Monday, 22 December 2008


Bye bye little shop. But that is definitely not the end to tea, cakes, coffee and Paris! AND THE LADY GANG!!!

xx Lektrogirl

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Wednesday, 10 December 2008


I got in the mail today the book LEAST WANTED by Flickr whoever you are leastwanted. If you have checked my blog before you will have seen the mug shots of the American dudes who have crooked ears, black eyes, freako sprung out hair, scabby lips, piercing eyes, 5 o' clock shadows clutching their ID boards for the police records.

News for THURSDAY 11TH DECEMBER [tomorrow night!]:
It is Miss Pippa Brooks' birthday and she's havin' a party at the George and Dragon and I'm playing some records - as are gangs of other people too. COME.

In other news related to Pippa Brooks aka Madame:
The last day of trading for Shop At Maison B is SATURDAY 13TH NOVEMBER. I heard that things will be going out at bargain prices that day so don't miss out. I would go for a bit too much to drink, but I will be in Stockholm with Appareil making the video. Which I am very much looking forward to.

xx Lektrogirl

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Wednesday, 27 August 2008


The best part of the night at the George and Dragon is when Madame [Pippa] takes off the headphones and sings a number. The second best part of the night is the Koko Kanu and Coke.

xx Lektrogirl

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Friday, 4 July 2008


Here is the latest email news from my old Dad:

Howdee partner, how's yer fukkin 'orse?
Yeah ma got the 2 photo's of some good looking shagger. I stuckk 'em on me wall sio I see them when I'M LYING IN ME SCRATCH. wHO IS SHE? Left the caps lock on agen. Gawd yer ol' man is a twit. I keep me night bags under the cushion, (nite-bags which one attaches to the permanent leg bag catheter to save getting out of bed at night
(obviously) to empty the bastard that hangs on my leg all day. I'm dangerous enough lying down on the bed without trying to get up in the night. Why do I hide them because a day Sister goes into my private? drawers and nicks them when she wants one(saves the lousy cow walking an extra 20 meters to the store cupboard, even if it is my last one. She sprnds a lot of time in the pub. a Right Pisso. Her legs are shaped likle beerbottles and when she's been on it her eyes hang down to her nipples. And definitely one woman I wouldn't if she offered to pay me. Yeuch! Sniff up big ,there's plenty to go round . Got 0 go to tuckka Kid. keep yer spirits up. I just had 500 bucks O.A.P PUT INTO MYA'S ACCOUNT(FUCK) AND TOLD HER TO LET YOU USE IT IN CASE YOUR 'UNGRY. (FUCK AGEN) Ialways forget the C.P's
see yer later Kiddo. Luv FROM YER ANCIENT PA.XXXX


In other news I will be in Shop At Maison B on Greek Street for the next two days if you want to come buy and pick up some A.P.C. or SONIA by Sonia Rykiel in the sale! I can also be bribed with NOUGAT from the coffee shop on Old Compton Street or Roseanis macaroons from Laduree. And make mine a Soy Flattie from Milk Bar on Bateman Street.

xx Lektrogirl

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Sunday, 4 May 2008


We all replaced lunch with cake - or in my case, I sipped Lucozade from a tea cup. These pics are all by Sarah Lee who sometimes pops up in the Maison B videos with her camera of the new season A.P.C. and Pippa in a SONIA by Sonia Rykiel skirt.

Fellow gorgeous Australian Caz. We call her "Princess Margaret in the period before she burnt both her feet".

Madame. I wish I knew what was going through that guys mind. At least he knew he had to stand behind the yellow line cause Pippa Brooks was coming through...

Yours Truly repping one for the Tassie R Kelly fans from behind the desk cause it was the coolest, darkest spot in the whole shop. I'm gonna send this to my Mum so she can print it out for my Dad to put in his room.

Lisa Legs with the figure of a Barbie doll - she is my favourite Maison B 'model'. Here she looks a little bit like a teenager in a crazy bedroom with all her favourite pictures. Also it has a nice view of a few of the Madame A Trois in the corner of the shot.


How it really was... A bunch of mentals with a Neanderthal in the corner.

xx Lektrogirl

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Friday, 2 May 2008


Can't stop thinking about this A.P.C. purse at Shop At Maison B. The Eley Kishimoto shoes are gorge but I rule out heels because I'm tall enough as it is...

xx Lektrogirl

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Thursday, 1 May 2008


I'm now very used to this wet weather, even though I'm longing for summer. It seems being cooped up indoors is driving a lot of other people mad but I pulled on my Tretorn wellies today and stomped into Soho to pick up some 'clap' I had left there.

