Thursday, 29 November 2007


This is the full cut video from the Katharine Hamnett Christmas webshoot. Enjoy! My personal favourite is the yellow/yellow LOVE t-shirt Jen is wearing.

xx Lektrogirl

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Thursday, 22 November 2007


Man and I'm looking for the chocolate rush! After having to cut my part of the trip short I was kind of glad when I was darting around Migros picking up all the Swiss essentials: Weisswurst, Roesti, Deodorant, Supermarklet chocolate. 3.90 CHF for three bars of choclate better than you ever new. Anyway - I've been totally tired so sorry for not reporting back with all the details a bit sooner.

The trip was for work - the Distributor for Katharine Hamnett was showing us around Zurich and a few towns in the south of Germany to show us which doors he is thinking about for the brand. I'm Sales Manager so it is my job to know that someone like Christoph has the same ideas that we do.

So yep, Christoph really knows wassup. He knows a good sausage when he sees one and I'm happy to know that too.

So the first shop he showed us is WINK.

Wink is the store owned by one of his agents who sells the Katharine Hamnett brand in Zurich. Wink is an organic and fair trade store - but it doesnt smell of lentils. It really is a great store. I was trying on some Spring Courts there in bronze leather and heart broken when they on ly had my size in black. If you are in Zurich you should definitely check it out.

die zukunft beginnt jetzt
wink ist ein fashionstore in zürich der es sich zum ziel gesetzt hat, modisches bewusstsein mit den attributen „organic“ und „fair trade“ in einklang zu bringen.

wink zielt darauf ab, neben herkömmlich produzierter mode, das angebot an „organic“ und „fair trade“ kollektionen stetig auszubauen.

wink trifft den zeitgeist, denn bewusstes konsumieren ist kein widerspruch sondern gesunder menschenverstand.

wink wagt den spagat zwischen bewusstsein und verantwortung durch «fair trade» und «organic» auf der einen und coolen styles und edelster trendwear auf der anderen seite.

wink verkauft fashion für wache ästheten, die sich modisch nicht einengen, aber sich bewusst sind, was sie tragen

Here is the link to Wink. And on the same street are a load of other stores a tourist might want to check out PLUS The Zuri Bar and I can't even remeber the name of the place that I ened up with Christoph at 1 in the morning drinking beers, listening to Guns and Roses and Black Sabbath reading our Astrology from the paper. I had to refuse the free Jagermeister. So not like me. Oh! TIKI BAR I think. But nothing like Trader Vics... More like The Intrepid Fox when it was still on Wardour Street.

Oh and if you want to know more about my new best friend Christoph Dahn, you should check out his blog GoodTrueBeautiful German only - but maybe for you Deutsche peeps who are interested in organic / bio / environmental / ethical fashion stuff check here. Also, Christoph is the fashion export for this amazing new german website called Utopia

Okay so that is all the fashion stuff over LETS GET ONTO THE GOOD PART - THE FOOD!!
Basically you can eat trash off the pavement Switzerland is SOOOO clean. But don't - there is so much amazing food served on a plate you wouldn't need to get desperate there. For dinner that evening Christoph and I were the guests of Daniel who's parter is the Swiss agent / owner of Wink, and Daniel runs a company with 9 restaurants around Zurich - all different and if they are all as good as Toto where I went then OMG Zurich has a food bomb dropped on them. Toto was INCREDIBLE.
Don't be put off by the dudes in suits in the first picture on the site - there were loads of cool people there too - I wasn't the only one wearing jeans. You get me?



Christoph [New Zealand lamb! I secretly wanted to sneak a piece but as it was a work thing...]

Emma [veal with wine risotto. DELICIOUS]

Katharine wasn't feeling great that night, so we got a chance to talk about stuff other than business and I got to learn the mystery of the straw man with the exploding head ceremony of the craftsmens guilds, two more ways to get out of compulsory military service and well there was some business stuff - about how the guys both like to work and think about their businesses. The best part was when we got to talking about blogging and stuff though!! Thanks to Daniel and Christoph for a great evening!! Come to London!!

So, it is time I got ready for work. Here is a nice tourist shot of the Limmat at night as we walked into town.

Everything in this picture is a Christmas chocolate or dried fruit. I love this place. The windows are intense!

And the end of the night - me drunk and happy in bed wearing my old Shopgirl Babycham pyjamas.

xx Lektrogirl

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Wednesday, 14 November 2007


Here are two of the videos we made on the weekend at the Katharine Hamnett shoot with all of the new Christmas stock which is online now. I'm totally into the black on black one. Roxy, Will and I had huge arguments over what music to play in this, in the end we ripped the song out of the Kenny Kingston Extra Sensory Bass Mix CD in the Katharine Hamnett office.

