Wednesday, 24 December 2008


better than nothing, originally uploaded by Least Wanted.

If you have been bad this Christmas, we all know what Schmutzli is going to bring you - and after you have tried to rub the coal off your grubby hands and got turned away from the table, I have to ask you, was all the trouble you caused this year worth it?

Probably not.

Unless of course you are this guy [who is also featured on the website of the century would you believe] who has been so bad I don't think he cares any ANY more.

I would like to dedicate this picture [in no particular order] to the man who only fucks in one position, the one who pretends to fuck but doesn't actually get around to it, the one who called me a racist, the one who was least expected, the one who got away because of his annoying mate, the one who gave it a name. My father warned me about men like you and so did all my girlfriends. LOL. And I know the best of you will find my dedication warm and friendly like it is meant to be.

xx Lektrogirl


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