Saturday, 27 September 2008


The Message is Love: Silverlink feat. Jammer and Badness

You get to see the bee costume at last.

xx Lektrogirl

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Saturday, 6 September 2008


Shelving, originally uploaded by Beniah Brawn.

I'm so in love with these pictures that Frecker has been uploading. He has one of the best Flickr streams.

Well what did I do today? Well more to the point, what have I been doing with my life the past few days? I'm not sure - I've been so busy that I had to sleep from 8pm to 11am last night missing Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and Cocadisco and XXCENSOREDXX making special faces with XXCENSOREDXX. God I wish I could tell you the details of that but I can't. Oh Lord!!

Today The Cardinal and I braved the foulest weather that was so LONGING me out to go to the fabric shop on Kingsland Road to buy some material to make The Cardinal a skirt. We found some great eye prints and great crown prints. NICE. Then after persistant phone calls from Mr Chips we went down to Brick Lane to see Silverlink with Jammer and Badness shooting the video for "The Message is Love".

When we got there, a gang of people were jumping around with flags to the track and Mr Chips was going CCRRAAZZYY. I wondered why he was puffing so much when he answered the phone. And then I knew why. I hadn't lolled so much since I was in the bin with him after dinner:


The Cardinal and I took a moment to absorb the various carnivalesque outfits galdem were wearing - neon pink stuff, one was dressed as a bee - all in hooker shoes. Not sure how I felt about that. Or the outfit that Jammer had on later that looked a little bit like girls pyjamas from Woolworths in shade of lavender. What happened to this boss look that Jammer used to merk?

As I have said before, it would be my dream to be a menswear stylist. Now that I have met Cesca who has promised that we can be a team then maybe it will be true. Silverlink was looked banging of course. He was wearing slightly less baggy trousers than normal. I want him to take them in just a little bit more and I would if Cesca and I were his personal stylists.

The Cardinal and I had lunch at Canteen and again the service was shoddy and they gave me a cappuccino instead of a latte. YGM?! NOT ON!! Also the Welsh Rarebit was over cheesy etc. I always assume that place is going to be better than it is and swear never to go back. Most importantly today I totally won out the game "Your Boyfriend" against The Cardinal. She had hangoverface so she wasn't on the ball. I even cleaned up with the game "You In Ten Years" which I invented in the same moment.

Tonight I am going out to PIZZA. Which I hope will be fun.

xx Lektrogirl

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Wednesday, 6 August 2008



Finally, people can hear The Message Is Love by Silverlink featuring Jammer and Badness by checking out the Dirty Canvas MySpace page - second track down. I'll wait til someone else posts an MP3 and leach their file for you to listen on this blog directly. Anyway - it got three rewinds on 1Xtra by Ras Kwame. Starkey gave it 2. The tune is so hype. And it is amazing how they got Haddaway to sing in the break down.

xx Lektrogirl

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Monday, 4 August 2008


This morning while sitting at Valerie's on Old Compton Street with Pippa and Max we were curious about what exactly happened at Costa's. There was shit everywhere, the shop still open but cordoned off, no signs, guarded by cops... I walked the periphery to check out if I could clock any evidence that would provide clues as to what went on but there was nothing. Besides, a lot of vital evidence would have been washed away in the rain. Pippa and I had to explain to Max that fingerprints do not last in water. All the hours of CSI we had watched was important. It looked like someone had lobbed a table at someone though. By the afternoon the place was full of homosexuals again.

Speaking of people I spotted on Old Compton Street today, Jammer and I believe Badness were walking arm in arm along the road with two other people carrying loads of shopping bags. It was great to see them and I wanted to rush up to them and say "HOW ABOUT YOUR NEW TRACK COMING OUT THE ONE WITH SILVERLINK ???!!! Remember me Jammer? I'm your girlfriend Lektrogirl?! You know... The one that promised you could do it up the bum if only you would call."

Jammer never did call, but probably cause he was busy in the studio with Silverlink and Badness to make a new track being released as a 12" on No Hats No Hoods. It is some fucked up Soca vibes called "The Message is Love". When Linden from HOUSE OF WINGS [R.I.P. those wings] heard the original Soca instrumental by Silverlink he went nuts for it. If you want to cop and earful of the track, rather than a Costa coffee table, visit Silverlink's MySpace page and you can listen to the instrumental there [called 'Love is the Message' there]

You can also check the No Hats No Hoods MySpace for when it is finally released and where you can buy it from. Listen to the hilarious Are You Ready EP Promo. I couldn't stop laughing -- "And all other record stores that know what they are doing". LOL.

xx Lektrogirl

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Friday, 17 August 2007


OMG scratch what I said yesterday about deleting the one Knifehandchop track off my iPod. Woke up this morning and got a comment on my MySpace from Knifehandchop who just friended me the other day saying "Lektrogirl is number one." So yeah yeah mate... You too... We tight yeah... Yeah?

Speaking of my iPod I put Prancehall's new mixtape Anger is a Gift on there at work. Yeah blud safe. Big mixer. It has four Brains tracks on there. Sadly all the shout outs I sent him from Lektrogirl didn't make it - but I heard from Brains that ASBO D was helping Prancehall in the studio - maybe that is why the files went AWOL. Even so, there are a lot of my close personal friends "in the mix".

My hang tight bruv with a big B, Jammer is on there:


Jammer does the Toxic Freestyle I gave him the idea for. You can see the moment I was whispering it in his ear right now.

Anyway the parts of the mixtape I heard were really good - but honestly I only get as far as Jammer and Toxic and put it on rewind and figure that after that it is all Brains tracks that I know fucking over and over anyway. But I'm sure the rest is good too

xx Lektrogirl

P.S. I got so much more to write about but I late already for work. Wow, what a surprise. OH SHIT The Shield is on tonight.

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