And in this one, which is actually more serious is also more thrilling - KOFFI the most beautiful man alive is in it!! and JEN flashes her boobies!! And she has the most incredible knockers ever!! Blog readers who usually skip the YouTube videos, trust me it is worth the bandwidth consumption...

And just FYI - This is why the Katharine Hamnett possee have decided to add this slogan to the file:

Burma is ruled by one of the most brutal military dictatorships in the world. It is a dictatorship condemned internationally for its refusal to transfer power to the legally elected Government of the country which is led by Nobel Peace Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi. The United Nations has also charged the dictatorship with a 'crime against humanity' for its systematic abuses of human rights.

In the summer of 1988, the Burmese nation rose in protest against the one-party system. Peaceful student-led demonstrations for democracy were brutally put down and thousands of people were killed by the authorities firing on unarmed protesters. The military government closed every university in Burma and although the universities have been periodically reopened, they remain subject to arbitrary closure, and are closed more often than open. Those that are open are subject to repressive military control, and they are cripplingly under equipped. The reality within Burma is that a whole generation of young people has been deprived of the opportunity of education, and the effect on Burma's future is incalculable.

Recent events in Burma [like the mysterious 'dissapearance' of a number of the most respected members of Burmese society, the monks] highlighted this problem but as is the way with the media, coverage lessens and once again Burmese people are starting to feel forgotten by the rest of the world. Katharine Hamnett has recently launched a T-shirt in collaboration with Prospect Burma to highlight the plight of the Burmese people and help bring about positive change by donating £15 from the sale of each t-shirt directly to the charity.

I've paraphrased the press release there but you might be interested in this - For further information on Prospect Burma or to make a donation, please see the website

xx Lektrogirl

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Friday, 19 October 2007


Somei nteresting press release that went out from my office today:


On Tuesday 23 October, politicians from the UK are taking part in a major review of European pesticide legislation and this presents a once in a generation opportunity for a major re-think of our reliance on pesticides.
As an EU constituent you have a voice. And that’s why it’s vital that you make your views heard.
On 13 July 2007, a young German researcher working at the European Parliament bought eight fruit items from the convenience store located inside the Parliamentary building in Brussels. The purchase itself was unremarkable: some oranges, apples, pears, apricots, strawberries and three bunches of grapes. But the story of what happened next has astounded many working at the heart of European Government. The young researcher sent the fruit samples to the TMO analytical laboratory in the Netherlands where they were tested for traces of pesticides.
In total the eight fruit samples contained 28 different pesticides; including 10 carcinogens, eight suspected endocrine disruptors, three neurotoxins, three reproductive toxins, and two chemicals classified by the World Health Organisation as ‘Highly Hazardous’. The strawberries contained 14 different pesticide contaminants. Worse still, three of the eight fruit items contained pesticides at levels exceeding legal limits – thus rendering their sale illegal. Researchers later calculated that a five year old child eating just two of the oranges would ingest carcinogens at a dose 40% above internationally recognised safety levels.
While the results of this analysis are shocking, they are well in line with current estimates of EU food contamination. According to a 2006 survey published by the European Commission, the EU food chain is contaminated with 324 different pesticides – within which some of those most commonly detected are among the most detrimental to human health. In total 40% of fruit and vegetables sold in Europe contain pesticide residues, while one item in 30 contains pesticides at levels above EC legal limits. Based on these figures the average European consumes fruit and vegetables containing excessive levels of pesticides on an almost fortnightly basis. Even baby foods are affected – with 2.7 percent containing levels above the legal maximum.
It is difficult to quantify the negative health impacts that pesticide residues impose, but there is now mounting evidence to link pesticide exposure with serious impacts on human health.
- Findings reported at the European Respiratory Society annual meeting of 2007 show that adults in contact with pesticides face a higher risk of developing respiratory problems
- An EU study on Parkinson’s disease found that low-level exposure might increase the chances of developing the condition.
- In 2004 Family Physicians in Canada published a report strongly recommending that people reduce their exposure to pesticides after identifying consistent links to serious illness including reproductive problems, neurological diseases, leukaemia and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma
- More recently researchers in Liverpool have found evidence that pesticides may be a major factor in breast, testicular and prostate cancer.
Most fruit and vegetables eaten in Europe are grown in Europe. In total an estimated 2.4 percent of fruit, vegetables and cereals grown and sold in the EU exceed legal limits on pesticides.
Those attempting to justify these excessive levels of pesticide use often claim that present levels of application are somehow essential to maintain high levels of agricultural productivity. Yet this claim is unfounded. Perhaps the best demonstration of the viability of long-term pesticide use reduction comes from Denmark. In 1985 Danish politicians, alarmed by the growing presence of pesticide contaminants in their food and water resources, instigated a national ‘Pesticide Action Plan’ aimed at achieving substantial decreases in pesticide use. They set concrete targets for pesticide use reduction, introduced forward-thinking market incentives for low-pesticide methodologies, and supported a comprehensive advisory service to work with farmers in using pesticides more effectively. Denmark’s farmers now use just half as much pesticide as they did 20 years ago, Danish vegetables are now six times less contaminated than their equivalent imports, and water quality has doubled. All this has been achieved with no significant economic impact on Danish farmers – and the Danes still reckon on further decreases in pesticide use in the coming years.

