Saturday, 20 December 2008


Saturday afternoon and I'm ins Angel Starbucks. I met C.I.B. At Camden Passage. I have never beem there in the whole 13 years I lived in London. I got so excited I wanted to be sick. I bought a banging big teacup and saucer for big milky breakfast (tho I never eat breakfast), a little bird brooch and a picture of a naked lady. Fran Cutler was in some shop dressed like a mongolian midget covered in pompoms. Then we went and met the C.I.B.'s boyf HotDog and had coke and ice and talked about 'black music' and old times. Some names came up that I recognised and I was like 'Wait wait David Collins? Who is that - why do I know that name?? Didn't something really tragic happen to him? (thinking car accident but then I realised) OOOOh yeah he's the one who got the job at John Richmond.' Fuck I laughed. That is a pretty amazing fashion joke. The last time a fashion joke came to pass on such a level was when I saw HotDog about a year ago and we ended up talking about Italians who wear 'tumbled leather'. Nevermind. My 71 year old boss says I never brush my hair and dress like she does and am not groomed (LOL) so I don't know why I think I can get away with being such a fashion snob. I was with The Webstalker and he was telling me something about his mate at Debenhams. Apparently the way I said 'What kind of shoes do they sell in Debenhams??!!!' was pretty remarkable.

I'm going out tonight with the Lady Gang for dinner somewhere and still killing time.

Xx Lektrogirl


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