Friday, 29 February 2008


Today I was one of those people who sat in Starbucks staring into middle distance sipping on a soapy coffee wishing that I wasn't really there. However, I knew I wasn't beyond redemtion because I was on my way to Homebase to buy some wood for making my desk supports later that afternoon.

Actually it wasn't even a coffee - it was a Soy Chai Tea Latte. LOL.

This morning I woke up without a hangover but felt I deserved one. After hanging out with Max all day, talking about Pantie Wetters, Nannies, Turncoats and Dead or Alive, we went into Soho to see Pippa and Nathaniel and drink some wine. A more wine later at The Three Greyhounds [my first blush since 'The DJ Assualt Night' that I could finish] and then some Geisha Rocks at Abeno Too I was sending random texts about spiritual vibes to God only knows who.

Lovely! So pretty - like sour cherries.

Max had cooked me an Apple and Rhubarb crumble. Until then, all I had heard about Max's cooking capabilities was from his old flatmate Neil who had seen Max take the top off a yoghurt pot and that was it.

But check this out:

I am Max's fantasy girlfriend. He is always asking me if I had sex with a woman. I always get out of answering by asking him if he ever had sex with a woman.

Look at the AWESOME temperature guage on the oven! It reminds me of Gary Numan or The Buggles or something. So jealous. And such a neat crumble.

YUM. And by now, Alex T had come over to Max's too so we all sat and ate crumble together like naughty school children telling naughty jokes.

Here is Max's knicker drawer. No he isn't at all anal.

And check this garden out that Max made. It used to be just rocks and weeds and nothing. It was just nothing and it is so beautiful now.

Someone who isn't quite like Max in some ways [totally anal] but quite like Max in other ways [I think she only fancies men] is my mate Sara Manara who if I was a big licker I would fancy her because she is a good cook and likes good music. Oh - yeah I know she is with Bok Bok so no dis bruv, but your girlf is a babe. And as you know, I'm only interested in guys anyway [I'll tell the rest of my gossipy stories later! LOL and I promise I will keep your secret forever...] I was over at Bok Bok and Manara's house the other night and Manara cooked a BANGING dinner for us all. SO DELICIOUS.

And I gotta tell you, Manara's Pav was almost authentic Australian [we would probably only have raspberries OR strawberries with passionfruit and banana.] It was so awesome. I could have eaten the whole thing to myself.

Mum is sending over some old tea cups and saucers from home that I am really looking forward to receiving in the post. I am planning to have a tea party. I only have two cups right now and one teapot. And it isn't big enough.

xx Lektrogirl

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Tuesday, 26 February 2008


I don't have enough pictures of Rami on my blog, that's for sure!

xx Lektrogirl

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And I don't mean the dancing girl. Look at her dog! Look at what he is doing it to! Look and what she does with it! Look at what she does after she puts it down again with her hands!

xx Lektrogirl


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I was just on the phone to my mothers saying both good morning and good night to each other. Still weird after 13 years. My little nephew said he wants to come and live in London "Cause people get to stay up all night there." He has quite grasped the sun and moon thing properly. Anyway - Mutts and I were talking about tea cups. Then I went and checked my email and saw the mail she had forwarded to all the family members, which had originated from her work friends. Usually I have seen the things she has sent round before, but I hadn't seen these.

How I laughed!

LOL! The best part is the bad spelling. I would feel a dick head if I misspelled a megadis like that. The SMILE on the windshield is a nice touch.

This idea is so good I wish I had thought of it.

Also nice, but cost prohibitive expensive.

I'm certain that this would have felt SO good. And by the looks of his possessions strewn over the front lawn, she was better off without him anyway.

xx Lektrogirl

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Monday, 25 February 2008


I own the most fabulous cook book that I bought in Belgium once at a second hand shop. It was like 50 euro cents. If I had a suitcase empty enough I would have bought the whole set. In the book the food has the worst pictures ever! Totally incredible. Bok Bok said it was like looking at 70's porn with hairy muff through spaghetti bolognaise and it was making him feel sick.

You might have noticed that I have been posting a lot of old scans and pictures lately. I remembered that my old old website still sits online and all the pictures and stuff are still there. Over the course of the following weeks, I will be reposting a lot of things here on my blog.

Oh god - that Gucci by Gucci ad just came on TV - the one that is all gold and swirly with girls dancing.

xx Lektrogirl

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The other night when Cardinal, Covvo and A Beer came over I cooked them all dinner. The dish you see above was for starters and here is the recipe. There are two reasons why I can recommend mussels as an option for dinner. 1] They are cheap - 3.99 a kilo and 2] They are super easy to cook.