Denmark is not alone. In addition to the 4 percent of Europe’s agricultural land now farmed organically, small pockets of farmers are already engaged in low pesticide strategies. Two thirds of apples and pears grown in French-speaking Belgium are produced according to low pesticide methods. 8,000 farms in Italy have adopted strategies aimed at eliminating pesticide residues from food produce. And farmers in the Netherlands are working with their government to minimise the impacts of pesticide use. In each of these examples the aim is simple: to ensure sustained levels of production while using fewer toxic agrochemicals.
Persistent organic pollutants such as DDT, Dieldrin and Heptachlor are now largely phased out but many of today’s most widely used pesticides are actually far more toxic than those they have replaced.
Washing fruit and vegetables although strongly advised does not eliminate all pesticide residues as many become integral within the fruit and cannot be removed by washing or peeling.
Visit to send an e-mail to your MEPs asking for better legislation on pesticides. Ask your MEP to support:
• The prioritisation of human health and the environment
• The elimination of Europe’s most toxic pesticides for example
• Chlorpyrifos (neurotoxic)
• Imazalil (carcinogenic + reprotoxic)
• Iprodione (carcinogenic)
• Procymidone (carcinogenic)
• Thiabendazole (carcinogenic + reprotoxic)
• 2 Phenylphenol (carcinogenic + reprotoxic)
• Pirimiphos-methyl (neurotoxic)
• Malathion (neurotoxic)
• Dichlorvos (carcinogenic + neurotoxic)
• Targets for conversion to low pesticide farming methods
• Support for farmers in reducing pesticide use
• Greater protection for vulnerable groups and rural residents
• Better safeguards for European water resources
• More public information

For further information please contact Rebecca Atwood and
Elliott Cannell

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Friday, 12 October 2007


Teki from TTC is totally sexual in the most completely spiritual way.
Here he is in a XL Katharine Hamnett slogan LOVE t-shirt. Buy yours here.

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Friday, 5 October 2007


I just got back from Paul Gorman's night, The Look down in South London. Pippa's band All About Eve Babitz played again and Superduck and I got the chance to video tape two songs on two cameras at once and hopefully I will be able to edit it together to make a little video for them.

Here is a picture of the only cunt I want to know about right now. [See pussy smelling face story below for reference.] Anyway I was quite thrilled in a pathetic way to be shooting video with Nick cause he has made a documentary about Depeche Mode, proper pop videos as well as being close personal friends with Jeremy Deller. Which if you ever read the Shop At Maison B blog you would know I have already made a prick of myself in front of him.
Important to note - here is Nick freestyling his first "showerface" on his own. A LOT. Please send me your review on my first pupil's "showerface" performance. I was actually trying to explain this to DJ Assault at the time but Nick really got a firm grasp of the "showerface" concept.

When I was in Milan I was so miserable. Here is my eye. I went and catalogued all the people in the SLOWHITE section who were on the stands there this way. I looked the tiredest. But I think it was all the secret crying I was doing.

Katharine on the other hand was coping with Milan this way.

I'm thinking of starting a new business in my lunch break. For one pound people can visit the Katharine Hamnett archive for one hour and be truly amazed at all the crazy shit we have out in the back room. I swear to got - Cassette Playa and Silverlink would LOVE it! I always think of Carrie when I see the paisley jeans for some reason. They are pretty fly jeans.

Anyway here I am a bit tired and sad. But tomorrow is another day, which just happens to be FRIDAY!! Woo-Hoo!! One more day til Saturday and that means I can go and meet Cory and get a guided tour of his new exhibition opening at Max Wigram Gallery on New Bond Street. This show is going to be really awesome. I relaly looking forward to seeing Cory again and what new direction he is moving in.

