Sunday, 22 April 2007


The other day after work I went round to Brains studio and met up with him and Silverlink who was there. We sat around and bitched about XXCENSOREDXX who I was only too happy to tell Silverlink what a bunch of c***s they are. And the guys guffawed when I told them I had XXCENSOREDXX XXCENSOREDXX on the back of the tour bus. Together Brains, Silverlink and I ate the best fried chicken in North London from HOUSE OF WINGS on Holloway Road over the road from where the palm reader used to be. Cause Brains lives so nearby, we get it home delivered - the dudes just bring it over once it is cooked. All the chicken is cooked from fresh and there are a gang of different sauces.

We decided that we should make HOUSE OF WINGS a website BUT would you believe it,
they already have one.

So there we were all chill feeling eating chicken, corn bread and macaroni pie when suddenly this happened:

Silverlink and Brains did something unusual. Woah. Wierd.

Later they went to see Planning To Rock and I went home cause I had to work with Pippa at Shop At Maison B. Paul turned up later and told Pippa that Alex Tea has an OLD picture of her performing in her band Posh on his Flickr. I had been avoiding telling her cause someone had said in the comments they had recently seen her getting off the tube at Waterloo declaring Pippa looked old now. Which is never nice to hear. But Pippa did say "Well I am over forty." So over coffee and cake we webstalked this girl who claimed Pippa looked old... Our conclusion: Pippa is no Dorian Gray and this girl is no oil painting either.

It is alway great hanging out with Pippa and working. We made some videos for her boutique Shop At Maison B which you can see
on her blog here. There are all the guys from Cuts modelling the mens Obey t's that are in stock and Pippa, Hannah and I are wearing a bunch of other stuff for women.

Joe and Duke came in for a visit too. They always end up licking me, squashing me, wrestling me or climbing me like I'm a tree. Which is the coolest fun. But the only way to get them to step off is to take pictures or make movies of them. Which they love more than ANYTHING!

xx Lektrogirl

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Anonymous Alex Tea said...

Wow. Finally I have made it as a tag, thanks a lot Emma, my life is complete. I can't believe Pippa's over 40, and she always looks glamourous, never old.

Does Shop @ Maison B do mens clothes? I need to get some fresh threads.

25 April 2007 17:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


27 April 2007 04:01  
Blogger Lektrogirl said...

Who is calling who a fag round here?

You know that song "No Fags Allowed?" by Deadlee?

ERNEST HARDY: "What's your take on "downlow" culture?"
DEADLEE: "I struggle with this. I understand why a lot of men keep it on the DL, but, at the same time, it's a cop-out. I address it in my song "No Fags Allowed," that a DL brotha is a punk who runs away from the truth. It takes more balls to be open 'bout your shit. A lot of it comes from communities not accepting their gay family. With Latino and black communities, it's the "don't ask, don't tell" policy. That leaves a lot of young Latinos and blacks to adhere to the DL way - that and the fact that a lot of them don't connect with the white Queer Eye, Will & Grace faggot. Mainstream media has ghettoized "gay" as a joke, a feminine queeny thing. When I see these images, even I want to be DL. [Laughs.] I just keep pushing my agenda to show other Latinos and blacks that you can be open with your shit and still be strong. To be open doesn't demasculinize - is that a word? - you. Since telling my family I was gay, I have no fear. It really got me to the next level in my life."

27 April 2007 14:25  

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