Monday, 13 August 2007


Well I finally managed to make it to work today [see my post below] and have a whole computer at hand [I actually double fist two] to post a better blog - so I can go into detail about my weekend.

And to watch a little home movie of the weekend in action:

How romantic. I bet you are jealous.

Nameless said a few retarded things on the weekend. But then he told me something funny about a top grime MC who will be coming to record vocals for him.

"also i got XXCENSOREDXX's number off XXCENSOREDXX's and gave him a ring today, he seemed real chill. we both cracked up on da phone cos i told him i wasin holloway and did the usual come on over and record a track here,we'll get some bbq wings, etc. and he said "yeah that sounds great imgonna be drivin by the end of the week" and i go "oh, r u gettin yrlicense" and he goes "no, im gettin a car". haha.

Oh well. Small things amuse small minds. I guess that is why I found my relationship with nameless sexually gratifying.

xx Lektrogirl

P.S. And check this out!!


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