Okay - I'm too tired now.

xx Lektrogirl

OMG!! I forgot to say XXCENSOREDXX has been telling me how horney he has been lately and how he can't stop having sex and he was thinking that by 40 this would have stopped but it totally hasn't. Which was a bit weird cause like I don't know XXCENSOREDXX THAT well. So I told him all about the time I discovered that XXCENSOREDXX had been sending emails to men off gay sex sites [advertising himself as 9" un-cut who likes nipple work and leather] and reading all the replies from different guys - some even including pictures of themselves with giant dildos up their bums [do men's call them dildos too or is there a gay word?] or sitting astrid a horse in the nude except for leather chaps and a waistcoat.

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Thursday, 20 September 2007


Bored at London Fashion Week Katharine and I pose for a multitude of pseudo porno pictures with the Boom Box book. On the wall behind us are all the amazing pics of Kesh and the other models in the SS08 collection.

Paul told me the other night I was a "bit fat".

x Lektrogirl

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Wednesday, 19 September 2007


Oh my days! The Boom Box book is out and Katharine had been invited to take pictures for it. One of them is up my snatch at the last Christmas Party for KH. So if you wanna see what my fanny looks like, go check the book!!

xx Lektrogirl

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Sunday, 16 September 2007


The show will be open!

This weekend, Bex and I put together the stand for London Fashion Week. Bex is the new girl and she is learning fast - check her out - she already has the new office throw mastered!

Two in the pussy and one in the butt.

We spent hours with the spray glue putting up all the posters on the wall at the back of the stand. We didn't forget to tag the wall underneath btw - Emma and Bex was here 2007 BIG UP US!! It was a bit gross though, I kneeled on a broken of drill bit still jammed in the floor and punctured my knee. I had to go and see the first aide man and get it all swabbed out with disinfectant. Of course I got the tee tree oil on it when I got home and that was way better. But my knee is still feeling weird now.

After, we strolled down to Ladureé for some macaroons - Bex never went to Harrods before!! And the windows were all dolled up in Harvey Nichols for London Fashion Week.

My first job in London was in Harvey Nichols. It was still fancy then - we weren't allowed to wear open toed shoes!

And finally - from the desk of the biggest pimp in London:

Desktop courtesy of DJ Goon and DJ Koyote from Diamond Grilling.

xx Lektrogirl

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Sunday, 9 September 2007


Today Goon and I are sitting at the stand with our eyes propped open with matchsticks. I'm sure that Katharine and Roxy are probably the same on their plane to New York! I heard them getting up at the hotel around 5am this morning. I had only got back from the party about an hour before.

Our stand.

As always it was so cool to see my dog Koyote. And as always he had some beautiful things to say to me. Last time it was he thinks I dance like a German girl. This time he found it hilarous that Paul dumped me twice. Then he was kind of inferring by vibe that I was a salope, [I couldn't deny it outright but would have liked to] and then when I explained that my life has changed he called me a "Retired Slut". It makes me sound like j'ai une chatte comme les abricots secs.

Connard qui j'adore.

Also, Fanny came and she wore her KH tshirt too! Here is Goon telling you all what to do - send me an email and tell me how you are.

The new E t-shirt is gonna be a big hit guys. Believe dat.

xx Lektrogirl

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Friday, 7 September 2007



And I am so sorry for not being able to update my blog as regularly as usual. Today I saw some old man with only two half legs burning along the road in a mechanised wheelchair that had a bumper sticker "i heart coffeeshops" and on the train into Paris was some Frenglish graffitti "NO MORE VIOLENT". Goon is here with us and I can give him hugs all day and tell him I love him and wish I saw him more often when we aren't busy selling. I've been spying on the two guys in the Loomstate stand - kind of cute! - and the quality of French men is ASTOUNDING as per usual. Katharine has been outrageous - if we don't keep an eye on her she runs off every other minute to have a fag outside and once we had to call her and say "Where are you?" and she had decided to hang out with the security guard called Camel and get him to check peoples bags for something to do. I got the morning off today and spent some time sitting in a cafe drinking coffee and eating tartine getting to check the split ends in my hair - sounds boring but I was loving it - a total change of pace from the hectic spin of the show. And then bizarrely I ended up buying a bunch of stuff in the SONIA RYKIEL ENFANTS store - all for myself - weird pompom brooches and a belt that I'm gonna wear as a headband. I havn't hit any knicker shops yet - I'm saving that for Monday which I will have all to myself.

More soon when I can.

xx Emma

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Monday, 20 August 2007


It is coming up to London Fashion Week again [this time next month] and I'm reminded of what was happening last year. I was totally into the Green Gold campaigning that Katharine was working with then. So just FYI here is some news about ethical gold mining from back in the day:

This is 70g of pure ore. Not mixed with anything. Before it becomes carat gold.