1kg black mussels
1 tbs peanut [or whatever] oil
1 medium brown onion [150g of whatever onion you have] chopped finely
2 cloves of garlic, crushed
10cm stick [20g] fresh lemon grass sliced thinly
1 small fresh red chilli sliced finely
1 cup [125ml] dry white wine [that is one of those little bottles at the supermarket]
2 tbs lime juice
2 tbs fish sauce
1/2 cup loosely packed thai basil leaves [get them in China Town for 1.60 a bunch]
1/2 cup coconut milk [125ml - a half sized can or tip all a 400ml can in like I did]
another small fresh red chilli sliced finely
2 green onions [spring onions or salad onions] sliced thinly

1] Throw the mussels into the sink to give them a shock so that they all close. When you buy them they will be alive and should open and close. Scrub mussels under cold water and remove beards [the hairy parts hanging out the closed shells.]

2] Ditch any mussels that have not closed at all after you have run cold water on them or have cracked shells. They are no good.

3] Heat the oil in a wok or big frypan [or whatever you have got - you need a lid for it big enough that is all.] Stir fry the brown onion, garlic, lemon grass and chopped chilli till it becomes soft and is fragrant. It is better to do this over a pretty low heat so the onion doesn't brown, but as it is known in the business 'sweats'.

4] Add wine, juice and sauce and bring to the boil [turn up the heat a bit!] Add the mussels and turn the heat down again. Simmer the mussels in the pan with the lid on until the mussels open. The majority of mussels should open after about 5-7 minutes.

5] While you are waiting for 5-7 minutes to pass, shred half the basil leaves with your fingers.

6] Add the shredded leaved and coconut milk to the pan and stirfry until heated through. Fish out any mussels that aren't open, throw them away - they are no good.

7] Serve the mussels into a bowl for each person. 1 kg is enough for 3 or four people as a starter or as a main dish enough for 2. Sprinkle with slicked chilli, green onion and remaining basil leaves.

Let me know how you get on!

xx Lektrogirl

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DJ Venom has banned me from his LiveJournal. MEGA LOL ROTFLOL CARTWHEELS!!! And I haven nothing against Jewish people - but Jew jokes always get a rise out of Venom. But seemingly I shouldn't be offended about all his "All the Australians..." comments.

xx Lektrogirl

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Sunday, 24 February 2008


Oh and I have been meaning to post this picture for a while:


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More often than I do now I used to make a lot of different web based art projects with animated gifs and midi files.

Here is a piece I made about a particular dance step in a pop video created by US based art collective, BEIGE.

The full piece can be seen online here.

And more of than I do now I used to travel and DJ a LOT around Europe. As Sara Manara - she got the mid air live report along with the BA inflight map display of everywhere I travelled.

Anyway - one place I went was Graz and I didn't like it very much. Here are some pictures from the trip.

xx Lektrogirl

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There is other stuff here.

I got a Freeview box this weekend. Five US! Here I come...

I did a LOT this weekend. But I will tell you later.

xx Lektrogirl

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Saturday, 23 February 2008


Originally this post was intended to be a guide to the parents of daughters about to go through the physical and emotional changes of puberty. Basically, this is still the aim. But in the course of writing its scope has widened, as clearly the years of puberty cannot be singled out for examination as if the remaining years of adolescence are completely separate and independent. Puberty is the first stage of adolescence, and possibly the most vital.

It is one of the failings of society that we are generally fairly ignorant about how our bodies work. Such ignorance can be positively dangerous where the mental and physical health and well being of a growing girl are concerned. I have yet to find an 11 or 12 year old girl, no matter how fully instructed on her sexual development she may be, who does not seek reassurance that what is happening to her is perfectly normal.

The beginning of breast enlargement, together with the darkening of the nipples are the earliest signs of puberty in girls. Pubic hair is another clear sign. Some girls are embarrassed by their developing figures, other greet the process with great delight. Hair will begin to appear on the legs and under the arms. Now is the time for you to discuss with your daughter the values of involved in removing the hair from legs and under arms. Once you have done this, point out to her the various ways of hair removal and the use of deodorant preparations.

Although the first days of her period may not be an ideal time for a girl to go horseback riding or to undertake any strenuous sport, if she normally takes part in these activities then she should continue to do so.
Water is in no way harmful during menstruation. Your daughter can swim, wash her hair, bathe and shower as normal. In fact it is advisable that she learns early to take good care of herself when she is menstruating. Be careful not to suggest that menstruation is either dirty or disgusting.
Discuss with your daughter the use of tampons and sanitary pads, then leave the final choice to her. Making such decisions will let her feel she has some control over her body.