[N.B. I got a message from my Japanese friend Noriko who told me she was 'talking clap'. Oh how I laughed.]

While there, Pippa and I took loads of pics out on the street of dresses and all sorts. Then the rain got too heavy and we were indoors rolling around on the floor taking pictures of all the t-shirts in Shop At Maison B for the Shop website.

Pippa is really into all the OBEY t-shirts - she is really into the artwork. So her. I really like the new SONIA by Sonia Rykiel [pronounced Rik-i-el - like Rikki off Eastenders okay?]

I'm LOVING this blouse.

xx Lektrogirl

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Tuesday, 22 April 2008


I went and visited Max again today and listened to him cry that his plants were getting murdered, bitched out all and sundry and drank cups of tea. Then we walked into town and I stopped off at Milk Bar my new favourite favourite - superseding Flat White [but it is okay cause it is the same peeps] for a BonSoy Soy Latte THE BEST BEST of my mega favourite ever. Well not only for the coffee but I was dropping off some Madame A Trois tea cup and saucer for them.

WTF is Madame A Trois? Read the little web page or just look at the pictures:

Obvs don't shit at how great they are. But if you can't stretch to £29 for one of the china trios, now you can stop off at Milk Bar on Bateman Street and borrow one while you have your tea.

After the perfect coffee and a happy chat I went down the road to Maison B where Tania had another exhibition opening - for photos of Noel Fielding by some guy called Nobby. I was a little nonplussed by this exhibition tho' liked it a bit more than the real Noel Fielding exhibition. In fact, here is the best part of the exhibition:

There were bottles of wine and plates of these everywhere, about 9 paparazzi around waiting for Noel Fielding to show up - when he did and he was saying 'Hiya' to that girl who is in the band with the one going out with Kate Moss - blubs were flashing all over the place like men in Macs on the heath.

In the background, Max, Pippa and I were 'chillin' to Imagination tracks and Max even did some erotic dance routines. I hope he ends up in Heat magazine.

'No No we aren't up to anything...'
Max was looking very Yacht Rock today as well. So a good look for men. Oh and he has this AMAZING pyjama shirt he is gonna wear as a real shirt. AMAZING. The best dressed man I know.

Anyway that girl who's name I can't even remember was wearing these cowboy shoes that made her feet look like two giant crow beaks. But she does have a pretty smile. I remember DJing for them once at Cherry Jam - and she was on the mic, he was on the guitar, and the rest of their band was an iMac - I think in Bondi Blue, hidden behind a flight case. And this was well into like 2002 or 2003.

Finally, here is a picture of Ceephax Acid Crew on a recent tour in Holland that I have been meaning to show everyone.

xx Lektrogirl

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Friday, 11 April 2008


So the latest venture from Shop At Maison B - Pippa and I have been going demented over vintage china lately. And the shop is under the jewel that is Maison Bertaux, with the finest cream cakes, croissants and pastries in all of London town! What makes a cake? Why, a cup of tea! A drink is too wet without one don't they say? So it follows that we are fans of the tea set, especially if it's mismatched crockery trios. If you're stuck for the perfect gift we say a pretty trio called MADAME A TROIS (teacup, saucer and cake plate), packed in a cake box to go, with a bow on top for £29 will please most ladies... especially those who we've come to love as "our" ladies!

Some of them are so gorgeous I just want to be sick in the same way I get when I see fancy bra's [OMG did you see the new collection at AP? The green leopard print with burgandy bow!!! I need one!! Only it is three times more expensive than a Madame A Trois. OMG I could sit in my underwear and drink tea in the summer!!! ]

I just want to drink Gin cocktails out of this one.

Hello - so nice! This is the kind of tea set a guy should have so that he can be cool but not look too nancy.

There are loads of different styles of Madame A Trois trios from the 1920's to the 1960's. This one is a hand painted job from the 1930's.

In the black cabinet in the first photo on this post, are loads more trios to choose from which Madame Pippa will be happy to unlock for you if you want to torture yourself further with the delights of the treasures contained within.

xx Lektrogirl

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Wednesday, 9 April 2008


Important things to note when watching the new Shop At Maison B advertorial movie of the Spring Summer 08 APC:

1] I don't look like that while having sex, I promise.
2] Check out the china 'Madame A Trois' trios that the shop is now selling. Vintage t-sets [teacup, saucer and cake plate] in a gift box and a free gift card and a couple of other treats inside for I think about 29.95. I LOVE THEM.