In a nutshell - one "normal" gold wedding ring produces 3 tonnes of toxic waste. Effectively, a mining company will blow up a mountain, crush it so it doesn't exist any more - and then pour cyanide and mercury over the rubble to draw out the gold. Then the toxic chemicals are stored in reservoirs (which can leak), or dumped in rivers, lakes or the sea. Happy Valentines Day babes. For me it raises the question - if one wedding ring makes three tonnes, how much toxic waste did Big Daddy Kane's ropes make? Or Nelly and his diamond grills?!

Of course, like in most cases there is an alternative and working in the Katharine Hamnett office we are always helpiing KH look for that alternative. A UK jewellery company Cred produce ethical gold and diamond jewellery. Cred work with an organisation called Green Gold who are a fair trade miner's co-operative in Medellin, Colombia. Green Gold locally manage mines that use no toxic chemicals, incorporate reforestation, limit waste and obtain legal approval for proposed mines. The miners have reverted to Mayan and Aztec mining techniques to collect the gold and each mine must fulfill the following criteria:
1. There should be no massive ecological destruction. This state being defined by changes to an ecosystem that places it beyond a possibility of recovery.
2. There should be no toxic chemicals used in the extraction process.
3. The mined areas should gain ecological stability within three years.
4. Top soil removed from the site should be replaced during the exploitation process.
5. Tailings and poolings must not exceed the local ecosystem capacity for rehabilitation.
6. The silt load into stream river or lake system will be controlled in quantity and frequency so that the native aquatic ecosystem is not disrupted.
7. The mining operations must be conducted with the agreement of the local community council.
8. The origin of gold and platinum (for royalty purposes) must be declared in favor of the respective municipality.
9. In forested areas mining activities must not exceed 10% of a hectare during rational periods of two years.
10. Local, regional and national regulations must be followed.
Biodiversity indicators will be established during the process in the intervened ecosystem. This last part means that they check the fish and insects around the mine - if these creatures are still alive then the mine is doing okay. A bit like taking a canary down a coal mine.

Otherwise here are some links to find out more about the project: the Columbian mining organisation Green Gold.
but this is
the best page from Green Gold - it has pictures of the hand tools the miners use, what the mines look like and like charts of how they do each step. Kind of a DIY instruction on how to mine gold in Columbia.

And finally -
here are some really gross pictures of cyanide mining here from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service website.

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Friday, 10 August 2007


Yesterday as such an awesome day. I've been ill and not getting better so I took the day of to chillax. Well actually Roxy told me to take the day off cause she knew how bad I was feeling. So coo-ool. A day holiday.

1] I went to Notting Hill Gate to meet a lady who wants me to make a website for her. She lives on the cutest street there with a little shop on the end selling tea cups and saucers and weird tea pots. They had this one of Margaret Thatcher and her nose was the spout made. It has a gorgeous dark teal glaze on it. I mean totally random but was amazing.

2] On the way back to the tube station I saw Dexter Fletcher [the guy out of Press Gang / Hotel Babylon - depends how hold you are there] talking on his mobile outside WH Smith.

3] Then I went into WH Smith and bought the Offsrpring issue of i-D magazing cause Joe and Duke are modelling in it and Paul exhibition has a whole page in it. While flipping through, there was a little half page picture with Scorcher, Wretch and Bashy modelling some amazing cardigans. Apparently cardigans are the new hoodie in the grime scene. Let's see how long it takes for Prancehall to get one one. Brains already has a few new ones that he has been rolling through boroughs in cause I gave him some organic cotton Katharine Hamnett ones made by John Smedley. For all the urban people out there who can feel the cold winds changing on their hoodie I have a few more cardigans. Beep me.

4] SOHO!! I headed straight to Flat White where I said hello to my buddies in there. OH GOD!! I really miss this place - that has been the real bummer about changing jobs. I used to be able to hop away from my desk for the best coffee in London in two minutes at 6 Berwick Street. I had my usual Bacon and Halloumi Bagel and a soy Flattie [no cobwebs]. TOTAL HEAVEN.

5] Then into the coffee shop on Old Compton for two bits of nougat for .70p - a piece for Pippa and a piece for me!

6] Into shop at Maison B and OH MY GOD! Shitting myself all over the place!! THE NEW APC IS IN AND IT IS HOT HOT HOT. And that is why I was going into Soho in the first place. We were making another movie with all the new stuff for the Shop At Maison B website. With five models, two photographers and Pippa and I and our DV cameras we climbed to the very top of an appartment building on Charing Cross Road for the most spectacular views I have seen in a LONG TIME!! Big Ben, Nelson's Column, The Millenium Wheel and every chimney pot in between.