The hands of time cannot be turned back. Try as you might, you cannot bring up your daughter in the way your parents might have done. Families live vastly different lifestyles from those lived twenty years ago; sexist roles within marriage have changed; children's roles within a family have changed; the opportunities offered by the world to your daughter have changed from those that were offered to you.
You simply cannot afford to let your own standards and view stagnate. This does not mean that you have to lower your principals. But you have to learn to adapt them.
One of the most exasperating aspects of parenting a teenager is that by the time you have adjusted to what is 'in', it is 'out'. But you'll be greatly assisted if you remember that the trendy things - the jargon, the fashion gimmicks, the pop groups, and so on - are all very superficial. One of the reasons that they are important to your teenager is because they differ from the conventional, and are therefore something you probably do not approve of!

Probably one of the most disturbing aspects of puberty is what seems to be a sudden desire for independent thought in their daughter. She begins to question and often disagree and argue. But what parents regard as cheating and dishonesty may not appear to be as such to her. This attitude can drive some parents into near panic. They cannot work out where they have gone wrong, nor why their daughter no longer seems to have any respect for authority or any sense of personal responsibility. Rather than panicking, I would suggest an honest appraisal of your values and those of your daughter.
This is the era of the clever deal, the canning tax dodge and the bending of the truth. You only have to tune into the electronic media or read a newspaper to be aware of this. When youngsters grow up in such an environment, it follows that they are less ashamed of cheating and prouder of 'getting away with it'. The shame today lies in getting caught, not the act of dishonesty itself.

Teenagers are expensive, but they are not some luxury you can decide to forego. If you get down to the facts and figures, you will probably find your teenage daughter eats more than anyone else in the household [unless you also have teenage sons]; uses more electricity and hot water than anyone else; and runs up a major percentage of the phone bill.
It is my opinion that it is preferable for a teenager to be given a set amount of money to handle each week than to be handed $5 or so upon request. It is no good to hand over the money you think is adequate - both parents and daughters need to be able to sit down and discuss what the money is meant to cover and how much these items cost. By the time she is a teenager it is a good idea to allow her to manage the money necessary for snacks, books, records, hobby and sporting costs, and entertainment

To the adolescent and sub-adolescent, cliques can be just as time-and-emotion-consuming as crushed on an individual - particularly to the insecure girl. But until a teenager learns the social skils which enable her to feel comfortable with people who are different from hrself, the cliques is an obvious haven.

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Here, print these out and make yourself a little book to colour in.

Possibly one of the most romantic series of pictures I have seen for a long time.

xx Lektrogirl

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Friday, 22 February 2008


I will tell you what is really amazing - reading 70's cookbooks, looking at 80's porn and reflecting on memorial pictures of dead families from the turn of last century with Bok Bok and Manara making vag, braap and minge jokes.

Good times. (Gross to the muffy prolaps beef curtains - and that was just the 70's cookbook.)

xx Lektrogirl

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Wednesday, 20 February 2008


Julian got a hole one while we laughed at Midnight Request Line by Skream on YouTube. He opened with "Grrrrreeeeaaaaaattttttt video mmmmmaaaaaaannnnnnggggg" and followed that with "This is just like 'Fly Like an Eagle' by The Steve Miller Band. Shit there are even chiptune arpeggios in it." I told him that he was welcome to shoot himself because of the song. He welcomed the opportunity and said "I'm going to take out my manrifle..." Lord.

xx Lektrogirl


You know that band The Doors? Well this story is about as interesting. And it kind of leads into something else I want to show you. Which has nothing to do with the last thing I want to tell you. Firstly however is a video for you to enjoy of someone enjoying The Doors.

[looks a bit like Vincent D'Onofrio if HE was playing the character in The Wedding Crashers that Owen Wilson played where he gets all depressed cause he thinks he has lost the girl.]

So here is my story:

My mother said "Oh that's great! What are you going to do with The Door. You can put it under your bed!!"
Do you wanna know how unwieldy The Door is? Basically, it is exactly the same size as a door frame and incredibly heavy. Really heavy hard wood.
So I drag The Door around in an attempt to put The Door under the bed. In fact, I spend the evening watching CSI and Law and Order looking at The Door out of the corner of my eye thinking "The Door is really long? Is it actually gonna fit under the bed." Indeed The Door was too long to get under the bed. By less than a centimetre. And I don't mean it hung out the end of the bed and I couldn't handle it [though if this were true it would also be TRUE!] I mean that no matter which way I tried, the door was too big, the angles were not right, there was no was I could get The Door under The Frigging Bed. At one point I was even jammed in the bedroom with The Door wedged between the foot of the bed and the door of the room at a steep angle and with all the strength in the world, I almost couldn't move The Door.
With one bruised foot I dragged The Door back to the hallway. I won't even enjoy cutting the stupid thing in half.

