Sunday, 13 January 2008


Well the work in the bathroom grouting has gone so slowly - so boring. But while I work I have had a lot of time to think about all kinds of stuff - like particularly who is the hottest actor at the moment IMHO.

It all started when the ads came on TV for that new movie "No Country for Old Men". Though I don't have much of a clue as to what the movie about, I kept seeing this guy

shooting people and acting really weird and dark thinking "Fuck he's hot!" But somewhere in my mind I kept thinking - I've seen that guy somewhere before, but crying. WHO IS HE?

Google called and I soon learned the killer of my dreams is a Spanish actor called Javier Bardem. But there was still something not right. This guy definitely needs the psycho bowl cut for me to feel his vibe. The guy I remember thinking TOTAL BABE was definitely crying and definitely has short hair. THEN IT CLICKED!!

The guy I was really in love with was Denny Duquette! OMG! The man who was dying in his hospital bed that was having a relationship with the babe nurse Izzy in Grey's Anatomy.

Here we see [real name] Jeffrey Dean Morgan looking amazing. Point to note - JDM will never be amazingly famous cause he has a bad name.

So I had to get on AIM and tell my friend Ramiro all about it - and even he was astounded as to how similar the two men are:

Spit roast anyone? That is enough to make me kick an own goal, YGM?

Back grouting, I thought about it further - a psycho killer and someone with a fatal illness. It is a documented fact I am also in love with Owen Wilson who we all know tried to top himself not that long ago over that What's-Her-Name.

Amazing! Can you just imagine the photographer and the stylist at this shoot. It makes me cry lauging thinking about it. But even so - BABE. What is up with me though falling for all these weirdos?

I had a rethink over a Milo [it's Australian, Google it.] And of course - HOW COULD I FORGET NICK STOKES!! Only in the era without the moustach. YGM?! I love facial hair but not a little mo.

So here is Agent Nick Stokes from CSI Crime Scene Investigation [the Vegas one.] Tell me, who wouldn't want one of Nick Stokes digits poking around in one of your orifices laid out on a slab? I for one can raise my hand high in the air and say ME PLEASE. Until I saw this...

George Eades au natural. He might as well be in the fucking L'Oreal Dandruff commercial saying "Hey babe wanna root?"

Even speaking with a dirty French accent can't save him.

God... so who is left?

Vincent D'Onofrio?

It seems XXCENSOREDXX is luckier than I am right now. He tells me he has a new lady who is rich and wears Jimmy Choo's. That could be any WAG. I wonder if he is having an illicit affair with Posh Spice or even Danielle Lloyd?

Last night we went to the Walthamstow Dogs to wish Jo Apps a bon voyage.

Ronojoy trying to tickle Carrie's fancy.

Jo and her boyfriends.

xx Lektrogirl

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OpenID djnokami said...

I look like I just ate one of the dogs mate.

THANKYOU FOR THE GOING AWAY PRESENT, that greedy cock will keep me going for a while.

13 January 2008 15:45  
Blogger Alex Torance said...

I went to a screen of NCFOM on Tuesday. It's worth seeing, really well shot and acted but the end is a little deflating.

14 January 2008 00:20  
Blogger Lektrogirl said...

oh god - clearly i have spelled your name wrong again. why didn't you tell me?!

14 January 2008 10:17  
Blogger Alex Torrance said...

No you haven't, someone at work invited me to join the work blog and they spelt (not spelled — we're British, not American!) my name wrong. I updated my Blogger profile, but it doesn't look like it worked.

14 January 2008 16:18  
Blogger Madame said...

I had no idea you had a Javier Bardem thing....or indeed Owen see I've been distracted by Bardem since Golden Balls which you've GOT to see if you haven't already - hot hot hot hot HOT HOT HOT!!! And Owen Wilson I can't explain why but I think it was when I saw Bottle Rocket....and we know about Nick Stokes already of course...interesting the points of overlap in taste isn't it? Cos then I've got Steve Buscemi and you've got R Kelly or I've got Jesse Hughes and you've got your Vincent d'onofrio...although I have a sneaking admiration for the worked out physique just visible under his unshowy work shirt and his Elvis lips....

17 January 2008 15:05  

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