Sunday, 4 May 2008


I have so much to write from over this weekend - Birthday parties, photographs in the shop with Mrs Kipling and Princess Margaret etc - and it is only Saturday night. But like Spiderman as photographed about, I have to take the day off. You cannot imagine how much I am looking forward to climbing into my bed and drifting off to a peaceful sleep.

Unlike these girls who were obs off to Tek Weh Yurselfs tonight:

Who were happy to pose away at the top of the escalators in Waterloo Station for all and sundry flashing their gusset and giving a wave.

xx Lektrogirl

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Warrick Brown - The straight George Michael and IMHO way hotter.

This news is a few days old now but still disturbing none the less. Especially the part where he is gonna get written out at the end of the 8th series!! I PRAY that Nick Stokes doesn't go too. Watching season 6 on DVD I even have started to fancy him with the moustache.

xx Lektrogirl

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Wednesday, 23 January 2008


Because two gas men came to inspect all the gas fittings in the house for the landlord I was interrupted in my trail searching Flickr and now I can't remember how I got here. But check out the great signs for health that have been documented by Elishacookjr. AMAZING.

I love those kinds of posters. These particular ones remind me of a hairdresser in Zurich [that used to be on the same street as "Clit Care" the lesbian sex shop] with a sign outside with all the different kinds of hair styles painted on a board just like this with a number next to them all so you could ask for the different braids and fades. I know, Zurich doesn't sound really afrocentric does it?

Another odd place to find this kind of signage is in the stairwell of a squat in Dresden. The pictue of the blue one is a bit shit but Lu was starting to get a bit annoyed with me for stopping to take pictures of everything.

This dude looks like he is washing his hands in porridge with radioactive poos on his shirt.

I think that generally there should be more of this posters even here in London. They really are good to tek we yuself and help you avoid diseases that put u onnu bad mind.

xx Lektrogirl

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Friday, 26 October 2007


God I have been so miserable lately finding out about big lies and little lies from little people who can't keep their big mouths shut. [What goes around comes around.] On to more positive vibes, what a gorgeous surprise to see the pictures Cardinal took the other day and me looking so happy! Here is a very rare picture of me SMILING with a ginuwine face having a happy time doing happy things. Thank fuck I am normal after all.

And as I have been reminded that my mother reads my blog when we had big chats on the phone this morning [she was telling me all about my sister's new job as a swimming teacher] and mum also commented on my pink nipples in some picture [shame] I thought I best put some more pics up of me just for her. With my clothes on.

This is me in a club Mum. What I am doing with my hand is called "throwing signs". What this one means is "2 in the pussy [vagina] and 1 in the bum". I don't actually know if that just means with fingers or dicks, but either way it purile and funny and I even taught Katharine Hamnett how to do. FYI Mum I never had sex with more than one person at once so I could have only ever acheived this with the fingers but to tell you would be TMI. [see note below.]

Tek Weh Yuself!
Here is me in the same club later in the night Mutts. [Everyone else - Mutts is the name I call my mother.] I am saying "You Get Me?" to Philippa. Which means "Are we on the same wavelength?" I was only a little bit drunk that night and I didn't "Get my rocks off" as you used to say about cousin James going to Amsterdam. Oh no actually the next day I ended up puking once in a saucepan and Nameless had to come over with a loaf of bread cause I was too ill to get any food. He actually ate most of the bread cause I couldn't and shaped the loaf into an Oriental slipper for me. I must have been pretty wasted. Not as bad though as in my youth when you took me to the doctor for the injections to stop puking. Oh God. That was bad.

xx Lektrogirl

TMI = Too Much Information. Here is an amazing conversation which used TMI to great advantage and works some graet TMI extras in too!

him 22:10:16: GROSSSS I dont imagine its like this at all
him 22:10:39: haha oh man next time i see him all ill be able to think will be
me 22:10:40: this video is the last way on earth i would want to bang
him 22:10:41: XXCENSOREDXX
me 22:10:45: XXCENSOREDXX
him 22:10:53: XXCENSOREDXX
him 22:10:58: omg
him 22:10:59: just FYI
him 22:11:09: im not one of these people whos like TMI
him 22:11:21: or DID *NOT* WANNA KNO THAT
him 22:11:23: but if i was was
him 22:11:32: id be like doing TMI cartwheels right now
him 22:11:47: TMI fukin firework show
me 22:11:51: HAHAHAHA
me 22:12:14: ROTFLOL
him 22:12:35: anyway i dunno if ill be able to look at him in the same way (neutral)
me 22:12:46: and it is so funny cause the neighbourhood bad boyz are letting off crackers now

P.P.S. For reference, this is the video we are talking about:

WHAT A HO!! This is the worst song and video ever and makes me want to puke.

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