Now back when I was at college, people who were into The Doors dressed like this:

Only fast forward to No Hate in 08 and dudes who dress like this - what are they listening to? Well this guy listens to DUBSTEP!! Wow. I know this because he had a CD in his hand BOX OF DUB / DUBSTEP AND FUTUREDUB.
Look at that cardigan.
Look at how his feet are on not on the floor nicely in front of him.

One I rang up a number for a man looking for a woman to go on a date with on an investigatory dare from C.I.B. I wasn't dating anyone and she was with Hot Dog. We picked a guy from The Guide weekly listing thing. So I called and listened to the guy's message he left for me. "Hi I'm blah blah years old. I work at Skoob, which is a bookshop. And I'm going bald, but I don't CARE." We didn't go on a date. Anyway, I imagine at the time that Baldy Skoob man looked like the Dubstep Man.

I'm cooking a fish supper for three wimmin tomorrow night. I have big plans. Let's hope I fair well. Mussels, chermoula and amaretti... Let me leave you with a wimmin's issue, a Chick With A Gun, Pippa Brooks giving it her best shot [literally]:

Pippa looks so much like Detective Calleigh Duquesne from CSI: Miami. And yeah - she hits the bullseye.

Oh and a cool Paris sticker I bought in Paris once years ago.

xx Lektrogirl

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Monday, 18 February 2008


I have a nose full of dust and hands that feel dry. I have been going through cupboards and boxes going through things that are up to 18 years old. Best of tapes from 1990 and compilations that my sister and I made with the most ridiculous names: Beak Beats, Beats Up The Arse Loud and Strong, Love the N*****. Even more shocking that the last name of our compilations, there are even old tapes of Richard H. Kirk CD's I had/have[?], Autechre, Aphex Twin - all the old IDM for listening to on a Walkman. How hideous.

It has been so great though going through everything getting rid of stuff from people who don't belong here. Memories that are too old to be bothered with. Some hilarious stuff!

I found a letter from Noodles about his drunken antics. I'll never throw that out. He goes on about someone who is into steam engines. I cried laughing. And being so drunk, falling over in a new lemon Fred Perry sweater. That wasn't the first or last time for Nicky Noo Noo I'm sure!! OH GOD!! I just remember the time Noodles came over to Monsieur Raides and got so drunk together I puked noodles in the bath for HOURS and Monsieur Raide's and Noodles ran out to Commerical Road with their trousers off together to flash at the cars. Or something. I was too wasted to really remember what went on. I can just remember having to lock Noodles out of the bathroom cause I was sure he was going to molest me.

There was heaps of old "Lektrogirl" ephemera. Songs on cassette tapes, notations about sequences, double density diskettes.

Back then, my boyfriend was Monsieur Raide. And Brains thinks he had a hard time...

Monsieur Raide told me that he had some 'thing' with a girl at Pizza Express. I sent Monsieur Raide a message on a sheet of A1 drawing paper with the address and telephone number of every Pizza Express in London. I told him that if he was gonna mess around with a girl from Pizza Express I was gonna go find her and give her a piece of my mind. Though I wouldn't really know what happened there.

Monsieur Raide gave me a very nice typewriter that I still have in my cupboard. I would never throw that out. After he gave it to me I did another picture, this time about the typewriter.

I considered it lucky after some of the things I had been through and I used that typewriter a lot.

After while in my life, I didn't write or draw or make music or paint or anything. I don't know what happened.

I guess I just have too much junk in the cupboards.

xx Lektrogirl

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Sunday, 17 February 2008


I was just organising my Flickr and I found this picture of Manara and Cardinal from when we went to Hamburg together for my birthday last year. What a total TOTAL pair of BABEZ !!!

I mean - what else can you say?!

xx Lektrogirl

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From Tasmania, Jansz Sparkling Pink!

Smoked duck breast with capers and sauerkraut. I'll order anything on the menu that comes with sauerkraut. Except pigs weird parts. Unless they are minced into a sausage.

Crab, Fennel and Watercress salad.

I'm so glad I didn't get the roast pork belly. It had hairs on it still in the crackling which grossed me out. And my friend was going on about his recent trip to Hong Kong and all the pig skin he ate. Which made me feel all wrong on the inside. Anyway the food was nice but I didn't really enjoy myself this afternoon until I got cracking in the kitchen:

I mean, you can see how crooked the door is and the filler isn't finished yet either BUT I DID THAT. I recycled a cabinet I ripped out from another part of the kitchen and put it back here, cutting it down, to cover under the sink.

