Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Ta-Dah! I have an announcement to make.

Valeria and I have been working on a new development called:


We decided that lameatnames.com was going very well, but to be fair to all the people we had collected, we should be also posting ourselves online. As well as creating instead of just collection. And we are equally obsessed with sex, lust and most of all, losing. So we started a thing in wordpress - it isnt really a blog - that is like a skeleton we will fill with blood, sperm and broken hearts to flesh it out. Sadly, we haven't wuite resolved how we will deal with some of the more recent posts are actually historical - you might be looking for updates but we have been scanning in stuff that gets archives in 2005... actually I don't know why I said that "to be fair" business. Like who cares? They didn't.

Anyway, some things about osl.lameatnames.com [osl is said like asshole btw]

DEFINITELY not safe for work [Air Commodore is leaving his job anyway]
DEFINITELY gonna have gross private stuff on there about V & I that you might be too grossed out to inspect [Feel a bit weird about The Cardinal looking - she's such a lady]

So I think I have been clear enough. Something is just nice and nothing too.

Et voila osl.lameatnames.com

xx Lektrogirl

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Blogger Daniel said...

This is amazing. Keep doing stuff like that.

18 May 2009 00:38  
Blogger Daniel said...

ps i think the wordpress template is screwed probably a nesting problem or the sizes of all the boxes don't add up.

18 May 2009 00:43  
Blogger Lektrogirl said...

wp problem: need more info cause it all looks fine for me & val [obvs] can you send me a screen shot? browser info etc...

other: thanks and we have just started looking for models so if your offering?

18 May 2009 11:06  

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