7] Once the sun had gone, everyone changed out of their clothes and we went to The Coach and Horses for a drink and a chat and and I got to hang out with Sarah Lee who makes me laugh.

8] Getting home feeling rosy, I saw the Metro with Liz Hurley totally ripping my style in my favourite Katharine Hamnett t-shirt!!! I think she even swiped my jeans off the washing line!!! Only they are a little snug on her thighs.

For those of you who think Katharine Hamnett t-shirts are annoying and shit, that's fine, but as I spend my days trying to sell these t-shirts seeing that Liz Hurley BOUGHT one [if there was a freebie given out, I would have known about it] itis going to make my job a hell of a lot easier.


xx Lektrogirl

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Friday, 3 August 2007


Oh god too many night on the razz and I should have got in early today to get cracking on the bank reconciliations waiting for me while the office is quiet cause everyone else is at Portobello. I just found this video though and decided it was worth getting out of bed today cause I might meet a skinny French dude who dances like a spazz that has a GSOH, enjoys going and for dinner and "likes to party". HAHAHA whenever someone says that I totally crack up now cause Katharine always says it as the ultimate pisstake.

Katharine about to tell a joke for the over 30's with Wino Winehouse hair for JoJo's leaving party.

My starter from last night. Spinach [for muscles] Fennel [for whatever] Egg [for protein] and two eyes. I felt a bit like I was eating Kermit the Frog.

Thanks to Philippa's astute cocktail drinking the night before, I knew to choose an astringent refreshing bubbly light champagne cocktail to set me up for this night of party vibes. Here is the Julie's version of the French 75. Delicious!

This was Philippa's cocktail the night before at the Hawksmoor. I could have stripped off and had a bath in it! All those fruits in Philippa's drink from the Hawksmoor are actually the fruits that didn't get chosen for the Ribena ad and they all go so depressed they commited suicide.

Fit. Maoris who can get me all juiced up doing the haka.

This is great cause the Tongan team also do their version. Brrrap that.

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Thursday, 2 August 2007


OMG tonight was JoJo's going away party before her maternity leave at work and Katharine took us all to dinner at Julie's in Nottinghill Gate. It is such a lovely restaurant. I still prefer the food at Arbutus in Soho, but the atmosphere is way sweeter at Julie's. It is like being in some weird Soho place, but they actually bother to clean the corners in Julie's. Anyway - the theme was "Kerrrazyyy hair" cause JoJo always does amazing hair with her amazing hair. Katharine turned up to work this morning with an Amy Winehouse!!! Who would effing believe it!!! It looked fucking incredible on Katharine. So beautiful. Katharine did JoJo's hair herself like Marie Antoinette without a little boat or a bird to put in it. It was incredible - like Marge Simpson hair. Chorley was still there today finishing off the work he started. I think he would have preferred to get his hair done too. Tomorrow morning, the whole office is off to Portobello to go shopping. I am off to the office to finish the VAT return so I can play East Coast Rap at full blast and not offend anyone with all the "fucks". The other day Cissi totally spazzed out with the computer fucking in her face while she was trying to work.

Sara from Faggatronix has been totally all over my Flickr. But I think she is the funniest girl in London, other than yours truly. She mentioned she is working near Trader Vics. Sara - please can we go there together? - with other people too if you want - cause I don't want you to think I'm some weirdo Licker Lemon which isnt too far form the truth, but I hope you would bring Bok Bok and his nose bleeds cause I want to look at it up close. Like he is Bruce Willis in Die Hard only a lot skinnier and more hair. And you and me Sara can talk about R. Kelly without anyone to butt in and tell us that ALLEGED story about the piss again. *YAWN*

I actually have some great news regarding a certain situation in my life. I told the girls in the studio this morning and they were pissing their pants. JoJo nearly gave birth early. I need a few more days to think about posting it. But it is the weirdest thing anyone has ever said to me.

More later - I have pics of the whole meal from Julie's which I want to post so Philippa and Chorley can see.

xx Lektrogirl

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Monday, 23 July 2007


Yes! It is true that there are pictures of Brains in glitter pants and glitter make up and marajuana leaf socks in a Katharine Hamnett SAVE THE WORLD t-shirt!! However, you will have to content yourselves with this:

America's next top model. Here in a
Katharine Hamnett Original Outsized T-shirt.

Here is the shot we chose of Joe.
STAY ALIVE IN 85 - Nice try mate - you weren't even born then.

And here is Melissa in my favourite picture of the day. She looks like a cute clown.

Anyway - come over here and let me tell you a little bed time story... another long day over!

xx Lektrogirl

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Thursday, 19 July 2007


Today at the Katharine Hamnett HQ it was all systems go shooting all the new High Summer t's going on line on the webstore. I as running in and out all day and was able to get a few shots on my little snapper of what was going on:

Unbelieveable I know but Brains was a natural and amazing model.