All the things that are annoying me in my house I'm just getting rid of them all. Gone, gone, gone. And gone for good.

xx Lektrogirl

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Friday, 15 February 2008


This is my new favourite café in North London, Le Péché Mignon 6 Ronalds Road, London, N5 1XH.

The name means like "cute sin" - a sin you are allowed cause you can't resist. And I tell you, I am already ADDICTED to the Croque Monsieur there!

My ONLY CRITICISM about the place is the lettuce - that Apollo / Frisée stuff that prickles the inside of your mouth. It is a non food. It is like Br'er Rabbit all over again.

Never mind. Check out the coffee:

Not too hot when you get it so you can drink it straight away. This is always a very serious consideration. And note, that is actually cows milk not soya milk as I would normally ask for.

So now Le Péché Mignon is the 'regular' meeting point for Janus and I. Janus is a friend who used to work at KH with me. We used to not get on AT ALL in the office and actually had quite ridiculous verbal fights [over cake!!!] but outside of work we got on really well. We have a quite similar taste in a lot of things [though she also has talked me out of a Dado in the kitchen] and probably this is why we don't get on in some ways. However, she left the KH office and has her own business now called Sugarloaf Mountain making cakes to order. I think she make Mark Eley's Birthday cake last year for example!

Then we went to some junk shop and she got a Dalmation charm. HAHAHA the lesbian bestiality jokes I made about her. [Oh that is the other thing we used to fall out about - she would send me interoffice emails about what a dyke I am from Australia all the time. But then we did harass each other with the Dutty Wine.] Anyway back to the year 2008, we went to Oh La La the 2hand shop on Holloway Road and I found the perfect sugary lemon kitchen unit that will fit PERFECTLY where I am going to rip out the old cupboard and move the white stuff around in there. There I was thinking I was going to have to build something out of MDF and cover it with sticky backed plastic...

Come to think of it, Janus tried twice to make me go into The House of Harlot and stopped outside to look at a black and pink French Maids rubber outfit and said "I really like rubber." Hmmm...

Anyway - I'm really looking forward to seeing Janus again next week. I already know what I am going to have! I wonder if Cardinal will bunk off work to come with?

xx Lektrogirl

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xx Lektrogirl


Thursday, 14 February 2008


xx Lektrogirl

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Wednesday, 13 February 2008


Don't forget this video I post last August! I just found it again by accident and laughed and laughed.

Watch out for this on Valentine's Day!

xx Lektrogirl

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No ladies, I'm not talking about the A.P.C. delivery at Shop at Maison B though I understand from Pippa that this is going to be at any second. I am talking about the second most important thing after a new season of A.P.C. and that is VALENTINE'S DAY. So this message is not only to celebrate the most romantic day of the year, but to let anybody out there know that I am here and waiting ready for your Valentine's cards.

A beautiful song most suitable to get everyone in the mood.

And if anyone wants to go further and send along a gift with their card I just wanted to drop a few hints. It has to be said, I'm a more practical girl. I would rather have a gift I can use or eat.
1] Macaroons from Ladurée - rose are my favourite
2] De Walt Cordless Drill - my old one got lent to someone who messed the motor. Furious!
3] Madeleine Tin
4] Any vintage dress from between 1940 and 1959
5] A jigsaw - the electrical kind

But to be honest, I'll take anything I can get.

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Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Episode #1 Coolio Caprese Salad


So while we are in a cooking hype, check out Episode 1 of cooking with Coolio.

That looks better than your momma's titties.

xx Lektrogirl

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I have a really heavy heart today. If you read the book before, I am having trouble managing my 'circle of concern'. LOL. On the plus side, all the cop shows are on tonight.

xx Lektrogirl

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In between the usual DIY - I just took off the kitchen door [my trail of change is spreading further through the house] and scrabbling on the floor painting skirting boards - I learnt you can check webcams on Google maps.

I really want to go here on my holiday...

Well that is how it looks today. Here is the link to the live webcam page. Check back in a week or two to see how it looks then.

Webcam webcam camping les galets - Europe, France, Tatzó d'Avall

But even I was sent there by someone else on holiday, I would still be a very happy girl. Last night with Cardinal and Pickles, I went round to Venom's house for dinner. I made the starter, Venom did the mains and Cardinal took care of dessert.

I made a selection of 'Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls'. Basically it was the same concept with various fillings cause as I learnt Jews don't eat prawns cause they are pigs of the ocean and eat shit etc.

This is Venom's dish. It was delicious. Oh and I forgot to photograph the salsa he made for nibbles - it was one of the best I ate.

This is Cardinal's Cheesecake. She makes the best cakes ever on earth - except for the ones my Mum makes. This cheesecake was perfect in every way. Except the little crack on the side. But we ate the evidence.

