Saturday, 6 September 2008


Shelving, originally uploaded by Beniah Brawn.

I'm so in love with these pictures that Frecker has been uploading. He has one of the best Flickr streams.

Well what did I do today? Well more to the point, what have I been doing with my life the past few days? I'm not sure - I've been so busy that I had to sleep from 8pm to 11am last night missing Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and Cocadisco and XXCENSOREDXX making special faces with XXCENSOREDXX. God I wish I could tell you the details of that but I can't. Oh Lord!!

Today The Cardinal and I braved the foulest weather that was so LONGING me out to go to the fabric shop on Kingsland Road to buy some material to make The Cardinal a skirt. We found some great eye prints and great crown prints. NICE. Then after persistant phone calls from Mr Chips we went down to Brick Lane to see Silverlink with Jammer and Badness shooting the video for "The Message is Love".

When we got there, a gang of people were jumping around with flags to the track and Mr Chips was going CCRRAAZZYY. I wondered why he was puffing so much when he answered the phone. And then I knew why. I hadn't lolled so much since I was in the bin with him after dinner:


The Cardinal and I took a moment to absorb the various carnivalesque outfits galdem were wearing - neon pink stuff, one was dressed as a bee - all in hooker shoes. Not sure how I felt about that. Or the outfit that Jammer had on later that looked a little bit like girls pyjamas from Woolworths in shade of lavender. What happened to this boss look that Jammer used to merk?

As I have said before, it would be my dream to be a menswear stylist. Now that I have met Cesca who has promised that we can be a team then maybe it will be true. Silverlink was looked banging of course. He was wearing slightly less baggy trousers than normal. I want him to take them in just a little bit more and I would if Cesca and I were his personal stylists.

The Cardinal and I had lunch at Canteen and again the service was shoddy and they gave me a cappuccino instead of a latte. YGM?! NOT ON!! Also the Welsh Rarebit was over cheesy etc. I always assume that place is going to be better than it is and swear never to go back. Most importantly today I totally won out the game "Your Boyfriend" against The Cardinal. She had hangoverface so she wasn't on the ball. I even cleaned up with the game "You In Ten Years" which I invented in the same moment.

Tonight I am going out to PIZZA. Which I hope will be fun.

xx Lektrogirl

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Blogger Red Eyes of Fire said...

I hope you are having a fantastic time in London, even though the weather weather report isnt looking too great.

This is a great post although it is not always that easy to decide what path is the right one. You appear to love the finest of ingredients and eye-catching designs as well as having a great time. Both of which are very apparent from your blog.

I think you really would make a great menswear stylist.

This is interesting.

7 September 2008 11:39  
Blogger Elijah said...

loll that videos gona be mental

13 September 2008 02:34  

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