Saturday, 19 July 2008


So Flickr is back in action. Well not so many pictures yet cause I ran the battery down taking 1000 pictures of myself trying to work out all the settings on Mrs Kipling's Leica. It seems to be a very cold and unforgiving camera.

I went into town - everyone was L'Orealing themselves with me time [because they are worth it] - so it was a solo mission. And at more than one point I felt myself to be like a helium balloon and having trouble breathing. I think that it is still my flu. I didn't really enjoy my lunch at the Nordic Bakery today and Ladurée left me feeling a little short changed.

However through the throngs of foreign students w/ colour coded backpacks queuing outside Abercrombie & Fitch [much to the chagrin of not only me trying to get to the Burlington Arcade but to the small packs of homosexual men in distressed denim, crisp shirts and aviator sunglasses who couldn't believe they were going to have to line up to cruise A&F] I decided a few things concretely for myself:

1] Lord Fauntleroy is right. I deserve better.
2] I'm banning myself from Facebook for a while. I've turned into a wasteman. I speak in LOL speak to shop assistants. YGM. Not on! [OJ LOL]
3] And I can't go on letting myself look like this any more:

JESUS CHRIST. I've been acting like it back like 1996 - 1999 again and that wasn't a good look then.

Having said that though, tonight is WORK IT and yerrrr DANCE!

xx Lektrogirl



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