I have a hilarious video of Venom telling a story about the girl who gave him the best blow jobs ever that involves some dating website pre Friendster but I have been banned from allowing it to ever surface on the internet. I was watching it this morning in anticipation of YouTubing it laughing my head off, but that was previous to the email ban I received. Boo hoo.

We also briefly discussed the Hamas controlling the Gaza Strip - I watched that show the other night 'Inside the Hamas' and I found it really interesting. Not cause I was anyone's side - just that I am totally pig ignorant about political issues and at last I finally understood a little bit about the different crews battling it out on the Gaza strip. In my brief synopsis of the show which ended with "And now the Hamas are just in there hitting people with big sticks. It seems wrong." Pickles just looked at me and said I should have a political column in a newspaper.

In other news, Fat Pat 'Tops Drop' is the most played track on my iTunes.

xx Lektrogirl

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Sunday, 10 February 2008


Totally obvs to anyone as to why this song should be here. A great song for getting the tools together, opening the paint tin and getting a job underway.

Indeed the whole Dr Dre album is great DIY music. As is the Snoop Dogg album Tha Last Meal. I fully recommend either of these.

And definitely the DJ Guy Fired Up Promo mix that I have mentioned before on the blog.

I love this weird Spanish cover song and it is great for doing corner bits with the paint brush. You do need to change the mood a bit for this work, but still nothing too chill. You could also try this:

Yeah I know what a lot of people say about Tatu. But it's a great song to paint to.

Or this classic Robert Palmer if you aren't into lesbians produced by Trevor Horn.

I'm obsessed with Rick Ross at the moment, but he is ugly with bitch titties and goes on about how many lips he's got on him but that is so impossible. I don't get it. I've done a lot of things in my life I can't rationalise. But get the Big Red Bass Mix of Hustlin. It has a better pace for the roller on the walls. It is is better when he sings "Whip it whip it real hard". It is good for when you get really to the point of "I can't go on but there is only a bit left to do."

If you have any further suggestions to make as to what you think might be a good painting song please do not hesitate to make a comment and I will try it out. I know anonymous blogging has been turned off since "the asshole in Singapore" incident [Alex T I still love you for the service you provided me that day. I just hope you didn't hear my voice cracking on the phone.]

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Sorry for the absence of the last few days. Painting shelves and skirting boards is taking longer than I first thought. And even though I am using water based gloss it still stinks like ammonia - a bit like having my face in a kitty litter tray while lying on the floor.

I have all kinds of pictures to post from more glamorous moments in my life but I just haven't got them off the camera yet - dinner at La Barca with the Maison B ladies where Sarah Lee banned me from going to Paris with everyone [I don't know why!], the pictures from the French deli off Holloway Road where I went with Jane and the Salade Nicoise that Cardinal cooked me the other night too.

In fact, here is a video we made of Cardinal cooking. Yes - they are her hands and arms [the nails! I know!] She also did the voice over. We nicked the camera equipment from her work that is why the video looks so professional!

Anyway I am sure you will all forgive me for not writing more regularly when I show you this hot blog - MEN WHO LOOK LIKE OLD LESBIANS.

So the top 25 men who look like old lesbians appeared on

Here is a selection:

#25. Chuck Klosterman

He Is:
A Pop-culture obsessed and farm-raised hipster who writes for GQ and ESPN.

Looks Like:
Someone who has penned 14 books on the spiritual nature of the vulva.

#18. Kyle MacLachlan

He Is:
Actor known for his work with David Lynch and Elizabeth Berkley.

Looks Like:
A manager of a website about two pet dogs.

See the whole Top 25 here.

And for people who want to go straight to the source, here is the original men who look like old lesbians site. It is funny to take a moment and think which guys I know could make it onto this site one day. I know they talk about turtle necks here but I'm going to propose a propensity for wearing flannel checked shirts and cardigans or a zip-up hoodie. That being said I am sitting here prepared to paint today wearing a flannel checked cowboy shirt with pearlised popper buttons and an "Enjoy California" written in the coca cola script t-shirt [both hand-me-overs from an old flatmate] that I only ever wear for painting. And the now legendary cut off grey tracky daks from Primark. I know I don't look like a lesbian though cause I don't have a piercing in my eyebrow and that would be the what it would take to flip this look from "Do It Yourself" to "Dildo Into You". YGM.

xx Lektrogirl

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Thursday, 7 February 2008


Let me just come correct first:

I hated the first part, but I liked their bars. I laughed.
I really want to call the number on the window of the shop and talk to the man in there. I don't know what I would say, but I would say something to him.

xx Lektrogirl

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Here I am visiting Pippa the other day in Shop at Maison B. I'm wearing an old Eley Kishimoto sweater, as Gasius t-shirt that I bought in Paris and an eBay skirt. It took me a long time to actually notice how I am sitting in a crumpled heap in this picture, my arm looks broken and my ankles twisted cause I was too busy staring at the pole secured into the ground thinking "Man it must have been hard to drill through the tiles into the floor without cracking them."

