Sunday, 10 February 2008


Sorry for the absence of the last few days. Painting shelves and skirting boards is taking longer than I first thought. And even though I am using water based gloss it still stinks like ammonia - a bit like having my face in a kitty litter tray while lying on the floor.

I have all kinds of pictures to post from more glamorous moments in my life but I just haven't got them off the camera yet - dinner at La Barca with the Maison B ladies where Sarah Lee banned me from going to Paris with everyone [I don't know why!], the pictures from the French deli off Holloway Road where I went with Jane and the Salade Nicoise that Cardinal cooked me the other night too.

In fact, here is a video we made of Cardinal cooking. Yes - they are her hands and arms [the nails! I know!] She also did the voice over. We nicked the camera equipment from her work that is why the video looks so professional!

Anyway I am sure you will all forgive me for not writing more regularly when I show you this hot blog - MEN WHO LOOK LIKE OLD LESBIANS.

So the top 25 men who look like old lesbians appeared on

Here is a selection:

#25. Chuck Klosterman

He Is:
A Pop-culture obsessed and farm-raised hipster who writes for GQ and ESPN.

Looks Like:
Someone who has penned 14 books on the spiritual nature of the vulva.

#18. Kyle MacLachlan

He Is:
Actor known for his work with David Lynch and Elizabeth Berkley.

Looks Like:
A manager of a website about two pet dogs.

See the whole Top 25 here.

And for people who want to go straight to the source, here is the original men who look like old lesbians site. It is funny to take a moment and think which guys I know could make it onto this site one day. I know they talk about turtle necks here but I'm going to propose a propensity for wearing flannel checked shirts and cardigans or a zip-up hoodie. That being said I am sitting here prepared to paint today wearing a flannel checked cowboy shirt with pearlised popper buttons and an "Enjoy California" written in the coca cola script t-shirt [both hand-me-overs from an old flatmate] that I only ever wear for painting. And the now legendary cut off grey tracky daks from Primark. I know I don't look like a lesbian though cause I don't have a piercing in my eyebrow and that would be the what it would take to flip this look from "Do It Yourself" to "Dildo Into You". YGM.

xx Lektrogirl

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