Tuesday, 4 November 2008


I tell you I wish that there was some more of this kind of vibe going round today.

In other news I have Wii arm from playing boom blox in bed last night and it was difficult carrying my Marni bag into work. I stopped for a soya chai latte on the way [SATC LOL] and the barista totally fluffed the order. I couldn't stop laughing and asked him if he had a late night or an early morning. He said it was a good question. I saw the back of his neck and he had a giant pimple there not unlike some of the videos I have post on my blog previously and there was a white head appearing. This in itself didn't ruin the lovely moment we had together as we laughed and joked our way into the morning. And when he winked at me told me to have a nice day and see me tomorrow I knew I was just moments away from getting upsized latte's for life. I stopped off back in there to pick up my lunch and he was out the back in the kitchen. He came out for a moment and I could see that the heat of the toasting machines and grease was really giving the pimple on his neck a real leg up. I will be sure to check it in the morning and report back. It may burst in the shower!

After getting my life in check with the Cardinal last night - she is very good and sorting out the here and now's for me, I got a beautiful email from my spiritual advisor who is wonderful for sorting out big picture emotional traumas of the heart. She fixed something for me in one sentence. Then, I spoke with Madame on the phone on the way to buy a pair of leather gloves - and speaking to her is sometimes like talking to myself but with a few years extra wisdom. Ahh... wonderful. Finally, I need to check in with my friend who is just like me 12 years ago. And that is how my life goes round.

I am looking forward very much to Zurich at the end of the month. But not so much to Christmas this year. Last night I had dreams all about getting divorced and an ex who had bought a wig which was as poorly manufactured 'hair' as the hair that gets sticked on cheap plastic dolls. His new girlfriend was French and as stupid as they come. Even he thought so. I just got more and more angry. Then I woke up really early cause I needed to piss.

Okay - lunch break over. The world of big business back knocking at my door.

xx Lektrogirl



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