I wasn't going to go into town today but I got to the post office and I thought 'I just can't go home now. I just can't go home.' So I decided to go into Soho and do some shopping, hanging out and eating. I realised by my reflection that the unbrushed hair and a hoodie look wasn't actually doing anything for me so I stopped off in Liberty, walked in the door and stopped at the Shuemura counter for some lipstick. An assistant carefully painted on my chosen shade, and I could feel a burning in the back of my neck. It turned out there was this pensioner woman totally captivated by the whole show. She even thanked me - she said 'I have just been lucky enough to stand and watch the show. It was incredible. That colour really suits you. You look incredible.' I mean LOL - Granny out for gash? Sorry Nan, I wasn't interested. So I bought the colour and went off to Flat White on Berwick Street for a flattie and took one along for Pippa too. In the shop Pippa was showing me the 'Madame A Trois' tea sets on the lace tablecloth which I ogled over the coffee and some cardomen biscuits from Yauatcha [mint green coloured shortbreads - kind of sweet and kind of savoury. Only 3.50 and and almost as nice as rose macaroons from Ladurée] Then it was so cool cause Sarah Lee dropped by and I haven't seen her for ages. Even though she will hate me for saying so, she had this spot on her chin that she was going on about, but she had done a great job of coverup that she looked as amazing as ever. I mean, it was hardly like the man with the thing in his neck [see a few posts below...] Sarah made me do some ridiculous posing with a shirt and I did some equally ridiculous things to her but shall not mention them here as I wish to retain some of my dignity.

More later cause I'm also gossiping in ICQ with my friend drx about a friend of his wife's who is from Arizona USA who was shooting empty cans at the age of 8.

xx Lektrogirl

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Wednesday, 13 February 2008


No ladies, I'm not talking about the A.P.C. delivery at Shop at Maison B though I understand from Pippa that this is going to be at any second. I am talking about the second most important thing after a new season of A.P.C. and that is VALENTINE'S DAY. So this message is not only to celebrate the most romantic day of the year, but to let anybody out there know that I am here and waiting ready for your Valentine's cards.

A beautiful song most suitable to get everyone in the mood.

And if anyone wants to go further and send along a gift with their card I just wanted to drop a few hints. It has to be said, I'm a more practical girl. I would rather have a gift I can use or eat.
1] Macaroons from Ladurée - rose are my favourite
2] De Walt Cordless Drill - my old one got lent to someone who messed the motor. Furious!
3] Madeleine Tin
4] Any vintage dress from between 1940 and 1959
5] A jigsaw - the electrical kind

But to be honest, I'll take anything I can get.

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Thursday, 7 February 2008


Here I am visiting Pippa the other day in Shop at Maison B. I'm wearing an old Eley Kishimoto sweater, as Gasius t-shirt that I bought in Paris and an eBay skirt. It took me a long time to actually notice how I am sitting in a crumpled heap in this picture, my arm looks broken and my ankles twisted cause I was too busy staring at the pole secured into the ground thinking "Man it must have been hard to drill through the tiles into the floor without cracking them."

And I have just finally remember something from this picture: please check the official BABE HAIR as a result of the first shower I had.

And speaking of Eley Kishimoto, Thida sent me an invitation to the show! Excitement plus! The collection is called "Bonnie Bunny" with rabbits on the front. I'm sure that I will see Pippa and or Max there too. Tho' they are gonna be in the front row and I am in row E... LOL.

xx Lektrogirl

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Thursday, 31 January 2008


I know I just wrote that beautiful letter to Summer but I wouldn't mind a bit of Winter just so I can wear the A.P.C. sailor coat next winter as modelled by Pippa in the A.P.C. showroom on her latest buying appointment in Paris for Shop at Maison Bertaux. I will also have the mango coloured frill neck thing from SONIA by Sonia Rykiel and I'm a bit partial to the stripey black and white number at the end.

Urgh! Life is tough.

