Wednesday, 10 December 2008


It has already begun as a funny day with bitterly cold wind on my face there was a Tennants man sitting at one of the tables at the cafe by the tube station calling out mindless insults to whoever walked past - to a greek guy 'HEY! MAFIA!'. [That one Mathieu is my genuine happy moment for the day. I still owe it to myself to find another. How is your research going?]

Earlier than that though I realised an acorn never falls far from the tree or whatever it is so to speak. I have been obsessed with a particular track I heard when Puyo Puyo DJed in Nantes a few months ago. I bothered to look it up this morning and discovered Din Stalker is another [cute] Swedish blonde guy who was part of The X-Dump which is of course part of the micromusic 'family'. There I was thinking some German guy had made it.

Looking at the pictures of Din Stalker on I remembered the rule all the girls lived by in the Ally Cappelino shop before it was a Pret A Manger on Wardour Street - 'Never trust a man with blue eyes.' I have since extented that to 'Never trust a man with eyes.' And before anyone else says it - seersucker elasticated waist trousers with matching oversized peasant shirt was not my idea of fashion forward either but some of the knitwear was gorgeous.

Xx Lektrogirl


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