin' that is just too homo, and I will leave it to the experts like Prancehall and ASBO D to dance like that. I maybe I will just stand in the corner with a bottle of beer and drink until I wet myself like XXCENSOREDXX used to do regularly at the Rephlex gigs at Heaven. In fact, he actually shat himself once.

xx Lektrogirl

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Monday, 9 July 2007

größe möse

Check out Bok Bok. He is making the big fanny hands like HP Baxxter from Scooter did on VIVA once. And 7 years later me and my friends still make the same joke. Though I'm not sure if I'm spelling größe möse right.

And a note for further thought - let's direct our attention to Bok Boks yellow hanky:
YELLOW - pisser/WS OR piss freak
YELLOW [Pale] - spits OR drool crazy
MUSTARD - hung 8"+ OR wants 8"+
GOLD - two looking for one OR one looking for two

He is a graphic designer. Let's see what colour he describes his hanky as... And Sara's yellow flowers don't count.

xx Lektrogirl

P.S. FAGGATRONIX are very cool. This post is in no way a dis. So don't read this ASBO and sending round secret emails to people and try and stir up trouble.

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Tuesday, 3 July 2007


Dear Daniel

I know you spent your lunch break telling Brains that you thought XXCENSOREDXX and XXCENSOREDXX were the best too good looking females from amongst my friends but I know you only did this cause you know Brains would rush back and tell me and try and make me jealous. I know you are trying to drive me crazy. I know you really love me, me, me.

You will be aroused to know that I spent the weekend in Paris with my dear friend Pippa Brooks having lezza sessions is super sensual lingerie dreamworld Fifi Chachnil trying on intimate apparel and frilly things.

Pippa and I both bought 2 bra's each. Here are mine:

And you will be thrilled to know that there is even video documentation that will be coming soon to the Shop at Maison B blog [although I suppose you will be coming sooner at the mere thought of Pippa and I in our smalls].

Forever yours,

xx Lektrogirl

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Sunday, 24 June 2007

What Day Is It?

Oh Man! So I'm awake now and I really wanted a cool chill out weekend with a lot of rest. Next weekend I'm in Paris with Pippa and that will take a lot of energy eating cake. Etc. Max is also going to be there too I think. He will want to chew the fat. But I don't want to do that. Pippa and I planned to check out Fifi Chachnil but I don't think I can stand Max's tourettes whilst doing that and also the £1200 for the ticket to Australia for Christmas burnt a hole in my... soul... Anyway where was I?! Okay so on Friday night was the Extreme Animals show at the Old Blue Last. I like that pub a lot and think it is great for "traditional" bands, DJ's and MC's but not the best for making a big gay sweatbox - which I was definitely in the mood for. But many very very cool things happened though, which resulted in this:

Thug Missus

Daniel ASBO D kissed me right on the mouth in front of Prancehall when I said hello. It was a total moment. My knickers couldn't keep it all in. Prancehall won't let me take pictures of him any more. It doesn't matter. I still have a lot of old ones I can post and make stupid jokes that I don't mean and totally offend him with...

The Incredible Hulk

Philipa promoting the 7Yeezie / DO IT! party featuring DJ Assault

After the sound check, Philipa, James, Jacob, David and I all went and had dinner together. James was being the Alpha Male all night. But that is okay cause he is doing some design work for really big cosmetic companies right now and I'm sure his office is like full of girls walking around in bath robes getting facial treatments and bikini waxes. Philipa and I were trying to calculate the number of beers she could drink to stay under the legal limit cause she had to drive the drum kit back again. We had a good time at dinner with a lot of warm converstation and friendly laughs.
I wish we had invited these guys along. They would have really helped keep our positive vibes buoyant.

Brains, Easychord, Thugly.

Oh no - hang on it's okay - Brains got loose.

Paul and Paul

Silverlink and Paul came.

Cassetteplaya came.

The Extreme Animals came.

And with the rythmic wild congo style deep from africa spiritual drumming of David:

Jacob got naked:

Silverlink and Brains got sexual and demanded Carrie and I perform a Booty-Off with one another:

And with the out of control vibes rising I spiritually raped Jacob:

And the whole night ended in a fried chicken orgy back on my sofa bed at 2AM. We listened to Mo-Do and all fell asleep.
xx Lektrogirl

P.S. Also to note XXCENSOREDXX and XXCENSOREDXX are hating on XXCENSOREDXX right now cause they feel like XXCENSOREDXX isn't being a good enough friend right now. There was some major air pie around.

P.P.S. Also, XXCENSOREDXX writes gossip as their main job. But XXCENSOREDXX is the first person to give me grief if I write something here that XXCENSOREDXX doesn't like. XXCENSOREDXX's justification is that the people I write about are people me and all my friends know which is personal stuff. Maybe I have ideas about my station and I think that me and all my friends live in our own celebrity stratosphere, but are celebrities people too?