Check the Shop at Maison B blog any time you want!

xx Lektrogirl

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Friday, 11 January 2008


With recent events in my life, it has taken me a while to get this thing online. I challenge everyone to nominate a better Facebook Grafitti Artist than Nicholas Abrahams. Here he has depicted a more realistic scene than that depicted on my birthday cake. Even though my mother's work came from actual photographs of R Kelly and I, somehow Abrahams seems to have captured something MORE. WHAT A GENIUS. I would prefer to think we were sucking car exhaust fumes though from a tailpipe than a bong. Cause I don't do drugs. Maybe something from a V8 engine machine - maybe like a Ford Cobra

or even this

check the number plate!

Just for your information - cars like this are all over still in Australia.

Yesterday was really a nice chilled out day - except for the part where I got really rained on. I went and met XXCENSOREDXX for coffee at Flat White. Oh the coffee was AMAZING. XXCENSOREDXX was quite jealous I new a number of the staff by name. Then off to snoop through Liberty and see what Spring Summer 2008 collections were in store.

Well!! Forget See by Chloe for this season unless you want to look like a 5 year. There were also a number of dresses that looked sneakily too much like other designers collections - one dress in fact was a total Marni knock off. Besides, you know that the whole collection will be ripped off in H&M and Top Shop by next week.

Marni knock off. I remember seeing the Marni one in a magazine which was grey with the grey painterly brush print thinking "Oh that would look great on a fat girl like me." I actually really liked the Marni one. Maybe I will make my own dress with a cut off t-shirt and some vintage fabric.

Pussy Pelmet. I can tell you know that this is going to be a big look for AW08 - so you better get some big knickers or your filet mignon's are going to be available to all and sundry. After Liberty I went to see Pippa at Maison B - I wish I had photographed the page out of the A.P.C. catalogue for SS08 cause there is a practically identical dress to this on a far more sour faced girl, except the dress was even shorter. The print was the same colour as well.

Having said that, there was a lot of REALLY NICE A.P.C. stuff in that look book and I'm waiting for my bag that I ordered when I was over in Paris with Max and Pippa in the A.P.C. studio. BRING IT ON!

So after half of an eclair with Pippa, I went up stairs to see the Noel Fielding painting exhibition. I really didnt like about 98% of it. What I do like is that Tania from Maison Bertaux has started curating these exhibitions in the the upstairs tea rooms. I think it is a really wonderful thing.

Anyway - sorry I'm rambling.

xx Lektrogirl

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Friday, 19 October 2007


Here is my first picture from the Lady Gang Dinner round at Sarah's house that Pippa cooked and Jasmine, Alex, Bev and I all ate. I don't know why it is, but whenever I post tights and stocking pictures to my Flickr, the views for these pics TOTALLY BLOW UP. There are always these different Sock and Tight groups wanting me to add my picture to their group etc etc. I've checked some of them and I don't think they are for people with fetishes other than being into socks, tights and stockings but you never know.

I think the green spot on Sarah's cashmere tights comes from when she and I were falling on the floor together in the kitchen. I can't really remember the joke now but it involved throwing amaretto biscuits directly into the mouth and Sarah striking a weird pose and talking so I couldn't understand her.

What I do remember clearly was wiping tears from my eyes asking "What the fuck are you doing?"

Pippa and Alex

Jasmine. Her face says a lot about Sarah's iPod. German choral music, hymns, the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra and Big Boi. ED DMX used to say I had the worst record collection in the world, but fast forward to the year 2007 and if I had an iPod I now know that isn't true.

Bev and I
Bev was telling Alex and I about a big photography fair in Paris in November. I'm tempted to go. Any excuse to go to Paris is a good one.

xx Lektrogirl

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Saturday, 22 September 2007


The other night when we were making another video and little Harry got wacked in the face, Pippa took the tapes away and this is what she made! She is nearly as good as me!!

This is all SONIA by SONIA RYKIEL you can buy in the shop and some catwalk stuff from the SS08 Eley Kishimoto catwalk show. Woo hoo!

xx Lektrogirl

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Wednesday, 15 August 2007


Pippa styled everything except my outfit [don't think she'd dare!!] and chose the track cause I chose the last one. The view from the roof top was MEGA.

Check out the
Shop At Maison B website.

xx Lektrogirl

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Okay - so this is "In Love With a Stripper" with a gang of people representing. I just need to remind you all of the supremecy of my main guy R Kelly. Ignore the others - cause the song is absolutely shit. EXCEPT R Kelly as per usual take the game to another level. He shoots, he scores, and blows the ball through the floor when he slams it down. BOOYAHH. Check the last two lines of his verse referring to 1] his "dong" and 2] his head. Oh yes.

