Wednesday, 23 January 2008


Because two gas men came to inspect all the gas fittings in the house for the landlord I was interrupted in my trail searching Flickr and now I can't remember how I got here. But check out the great signs for health that have been documented by Elishacookjr. AMAZING.

I love those kinds of posters. These particular ones remind me of a hairdresser in Zurich [that used to be on the same street as "Clit Care" the lesbian sex shop] with a sign outside with all the different kinds of hair styles painted on a board just like this with a number next to them all so you could ask for the different braids and fades. I know, Zurich doesn't sound really afrocentric does it?

Another odd place to find this kind of signage is in the stairwell of a squat in Dresden. The pictue of the blue one is a bit shit but Lu was starting to get a bit annoyed with me for stopping to take pictures of everything.

This dude looks like he is washing his hands in porridge with radioactive poos on his shirt.

I think that generally there should be more of this posters even here in London. They really are good to tek we yuself and help you avoid diseases that put u onnu bad mind.

xx Lektrogirl

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Blogger Alex Torrance said...

I downloaded loads of those barbershop signs for some visual research once. Maybe I'll upload them onto Flickr.

29 January 2008 15:40  
Blogger Lektrogirl said...

Yes! You so should! I would love to see them.

29 January 2008 20:17  

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