Wednesday, 10 December 2008


I got in the mail today the book LEAST WANTED by Flickr whoever you are leastwanted. If you have checked my blog before you will have seen the mug shots of the American dudes who have crooked ears, black eyes, freako sprung out hair, scabby lips, piercing eyes, 5 o' clock shadows clutching their ID boards for the police records.

News for THURSDAY 11TH DECEMBER [tomorrow night!]:
It is Miss Pippa Brooks' birthday and she's havin' a party at the George and Dragon and I'm playing some records - as are gangs of other people too. COME.

In other news related to Pippa Brooks aka Madame:
The last day of trading for Shop At Maison B is SATURDAY 13TH NOVEMBER. I heard that things will be going out at bargain prices that day so don't miss out. I would go for a bit too much to drink, but I will be in Stockholm with Appareil making the video. Which I am very much looking forward to.

xx Lektrogirl

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Anonymous least wanted said...


13 December 2008 15:40  
Blogger Lektrogirl said...

yeah! certainly top quality booyah! orry i didn't respond to this earlier - i was away and without internet. your book really is a BANGER!

18 December 2008 08:58  

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