Today I woke up pretty miserable - spent the whole night editing the Shop At Maison B / APC video on my laptop and the whole thing kept corrupting because the file is so massive - maybe my laptop just couldn't handle the hot babes. I also had a massive fight with Nameless who is totally being a Vortex Of Pain[TM]. Which also left me really really sad. But then I tried again with the video and got that to work and it is looking HOT! I'll post it when it is ready!

xx Lektrogirl

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Monday, 13 August 2007


Well I finally managed to make it to work today [see my post below] and have a whole computer at hand [I actually double fist two] to post a better blog - so I can go into detail about my weekend.

And to watch a little home movie of the weekend in action:

How romantic. I bet you are jealous.

Nameless said a few retarded things on the weekend. But then he told me something funny about a top grime MC who will be coming to record vocals for him.

"also i got XXCENSOREDXX's number off XXCENSOREDXX's and gave him a ring today, he seemed real chill. we both cracked up on da phone cos i told him i wasin holloway and did the usual come on over and record a track here,we'll get some bbq wings, etc. and he said "yeah that sounds great imgonna be drivin by the end of the week" and i go "oh, r u gettin yrlicense" and he goes "no, im gettin a car". haha.

Oh well. Small things amuse small minds. I guess that is why I found my relationship with nameless sexually gratifying.

xx Lektrogirl

P.S. And check this out!!


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Friday, 10 August 2007


Yesterday as such an awesome day. I've been ill and not getting better so I took the day of to chillax. Well actually Roxy told me to take the day off cause she knew how bad I was feeling. So coo-ool. A day holiday.

1] I went to Notting Hill Gate to meet a lady who wants me to make a website for her. She lives on the cutest street there with a little shop on the end selling tea cups and saucers and weird tea pots. They had this one of Margaret Thatcher and her nose was the spout made. It has a gorgeous dark teal glaze on it. I mean totally random but was amazing.

2] On the way back to the tube station I saw Dexter Fletcher [the guy out of Press Gang / Hotel Babylon - depends how hold you are there] talking on his mobile outside WH Smith.

3] Then I went into WH Smith and bought the Offsrpring issue of i-D magazing cause Joe and Duke are modelling in it and Paul exhibition has a whole page in it. While flipping through, there was a little half page picture with Scorcher, Wretch and Bashy modelling some amazing cardigans. Apparently cardigans are the new hoodie in the grime scene. Let's see how long it takes for Prancehall to get one one. Brains already has a few new ones that he has been rolling through boroughs in cause I gave him some organic cotton Katharine Hamnett ones made by John Smedley. For all the urban people out there who can feel the cold winds changing on their hoodie I have a few more cardigans. Beep me.

4] SOHO!! I headed straight to Flat White where I said hello to my buddies in there. OH GOD!! I really miss this place - that has been the real bummer about changing jobs. I used to be able to hop away from my desk for the best coffee in London in two minutes at 6 Berwick Street. I had my usual Bacon and Halloumi Bagel and a soy Flattie [no cobwebs]. TOTAL HEAVEN.

5] Then into the coffee shop on Old Compton for two bits of nougat for .70p - a piece for Pippa and a piece for me!

6] Into shop at Maison B and OH MY GOD! Shitting myself all over the place!! THE NEW APC IS IN AND IT IS HOT HOT HOT. And that is why I was going into Soho in the first place. We were making another movie with all the new stuff for the Shop At Maison B website. With five models, two photographers and Pippa and I and our DV cameras we climbed to the very top of an appartment building on Charing Cross Road for the most spectacular views I have seen in a LONG TIME!! Big Ben, Nelson's Column, The Millenium Wheel and every chimney pot in between.

7] Once the sun had gone, everyone changed out of their clothes and we went to The Coach and Horses for a drink and a chat and and I got to hang out with Sarah Lee who makes me laugh.

8] Getting home feeling rosy, I saw the Metro with Liz Hurley totally ripping my style in my favourite Katharine Hamnett t-shirt!!! I think she even swiped my jeans off the washing line!!! Only they are a little snug on her thighs.

For those of you who think Katharine Hamnett t-shirts are annoying and shit, that's fine, but as I spend my days trying to sell these t-shirts seeing that Liz Hurley BOUGHT one [if there was a freebie given out, I would have known about it] itis going to make my job a hell of a lot easier.


xx Lektrogirl

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