Here is Katie who is the work placement who got roped into modelling too. She is wearing my favourite outfit of the day - a mushroom Katharine Hamnett t-shirt with the red dickie bow.

And here is little Joe chilling in one of the women's t-shirts.

Callum from the band Radar also was modelling and he was amazing. And Alex Sturrock was the photographer. I can't wait to get the pics and put them online on our webstore But I tell you what - I'm absolutely pooped! I couldn't make it out for drinks after work.

Outside of work at Katharine Hamnett HQ the big news of the day is that Prancehall and ASBO D don't have a clue where to take DJ Assault for dinner this weekend when he comes to play for their gig at Corsica Studios. Everyone is saying Nando's but I am saying House Of Wings, 714 Holloway Road. The best chicken shop in London.

xx Lektrogirl

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Sunday, 15 July 2007


If you ask me how a t-shirt gets made, I can tell you a gang of different ways now. I can tell you about organic cotton. I can tell you about soil association approved printing. I can tell you about discharge prints and super blue. I can tell you about different types of construction. Different weights of jersey. Compact Spun. Enzyme wash. India. Peru. But at the end of the day, unless you want to make t-shirts I guess it is pretty boring. I've been wearing the same four t-shirts to death lately - three I bought in Paris and one I got from the rag bag at work. Oh and a CHOOSE LIFE tshirt from the rag bag that I prefer to wear inside out for some reason.

The only downer with this reprint t-shirt from Katharine Hamnett's archive is that people keep yelling "Hey YOU!" at me. Apparently this t-shirt is misprint. Very few come back as misprints with Katharine Hamnett slogan t-shirts cause the printers are so good. Urban Outfitters are stocking this colour way. A lot of people have asked me already where to get them from. On the Katharine Hamnett website we will have them on yellow t's with black and hot pink with a discharge print [very pale pink] for sale by Wednesday.

There are no down sides to this t-shirt. This is the Teki Latex t-shirt I bought. PLEASE NOTE TEKI - I BOUGHT THIS!!! This t-shirt is like totally booyah all over the place.

Then I also got a Gasius t-shirt that looks like and infinate fill pattern mixed with ghosts. I don't have any pictures of that and it is in the machine right now. The other one I keep wearing says "French Flair" on it with a retarded little man who looks lie a French version of The Little Chef. That is in the machine too.

So here are some videos of the songs I played at Roxy's Blonde vs Brunettes party the other night.
Cameo: Word Up

There is also not a bad word that can be said about this song.

Outkast: Ghettomusick

There are DEFINITELY a lot of sexual men in that video. I'll get my people to me in touch with their people.

Inner City: Big Fun

Can't complain.

Then I nearly choked myself laughing at the quality of my photoshop skills for my friend Ramiro.

Actually I feel a bit sick looking at them now cause he isn't like that at all.

xx Lektrogirl

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Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Top 100 Ethical Heros

Hey dudes! From today's New Consumer

Wendy Martin writes
They've worked tirelessly for the past five years to make our shopping greener and fairer. Some of the names you'll never have heard before, while others are already mega celebs.
But, together, these are the people who we think have made the biggest contribution to ethical consumption over the half decade. They are our Top 100 Ethical Heroes:

1. Katharine Hamnett Fashion Designer [My boss!]
2. Anita Roddick Previously Body Shop
3. Harriet Lamb Fairtrade Foundation
4. Al Gore Campaigner
5. Jonathan Porritt Campaigner
6. Tony Juniper Friends of the Earth
7. Patrick Holden Soil Association
8. Caroline Lucas Politician
9. Stuart Rose M&S
10. Tim Mead Yeo Valley Organics