And I have just finally remember something from this picture: please check the official BABE HAIR as a result of the first shower I had.

And speaking of Eley Kishimoto, Thida sent me an invitation to the show! Excitement plus! The collection is called "Bonnie Bunny" with rabbits on the front. I'm sure that I will see Pippa and or Max there too. Tho' they are gonna be in the front row and I am in row E... LOL.

xx Lektrogirl

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Wednesday, 6 February 2008


Remember when they used to be called Faggatronix? I don't any more cause now they roll by their government names, Bok Bok and Manara.

Bok Bok and Manara have done another mix, this time for Mad Decent Worldwide Radio.

01 . intro
02 . DJ MURKZ - datz me
03 . TRC - toybox
04 . CHEEKSTA - baby (T2 remix)
05 . EJ - u.f.o
06 . JTJ - love
07 . DA MIGHTY BLAZE - trojan warrior
08 . TS7 - smile ft TONIA
09 . PALEFACE & FLUKES - salt slugs
10 . DEXPLICIT - lifey
11 . TRC - best things ft SCREAMA
12 . DJ MURKZ - dark and grey
13 . DJ Q - fear
14 . NITRO - its you
15 . DEXPLICIT - might be ft GEMMA FOX
16 . IRONSOUL - you liar
17 . MERKURY - my all
18 . ZOMBY - spliff dub (MR FIGZ remix)

As you all know I think that shit music - I can't remember what it is even called now - the music at that crap rave in the squat I went to that stunk of onion bhajis and wet toilets - is shit. But as I have discussed previously, I like "niche". What a stupid effing name. I mean - IDM too. LOL. Niche is like a non-name name where some dude at the record store didn't know what to call a few records so he put them in the corner and called them niche. I should ask Prancehall if he wasn't hating on me so much. Surely he knows everything about everything.

Anyway so I listened to the new Bok Bok and Manara mix today while I painted the living room. It certainly made the task a lot more bearable. The mix is great - even if I wasn't into all the tracks individually. Bok Bok and Manara are my favourite UK DJ's. DJ Goon and DJ Koyote are my favourite French DJ's [see BOYZ II MEN video a coupla posts down HA.]

Oh shit - I'm listening to DJ Guy while I type. He is pretty incredible too...

xx Lektrogirl

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I heard from DJ Goon today who is also working on plumbing and painting in his Paris apartment. I'm obsessed with the tiles in his kitchen. He sent me some links, on of them was to Rye Rye who is doing some rapping on one of their tracks soon.

Hey and listen to M.I.A. when they performed together

And here is some more UK talent - the fastest rapper in the UK [apparently]V Double O:

Maybe he just wants go get through his bars real quick?
Strike a pose like the "Vogue" when it plays on the Ra D I O, so lets just
Roll around the city playing all my tracks loud
I don't wanna see nobody being false
Anybody wanna bring it? You can act out
Hit em with the triple team like "Waltz"
Kick a rhythm and I'm bringing in the drama, sick of people telling me about the La La
Everytime I spit upon a track I spit harder, make your body wiggle like you wanna "Lambada"

For example.

xx Lektrogirl

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Tuesday, 5 February 2008


And oh yeah - I heard Lady Sov was big in America. Her fans must be awesome.

And finally and unusual hit. This is a video I made ages ago of a Tasmanian Devil at Bonarong park. It has had 61,500 viewers. The track is AC/DC TNT, but I didn't bother to put that anywhere.

xx Lektrogirl

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So I just ate a muffin with the Confiture de Châtaigne I brought back from Paris ages ago from the little place at the back of the market who's name I forget right now quite shittily. Châtaigne are sweet chestnuts. I just had an online conversation with Deano about The Wombles and did they eat chestnuts. I felt really guilty for getting him involved in such a twee and ridiculous conversation when I don't care so much anyway. The confiture however - is INCREDIBLE.

We also had a brief conversation about T2 - he sent me the link for this:

I don't think he will be spinning it any time soon. Nor me. I liked Heartbroken.

