Thursday, 18 December 2008


The Night, originally uploaded by Lektrogirl.

I couldn't sleep for a long time last night. Someone lost their smile and it made me reflective. I was also worrying about shit like payroll, the weiss account and wondering about a USD$600 discrepancy that isn't down to exchange rate difference. But mostly I was thinking about the smile.

The person who is the official owner of the smile has one of the most infectious smiles - when I see the smile I can't help but smile with every part of me. It is a very honest smile - and a little bit cheeky. For a few moments, it was gone. It seemed weird.

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Also, never never go to that New Zealand place called "Sacred Cafe" it is fucking terrible. For real coffee how it is at home in Australia and New Zealand go to my two favourites: Flat White on Berwick Street or Milkbar or Bateman Street, both in Soho. The one on Bateman Street is my little favourite cause I get called Boofhead in there by Tim, who I call Boofhead too - which is just like home. There might not be as much food to choose from in my favourite places but I can assure you that if part of the display case fell off into the salad [as it did at Sacred Café] the back of it wouldn't be covered in gacked up shit from not proper cleaning [as it was in Sacred Café] Also, there are no ferals in Flat White or Milkbar. Only boofheads.

xx Lektrogirl


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