Wednesday, 15 August 2007


Okay - so this is "In Love With a Stripper" with a gang of people representing. I just need to remind you all of the supremecy of my main guy R Kelly. Ignore the others - cause the song is absolutely shit. EXCEPT R Kelly as per usual take the game to another level. He shoots, he scores, and blows the ball through the floor when he slams it down. BOOYAHH. Check the last two lines of his verse referring to 1] his "dong" and 2] his head. Oh yes.

Today I woke up pretty miserable - spent the whole night editing the Shop At Maison B / APC video on my laptop and the whole thing kept corrupting because the file is so massive - maybe my laptop just couldn't handle the hot babes. I also had a massive fight with Nameless who is totally being a Vortex Of Pain[TM]. Which also left me really really sad. But then I tried again with the video and got that to work and it is looking HOT! I'll post it when it is ready!

xx Lektrogirl

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Monday, 13 August 2007


Well I finally managed to make it to work today [see my post below] and have a whole computer at hand [I actually double fist two] to post a better blog - so I can go into detail about my weekend.

And to watch a little home movie of the weekend in action:

How romantic. I bet you are jealous.

Nameless said a few retarded things on the weekend. But then he told me something funny about a top grime MC who will be coming to record vocals for him.

"also i got XXCENSOREDXX's number off XXCENSOREDXX's and gave him a ring today, he seemed real chill. we both cracked up on da phone cos i told him i wasin holloway and did the usual come on over and record a track here,we'll get some bbq wings, etc. and he said "yeah that sounds great imgonna be drivin by the end of the week" and i go "oh, r u gettin yrlicense" and he goes "no, im gettin a car". haha.

Oh well. Small things amuse small minds. I guess that is why I found my relationship with nameless sexually gratifying.

xx Lektrogirl

P.S. And check this out!!


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Monday, 6 August 2007


So yes it is true. Someone can dump you and then dump you again without having even got back with you. A certain exhusband who will remain nameless, will remain nameless cause is name isn't worth repeating right now unless it is with a sign of derision. It's OK. He is going to the movies with other girls these days. And I always hated the cinema. The girlfriend before me called him the VORTEX OF PAIN. I laughed really smugly thinking "Oh how could this girl be so awful..." But now the joke is on me.

From this:

To this:

But it's all cool. I was totally totally broken hearted. Then I got an email from The Mafia today. She said:

but - girl - u did e-v-er-y--h-i-n-g in the world u could do!!!!!
any other woman would have dumped him over a year ago!
and u tried!
I think it#s really tough and a sign, that you have a huge heart and lots of love and
that u can remember and u still have that. maybe that's the best of it...

And it is true. Bitch Ass Darius said something similar to me once waiting for the Eurostar that made me cry.

I got good friends. Even nameless. I got home today to find he had come over and done all my dishes. What a weirdo. But I know he still loves be.


I'm not the type that easily crys
But I must admit there was
a tear in my eye.
Now I know that I love
you and I'll know I'll
be true too.
Calling all boys
I'm calling all boys - I love you
I do.
Calling all boys
I'm calling all boys - I need you
I do.

I'm not the type that
easily swayed but I must
admit that I wanted to
I know that I want you
and I'll always be
true too.
Calling all boys
I'm calling all boys - I love you
I do. . . .
Hey boys
I think your cute in
tight blue jeans and
French cut suits.
Outta sight

outta mind
your quite a catch your quite a find.
you're slick
you're chic
you're so hot
you're so sleek.
You got class
you got style
I've wanted you all the while.
I'm not the type that
easily crys but I must
admit there was a tear
in my eye.
Now I know that I love
you and I'll know I'll
be true too.
Calling all boys
I'm calling all boys - I love you
I do. . . .

Oh HOLY SHIT... I just remembered this!!

I could make a dozen bad jokes about nameless here about who he ain't.

xx Lektrogirl

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