Friday, 3 October 2008


I managed to get a quick email out to my Dad last night after whining I was too tired...

From: John Davidson []
Sent: 03 October 2008 04:04
To: Emma Davidson
Subject: RE: yo re yo farkin yo yo. p-yours

Fire alarm going off. Lunch just started. I ain't eating smelly half cooked fish anyway. I hope the kitchen catches fire! aND THE FARKIN COOK He wears a tall white hat and calls himself CHEF! His name is Roger Rider, I think he's as camp as a farkin badger. He thinks he has the rights to my salad produce from my bit of garden, lettuce, herbs, garlic etc. I hope he's first to lift a lemon from me lemon tree, I manure it liberally with MY urine. The farkin b!

Stockholm? Why'd ya don't take yer poor old dad, imprisoned here in a farkin aged care internment camp. Jesus OLD people are a severe pain in the anus. and some of them smell pretty crook too. I expect I don't have a lot of room to talk? Though 83 ain't too bad, but lots of other farkers seem to fall off the perch at 83. Wonder why? Maybe they didn't live the good clean, Christian life yer pa did?
Actually your email was a good booster to me. It was like your old self, uppy and busy and much happier.
I'm glad the long shite has dropped off the peg. Life's too short to have a grizzling, sarcastic prat hanging about. MEN ARE LIKE TAXI-CABS, MATE(FARK) they're two a penny, just whistle and they'll come a-running.
Good on yer, kid. Sounds like you have got back into a 'jack-pot' era? ££CENSORED££ quid a year should cover the cost of your night-club pissing on with Philippa?
Might even covwer the rent?
I know you'ld rather be looking at wall-paper when you're not at work so I guess I'd better 'coff, Real good to hear from you. LAV- NO Luv from yer ol' manXXXX.

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Blogger Madame said...

"camp as a badger" is a new one on me.....I think I'll be slipping it into everyday use!!!!!! Love it! x

3 October 2008 10:04  

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