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Thursday, 31 May 2007

Did I marry a homo?

Last night was Paul's exhibition opening at Seventeen and the gallery was rammed. Every time I turned around tho' Paul was talking to a different old guy with a pierced ear who was staring at Paul rather too intently. Philipa Cardinal said that it was perhaps Paul's outfit was a little suggestive of that of a rent boy.

My favourite piece is this:

Video Compression Study 1
Paul B Davis and Jacob Ciocci

This one is the mash up of two sets of data from two separate YouTube videos using Paul's fucked up keyframe technique. It's hot.

I also like this:

Inside Edition
Paul B Davis

This one is a hacked NES cart. It's hot.

Later on over the road at Jaguar Shoes, we had a really great time:

Paul was thrilled, and Silverlink and I discussed hair care tips and styling issues cause as Silverlink noted, he and I have very simlar hair. One thing for sure is that Silverlink really needs to work on his Photoface[TM] - I have got Photoface[TM] DOWN these days.

Through the journey of the evening I heard that Prancehall has started playing Blondie records - in particular Heart of Glass is a favourite of his. This was the source of great mirth. At the same time I was told this Prancehall actually walked in but so did Silverlink I went over to say hi to Silverlink and Prancehall came to talk to who I was just talking to. Not sure if it was a dual Air-Pie cause apparently I'm still in trouble for saying he PHYSICALLY has a big head or just one of those social circumstances. Anyway - this thing about Blondie - that's not all I heard but the rest is under wraps for now.

I saw ASBO D at the exhibition too. He came up to me and though he didn't officially apologise for calling me cunt, his first track he DJed at the Jaguar Shoes afterparty was my remix for Puss. He also said that I was far more musically talented than Paul.

It was nice to spend time with Philippa hearing news from her travels and tales of amazing food. Apparently her syphalitic cat is still well and survived her absence. OMG - brain clicked back into gear - she told me that XXCENSOREDXX used to stroke the beard of XXCENSOREDXX who uses bikini clippers on his beard and say that XXCENSCORED'SXX beard feels just like XXCENSORED'SXX pussy hair. Lord.

Alex Tea was also present, after having some root canal work.

There is something really sexual about this picture. I think it is the seam line down the roof of his mouth that does it to me.

And finally - latest neighbourhood news is that local store Pure Groove that used to be the epicentre of UK Garage and 2 Step, now more useful record store, had a display in their window of BOY BETTER KNOW t's. [You know - the ones that everyone on Prancehall's blog wears] Unfortunately for them some local lad ran in and swiped the lot. While I was in Pure Groove browsing the other day there were THREE enquiries in 30 minutes from people wanting to buy these t's.

xx Lektrogirl

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Saturday, 26 May 2007

A timely reminder

dont forget:
me and princess prollkoller DJing at da golden pudel on sunday. gwem and the gwemettes are gonna play. it's superdefekts birthday.
i think it is going to get really really messy... like that song by true steppers song featuring dane bowers and victoria beckam "OUT OF YOUR MIND"... this tune's gonna punish you...
HAHAwhat an awesome song that is...
anyway if you do get there, let's hope booty carrell and pirouette are behind the bar and you an order one of the banana juice cocktails.
i should be really packing rather than typing so laters - see you at the pudel.

xx Lektrogirl

OMG - I was just reading the lyrics to Out of Your Mind. It sounds just like me and ASBO D sending MySpace messages to each other. Baggsie I not be Dane Bowers.

Who do you think you are?
Tellin' me I've gone too far
You must be out of your mind
Tellin' your friends I was buggin' you
That you weren't being true
Steppin' out of your mind
Open your eyes, boy you trouble me
Expensive lies, but you're playing for free
I gave you what you want, what you need
My time is a wastin', but for you its a breeze
(V.B.) You're out of your mindGonna make this really easy for you
(D.B.) I'm not out of my mind
(V.B.) Gonna show you I'm not crazyBoy, you're wasting my time
(D.B.) I'm not wasting your time
(V.B.) You're out of your mind
(D.B.) You're out of your mindOut of your mind
Thinking you were someone special
Time has shown and now I know
How wrong I have been
I'm always feelin' that you're usin' me, confusin' me, two-timin' me
I can't remember
How long has it been?
Open your eyes, boy you trouble me
Expensive lies, but you're playin' for free
I gave you what you want, what you need
My time is a wastin', but for you its a breeze
You sing a song when people jump on you
What this guy is saying can't be true
All I'm saying is that some girls should trip
Stop buggin' and buggin' me and if they want it, flip
I like despise
Open your eyes, girl you trouble me
Expensive lies, but you playin' for free
I gave you what you want, what you need
My time is a wastin', but for you its a breeze
-------CHORUS------- (x2)
True Steppers, you're out of your mind
Ice cream, you're out of your mind
Tub-a-lo, you're out of your mind
Dane, you're out of your mind
This tune's gonna punish you.

