Sunday, 30 November 2008


I'm showered and dressed already still thinking of the horrors of the night before and too much food... Not sure if I need breakfast - definitely don't want to see another wurst for a few months. Even so, the Cardinal and I are off to Migros to stock up on chocolates, biscuits - deodorant in my case cause the one I like is only sold in Germanic countries - roesti and what have you. Such is life.

What I didn't bother telling you about, because it seemed too tragic to be doing it in the twilight of your 35th year, was I let Lee strap me to the bed while the Cardinal had to be held back by Abs - the Cardinal's face was as cute as Chuckie at the time - cause she wanted to flip the bed back into the wall. that didn't happen thank Allah. But the did take pictures which I hope NEVER surface and if they do, there will be serious retaliation. I for one will be wishing I suffocated Philippa with the Sprungli bag in her sleep.

Xx Lektrogirl


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