Tuesday, 9 December 2008


And checking it twice. Cause I don't want to ask Santa for anything I am going to end up regretting. At this time I am haemorrhaging money, I look back over the year and think of the things I have purchased that were a total fucking waste of money and I wish I didn't buy them.

1] Nintendo Wii
Tell me what a 36 year old woman who lives on her own wants with a Wii? I know the controller vibrates, but certainly not enough.

2] White 'Docksiders'
On recommendation from Mrs Kipling that the Timberland 'docksiders' or deck shoes or boat shoes or whatever British people call them were the most comfortable shoes she ever bought and she just slipped them on without socks and walked all the way from Kensington High Street in them without a blister I bought some too. Not even all the preventative band aiding in the world could stop the crippling from these shoes. I hate them.

3] Martin Margeila Earrings
I'm not joking, these £40 Christmas Tinsel like tassel earrings look like I could have got them at Boots in the 'Silly Season' for an 80th of the price.

4] A.P.C. Wallet
It is absolutely gorgeous. And I love it. I just love my old Comme des Garcons one more. God - and incidently, I was so relieved to sell the hideous C.D.G one I was given that was like a hologram thing of snake skin and crocodile for a tenner. I thought it looked so cheap and nasty.

Some time passes...

I can't think of anything else to add to this list actually. For a whole year, not many regrets!

xx Lektrogirl


Anonymous pip said...

God I def would have bought that other wallet off of you

9 December 2008 20:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WTF, Wii waste of money??

10 December 2008 04:59  
Blogger Lektrogirl said...

My main complaint is that I never use the Wii - that is what makes it a waste of money. My suggestion to Nintendo would be that it could also be a DVD player to make it more useful to me.

10 December 2008 11:42  

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