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Wednesday, 16 May 2007

AMAZING fashion - my true obsession

I saw Max today busting some serious next level steelo. Normally he will pump for Yacht Rock sometimes he will throw in a bit of LA Milk Fed kind of vibe, occasionally he has been know to show out in some S.A.G. Stone Island BUT TODAY Max totally threw it in your face to look at him in "Italian Tourist". Total booyah!! TOTAL booyah! I love men's fashion. The best think about my ex-husband was he didn't mind me taking him shopping. The day we were in the Rykiel Homme shop in Paris and he decided to try on the pink check wool pants of his own accord I was so proud.

Max wore a dark Barbour jacket, a wedgewood blue shirt with white stripes made from linen with white collar and cuffs, narrow jeans and I think they were his Tod's driving shoes. AWESOME.

A conversation ensued with James, Max, Pippa, David and I about the outfit. I pointed out that the jeans should be ankle freezer length for true authenticity. James said he though Max should be wearing pastels socks. There was something really bugging me about that all evening until I got home. In a perfect world Max would have been wearing thickish white socks scrunched down with the shorter jean. I have to say Max is the most amazingly dressed man I know because he always looks Jazzy Bindi but never looks G-A-Y.

Also overheard some hilarious news - the ex-husband of princess of fancy ladies footwear XXCENSOREDXX, who allegedly spied on her using a trojan virus to read her emails - was apparently caught redhanded trying to steal some of the old neon lighting from the Raymond Review Bar the other day in the Raymond Review Bar alley way. While XXCENSOREDXX was trying to get the lights off the roof with ropes, he was spotted by a local resident. Then arrived three police men, the landlord's agent... T-R-O-U-B-L-E!

The other thing that cracked me up again today was remembering what Pete Burns [from Dead or Alive] said when he heard Pippa was pregnant with twins. After watching him in the Big Brother house I can picture it perfectly. Apparently he said Pippa would "have a c*** like a bucket" after giving birth. Pippa chirped with laughter again too when I said it. I like Pippa. She has a great laugh.

Finally - before I go to bed, apparently ASBO and I are no longer fighting. For the record he has not apologised. But more matters of convenience we have decided to not actively hate on each other. He thinks I'm weird for writing about him all the time on my blog. I am a little bit obsessed with him. I think he is weird cause he tells me to stay away from him, but he wouldn't know what I was doing unless he came looking.

xx Lektrogirl

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Oh yeezie

He likes a bitch and he has told me to go suck my mum but won't admit where he gets his YouTube links from...

I'm sorry to hear that he still can't get a date, but the invitation is still open to take me to Arbutus [it's less WAG than The Ivy] where he can apologise for calling me the C word.


Monday, 14 May 2007

Really my worst nightmare!


Last night I had a real nightmare! ASBO D was smooching with me in my old room at my mothers house. But they way he was kissing was horrible - he just was pressing his lips over my mouth and not moving and I couldn't breath. Then he was trying to feel up my tits in front of my mother. Fortunately I realised I was just dreaming when in the dream I had something in my hand that didn't feel at all kosher - if you get my meaning - so I knew I didn't have to be embarressed in front of my Mum. But please I don't think I can handle another dream like that. It really freaked* me out.

xx Lektrogirl

* I don't mean "freaky" with a Rick James / any Dance Mania kind of interpretation. I really mean it like The Blair Witch Project.

Just to cheer myself up. But OMG - I never saw this video before. I don't think there is a lot freaky about a chinese girl flicking her witches hair around like a horses tail.


Let's get Rick James in this room, totally wacked out on whatever, singing with these freaks. Also note - what an awesome mix on the New Dance Show in this clip!! Booyah!!

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Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Dinner Date

I just had a romantic candle lit dinner in the back garden with Philippa Cardinal and her blind cat who has some disease like syphilis. Honestly I think I was falling for that cat, but even he wasn't interested.

Yo - if Philippa ever invites you over for dinner you better go. She is a great cook. No Homo.

The only place that is better for food in London is the restaurant Arbutus on Frith Street. So ASBO-D - I heard the more awful I am to you the more you like it. You can always ask me out to dinner if you want. Here is the number for the restaurant to make a booking: 020 7734 4545 and you are paying. I'm too cheap to even get a divorce.

xx Lektrogirl

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