Saturday, 29 November 2008


The Cardinal and I after a moments reckoning have totally called faynets on the 'Your Boyfriend' game and the 'Thay You In 20 Years' game because there is just to much material here with human horror shows that it would totally absorb our whole holiday. There has been a few good 'Did You Put That There?' burns with shop window displays but again - to much raw material. One wig shaken in a shoe box after another on every mannequin down the Bahnhoffstrasse.

It was a long and great day with brekki at Gloria's, visiting Galleries, Migros, Old Town, Coffee and Cake, a power nap then dinner at Zum Kropf where we all ate too much food and had to cut our Saturday night short cause we were all going to puke from overeating. Possibly the best mixed salad on earth there.

I'm having such a great time. It's just what I needed.

Xx Lektrogirl


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