And the rest [in order] but my cut and paste didn't take the numbers:
Craig Sams Green & Black's
Penny Newman Cafédirect
Yvon Chouinard Patagonia
George Monbiot Journalist
Peter Melchett Soil Association
Naomi Klein Author
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall River Cottage
Wangari Maathai Activist / politician
HRH Prince of Wales Duchy Originals
Bob Geldof Activist
Sophi Tranchell Divine Chocolate
Richard Reed Innocent Smoothies
Jerry Greenfield Ben & Jerry's
Paul Chandler Traidcraft
Vandava Shiva Activist
Safia Minney People Tree
Noreena Hertz Journalist
Mark Constantine Lush
Jeffrey Sachs Author
John Elkington SustainAbility
Juliet Davenport Good Energy
Tim Smit Eden Project
Dale Vince Ecotricity
Leonardo DiCaprio Celebrity
Barbara Stocking Oxfam
Simon Ferrigno Pesticide Action Network
Rupert Howes Marine Stewardship Council
Carlo Petrini Slow Food
Mohammad Yunus Grameen Bank
Brad Hill The Co-op
Ecover Eco brand
Dan Rees Ethical Trading Initiative
Ashok Sinha Stop Climate Chaos
Andrew Simms New Economics Foundation
Deron Beal
Morgan Spurlock Supersize me
Romy Fraser Neal's Yard
The Hyiatts Howies
Penney Poyzner TV presenter
Carolyn Whitwell Bishopston Trading
William Lana Green Fibres
Abi and Thomas Petit Gossypium
Kumi Naidoo Activist
Jo & Julian Spector Natural Collection
Bill Dunster Green architect
Ali Hewson Edun
Anya Hindmarch Fashion Designer
Graham Hill
Dick Strawbridge TV presenter
Stella McCartney Fashion Designer
Alistair Sawday Sawday publishing
Lucy Siegle Journalist
Sarah Ratty Ciel
Joanna Blythman Author
Andy Good Equal Exchange
Herbert Girardet Green architect
Ella Heeks Abel & Cole
Felicity Laurence Author
Guy Watson Riverford Organics
Hass Hassan Fresh & Wild
Renee Eliot Planet Organic
Jamie Oliver Chef
Jenny Ambrose Enamore
Nick Pecorelli Hug
Roy Scott One Village
Tamsin Le Jeune Ethical Fashion Forum
Carry Somers Pachacuti
Sienna Miller Celebrity
Bono Red Campaign
Rev Billy The Church of Stop Shopping
Galahad Clark Terraplana
Ali Clabburn
Clean Clothes Campaign and Labour Behind the Label Campaigners
David Cameron Politician
Keeley Hazell Glamour Model
Tricia Burnett Tourism Concern
Charles Middleton Triodos
Geetie Singh Duke of Cambridge
Jill Baker Green Baby
Maria Chenoweth-Casey Traid
Tescopoly Campaigners
Centre for Alternative Technology Campaigners
Jeremy Piercey Shared Earth
British Association of Fairtrade Shops Campaigners
Charles Clover Author
Daryl Hannah Celebrity
Colin Mace Booja-Booja
Georgina Down Campainger
Woody Harrelson Celebrity
Kalle Lasn Buy Nothing Day
Now, it's over to you - let us know in the comments who you think we missed out, who we got right and who we got wrong.
Look out for an expanded feature on these heroes soon. Our Top 100 was compiled using a set of criteria including viability, influence, quality, sustainability and authenticity.

And one of the comments:
Katharine Hamnett is a fantastic choice as number one. She has been tirelessly campaigning for ethical and environmental practices in the fashion industry for the last 17 years and now thankfully people are finally starting to sit up and pay attention to what she is saying and DOING.

As a student studying in the area, I was deeply upset after reading the ‘Clean Up or Die’ essay on her website to learn that 20,000 people die from accidential pesticide poisioning a year(WHO) and something like 200,000 farmers commit suicide annually due to debt they get into for buying pesticides to grow conventional cotton(PAN)… and that is just the beginning of the humanitarian and environmental devestation that is a direct result of the fashion industry.

It was a shocking realisation as a fashion lover and consumer that I, along with every other consumer, am indirectly responsible for all of this because I buy conventional cotton products and had never considered the environmental and ethical impact of the clothes I buy. Thankfully people like Katharine are blowing the whistle on unethical industry practices and providing a positive alternative by making fashionable clothing that is made as environmentally as possible (even her zips are made from organic zip tape and recycled steel teeth!!).

The clothing & textiles industry needs to start taking a long-hard look at how she does business as it has the potential to help millions of farmers trade their way out of poverty. Organic cotton is a key solution to the problems she highlights.

We as consumers need to stop and think. We need to eduate ourselves and then take responsibility as there are positive, good quality alternatives now. And for consumers whom the price arguement comes to mind she has also done a line of clothing for Tesco, that is produced under her strict environmental and ethical policies. It may be Tesco but we have to affect change somehow and start somewhere. No company is 100% perfect and an entire industry will never be revolutionised overnight. It will be an evolutionary process and it is people like Katharine who have such strict policies and ideals that will drive this change.

If you do one thing today go on to her website and read the ‘Clean Up or Die’ essay It changed my whole outlook on how I consume fashion.


And just FYI my life in September is looking pretty glamourous - I will be at PRET A PORTER PARIS, LONDON FASHION WEEK and maybe WHITE in Milan! I never went to Italy.

xx Lektrogirl

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