Friday, 10 August 2007


Yesterday as such an awesome day. I've been ill and not getting better so I took the day of to chillax. Well actually Roxy told me to take the day off cause she knew how bad I was feeling. So coo-ool. A day holiday.

1] I went to Notting Hill Gate to meet a lady who wants me to make a website for her. She lives on the cutest street there with a little shop on the end selling tea cups and saucers and weird tea pots. They had this one of Margaret Thatcher and her nose was the spout made. It has a gorgeous dark teal glaze on it. I mean totally random but was amazing.

2] On the way back to the tube station I saw Dexter Fletcher [the guy out of Press Gang / Hotel Babylon - depends how hold you are there] talking on his mobile outside WH Smith.

3] Then I went into WH Smith and bought the Offsrpring issue of i-D magazing cause Joe and Duke are modelling in it and Paul exhibition has a whole page in it. While flipping through, there was a little half page picture with Scorcher, Wretch and Bashy modelling some amazing cardigans. Apparently cardigans are the new hoodie in the grime scene. Let's see how long it takes for Prancehall to get one one. Brains already has a few new ones that he has been rolling through boroughs in cause I gave him some organic cotton Katharine Hamnett ones made by John Smedley. For all the urban people out there who can feel the cold winds changing on their hoodie I have a few more cardigans. Beep me.

4] SOHO!! I headed straight to Flat White where I said hello to my buddies in there. OH GOD!! I really miss this place - that has been the real bummer about changing jobs. I used to be able to hop away from my desk for the best coffee in London in two minutes at 6 Berwick Street. I had my usual Bacon and Halloumi Bagel and a soy Flattie [no cobwebs]. TOTAL HEAVEN.

5] Then into the coffee shop on Old Compton for two bits of nougat for .70p - a piece for Pippa and a piece for me!

6] Into shop at Maison B and OH MY GOD! Shitting myself all over the place!! THE NEW APC IS IN AND IT IS HOT HOT HOT. And that is why I was going into Soho in the first place. We were making another movie with all the new stuff for the Shop At Maison B website. With five models, two photographers and Pippa and I and our DV cameras we climbed to the very top of an appartment building on Charing Cross Road for the most spectacular views I have seen in a LONG TIME!! Big Ben, Nelson's Column, The Millenium Wheel and every chimney pot in between.

7] Once the sun had gone, everyone changed out of their clothes and we went to The Coach and Horses for a drink and a chat and and I got to hang out with Sarah Lee who makes me laugh.

8] Getting home feeling rosy, I saw the Metro with Liz Hurley totally ripping my style in my favourite Katharine Hamnett t-shirt!!! I think she even swiped my jeans off the washing line!!! Only they are a little snug on her thighs.

For those of you who think Katharine Hamnett t-shirts are annoying and shit, that's fine, but as I spend my days trying to sell these t-shirts seeing that Liz Hurley BOUGHT one [if there was a freebie given out, I would have known about it] itis going to make my job a hell of a lot easier.


xx Lektrogirl

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