Friday, 4 July 2008


Here is the latest email news from my old Dad:

Howdee partner, how's yer fukkin 'orse?
Yeah ma got the 2 photo's of some good looking shagger. I stuckk 'em on me wall sio I see them when I'M LYING IN ME SCRATCH. wHO IS SHE? Left the caps lock on agen. Gawd yer ol' man is a twit. I keep me night bags under the cushion, (nite-bags which one attaches to the permanent leg bag catheter to save getting out of bed at night
(obviously) to empty the bastard that hangs on my leg all day. I'm dangerous enough lying down on the bed without trying to get up in the night. Why do I hide them because a day Sister goes into my private? drawers and nicks them when she wants one(saves the lousy cow walking an extra 20 meters to the store cupboard, even if it is my last one. She sprnds a lot of time in the pub. a Right Pisso. Her legs are shaped likle beerbottles and when she's been on it her eyes hang down to her nipples. And definitely one woman I wouldn't if she offered to pay me. Yeuch! Sniff up big ,there's plenty to go round . Got 0 go to tuckka Kid. keep yer spirits up. I just had 500 bucks O.A.P PUT INTO MYA'S ACCOUNT(FUCK) AND TOLD HER TO LET YOU USE IT IN CASE YOUR 'UNGRY. (FUCK AGEN) Ialways forget the C.P's
see yer later Kiddo. Luv FROM YER ANCIENT PA.XXXX


In other news I will be in Shop At Maison B on Greek Street for the next two days if you want to come buy and pick up some A.P.C. or SONIA by Sonia Rykiel in the sale! I can also be bribed with NOUGAT from the coffee shop on Old Compton Street or Roseanis macaroons from Laduree. And make mine a Soy Flattie from Milk Bar on Bateman Street.

xx Lektrogirl

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