It says in the description for 'Gonna Be Mine' that the two girls, Addictive are 20 and 21. I don't believe it. One of them looks as old as me. The one with the silver boob tube. The thing I like about this kind of music is that 1] it is a distraction from wanting to go back to the kitchen and eat another muffin and 2] it kind of reminds me of 2Unlimited except for 2008 - like after it got rung through the drawers of like 50 Cent after he sweated it out on stage doing 'In Da Club' or something. I remember when Pure Groove was the UK Garage shop in North London instead of the white leather belt hipster zone that is is today and being on a train with EDMX and Nick from Rephlex making jokes about speed garage. If I was still in pleasant conversation with Nick, that must have been years ago. [Long before I claimed the mechanicals due to me from the company which didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped.]

See another 5 minutes have passed and I didn't eat more confiture.

Here is another blast from the past. Nervous Stephen gave this to me for my birthday one year. Well from the message on the back I guess he missed my birthday by a week. I found this and decided to put it on the wall again. I used to date Stephen you know [also a long time ago].

This picture is another birthday picture. I picked it up in Hamburg last time I was there and I will frame it and put it somewhere in the house. I used to have a framed mirror printed with Rocky on it above the toilet but it used to put all the guys off peeing so I had to move it. I won't put this in the loo OR in the bedroom I guess.

Behind this postcard is part of a Paperrad silkscreen that is meant to be cut into business cards for some art fair in Miami. I love it so much cause Dracula is on his lap top. That is the best part. The postcard in front is the best postcard and piece of New Media Art ever. I bought it on Tottenham Court Road.

Of all the more interesting things I could post on Gumtree, I was considering posting a wanted ad for a 160cm square piece of vintage floor vinyl or set of Dalsouple rubber tiles. [That is only 5 tiles!] It is for my bathroom. If anyone has anything like that, let me know. Or if you have a link to a website for a dealer specialising in vintage floor vinyl please give it up!

xx Lektrogirl

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Monday, 4 February 2008


Finally I got rid of that pissy virus. So as a pleasurable end to the evening here I am posting the pictures for the post before

Showerface. See the new tiles? And in the background with all the other perfume that I mean to keep mentioning, Perles de Lalique. I bought this in Singapore on my way home from Australia after being called a witch by XXCENSOREDXX. [I actally know who did that now.] "Perles de Lalique is a chypre scent with pungent notes of oak moss, patchouli, vetivert, orris and Bourbon black pepper enriched with the heady note of Bulgarian rose. It was created by Nathalie Lorson of Firmenich." I don't know what it is that it reminds me of. Something fizzy - a bit like sherbet, and something woody. A bit like ginger beer, but no ginger. Shit sorry - I just closed the window for where I got that quote from about the smell. No - hyperlink...

My favourite perfume that I wear that people always comment on is Molecule Eau De Toilette. "Molecules is based on an aroma-chemical called Iso E Super that has a pheramonic effect. Molecule 01 consists of nothing but the pure aroma-chemical, which acting solo is more of an effect than an aroma. The subtle velvety, woody note vanishes and re-appears over time and impacts on the reactions of other people to the wearer." That all sounds a bit emperors new clothes but Covvo and Kellie will both confirm that this perfume is DELICIOUS.

And here is something I forgot to mention previously. These are my new glasses - well 2 out of 3 of them. The shop I thought had closed down on Junction Road never closed at all. There is an old lamp from Heals in there that I love and an old cafe sign. Anyway - finally I can crack open the Chamberyzette cause I have suitable glasses for pouring it in to.

xx Lektrogirl

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Sunday, 3 February 2008


The is a photo of me that has been banned from every surfacing on the Internet of me demonstrating to DJ Assault what exactly a 'showerface' is. This picture is completely inappropriate for illustrating this post. I did take a picture for it - but my big computer has a virus, so I can't be bothered uploading with the laptop which is also on it's last legs BUT I HAD MY FIRST SHOWER YESTERDAY. What a glorious moment it was. And indeed - SHOWERFACE.

Today I spent fucking around trying to remove the fucking virus off the big computer - I want to do my online shopping, check my bank balances etc - all kinds of serious password protected stuff. So I have been Googling tunstur.dll and Vundo like a fanny to work out how to get rid of it. Not as easy as one would think.

Halfway through the day I was forced to leave it to meet my friend Dal at Balans for a G-A-Y brunch and a Bellini where we coulnt believe our eyes at the bear who sat next to us in the Tron t-shirt and the gayers at the table on the other side having a typical gayer conversation. After than we went cruising for gays in Heals and Habitat, after having stopped off in Next Home stores forcing each other to select something on each shelf we would have to have if we were given gift vouchers. I was totally entranced by the number of varieties of "fragranced orbs" [smelly bits of stick] to put in a bowl on the side table there were. I'm not that kind of girl.

Sorry this isn't such an interesting post, it has been a really long week and I'm kind of emotionally exhausted. Not my problems, but someone else's. I hope they are okay.

xx Lektrogirl

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