Tuesday, 31 July 2007


So, after watching CSI, I've looked onto AIM to check who around can confirm that it is Nadia Kasaiba in Heat magazine's SPOTTED section, reading Heat, with Peaches Geldof. You can't see much of Nadia's face, which is a shame cause I think she is way better looking than Peaches [don't get sad Peaches, I just prefer brunettes]. I remember watching Bob Geldof on TV talking about tripping when he was in the Boomtown Rats and seeing a nail on the wall and wanting to smash his forhead onto the nail and feel the coldness of the nail in his skull and being glad that he didn't do it. Anyway, so I was trying to find out if Peaches Geldof is a knob. My source tells me that "Peaches Geldof is just an 18 year old." I heard they only want you when you're seventeen and when you're twenty one you're no fun.

TECHNOHEAD: I wanna be a hippy

I just looked at Sultans of Ping videos on YouTube but they were too painful to post.

MC TUNES AND 808 STATE: Tunes Splits the Atom

In this era, British fashions were amazing. If anyone knows what MC Tunes is doing now, do tell. I can only image that he was stinking of cigarettes and beer at this video shoot cause he looks like he should and he is doing that thing that reddy haired people do and wear a lot of khaki colours [while he crushes punks like pimples - looks like he was a professional in his teens btw with his complexion.] And just for your personal interest, I can actually spit this whole song. I didn't realise I remembered all the words. I'm a winner me. Once in Paris with DJ Guy we were so drunk we got on the mic and he started ranting about someone called Bumhole [he didn't realise that actually is was Bobmo] and I started doing Ice Ice Baby and forgot halfway through the first line. But I'm good at that one. Then we got bored and played football with a discarded scrunchy and the goals were spotlights on the floor. What was I saying about 18 year old's being knobbers? I take that back...

xx Lektrogirl

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Brains came and was doing Sage data entry for me at work. He was only an hour late and shot one of Katharines slogans to pieces by saying it sounded like George Bush. Hopefully Chorley who is coming in tomorrow to do some layout work will do better! Anyone who wants to do some random hours let me know.
Tonight I'm at The Star after the most awesome dinner - squid was AMAZING! and I have cheese sweats already. Tomorrow Philippa is DJing and I'm going for dinner and cocktails. Next night is Jojo's leaving dinner at Julie's then breakfast at Portobello. I'm gonna be a wreck by Saturday and I got so much to do. Like watch CSI Miami tonight!
Xx Lektrogirl

Monday, 30 July 2007


This is what normal people do instead of wear white belts and write blogs with links for downloading MP3's that they found on someone else blog to all play at the same parties. I think these guys should DJ at the next party round town.



dear der

im fine. im not with anyone at the moment. im in bed with my laptop, my mobile, my computer phone and my landline and no-one calling me. i dont get lonely cause i have my nintendo DS and i play some games. XXCENSOREDXX did sms me earlier to say he got a text message from a guy telling XXCENSOREDXX that he has to punch me in the face till i bleed or he wont be XXCENSOREDXX's friend any more.


well there is more to write but i can't be bothered.

i was having an incredible AIM chat with someone i haven't spoken to in a while cause when i'm AIMing it is usually to talk dirty with men online and i don't have much interest in talking to girls at that time. tonight i found out uffie makes my friend feel like she is hanging out with an over sexualised 13 year old. whether that is true or not i don't know. then we had a chat about french scenesters. my secret AIM girly friend said that they are the worst. and i had to say that i LOVE them and that i love partying in france cause the grenouilles always have good energy party vibes.

a regular night out in paris just casual

i remember cracking up once about ED DMX performing at the ICA shouting to the crowd "everybody put your hands in the air and show how british you are!!" of course not a soul moved but kept doing their regular cool person at a party head nod. typical. there is also a hysterical section in the book "notes from a small island" by bill bryson comparing french desserts with british ones. basically he was saying british people don't know how to have fun and think to have to
much fun is a punishable offence - so as far as exciting puddings go, scones with sultanas are really OTT by british standards. no offence guys, at least in australia we have lamington drives and fairy bread. it's okay - you can call me a bigot.
مُتَعَصِّب لِرأْي أو لِعَقيدَه фанатик
i really like scones with sultanas. unfortunately the best onese i ever had were in a french breakfast in paris. but it is like cadbury's chocolate - on appointment to the royal family - it even contains "chocolate flavouring" - really they aren't doing themselves any favours there are they. i cant think what else could taste like chocolate to make chocolate taste more like chocolate. but then banana flavour isnt banana, it is paint thinners.

i do love british people. you are very weird and i love you.

xx lektrogirl

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Sunday, 29 July 2007


There is a perpetrator round town trying to drop a dime on a bruv, but before that low down bottom feeder gets the chance to reach into his back pocket for da coin, it's me who is gonna be calling that 213 for Nate Dogg and Warren G to come and regulate. Yeah. Mount up.

Okay - so now is a day in the life of my hair:

Me in my own bathroom on the way to meet Philippa

Me on the loo actually weeing two times through the evening just checking my hair out. The second wee picture I was so dying to piss it was such a relief it was almost better than coming. Does that happen to guys?

xx Lektrogirl



I'm meeting Philippa today at The Palmerston today at 2pm for anyone who is interesting in coming along to give me a shanking. I consider I have a good chance at survival cause I am very near the Whittington Hospital. Philippa is hilarious and I have to remember to ask how her syphilitic cat is. But if one day Philippa turns on me I need to be prepared and this leads me to one of my new online photographic exhibitions I irregularly curate. This one is called "People who look like they would make nice friends I found on Flickr [because at this rate it looks like I'm gonna have none.]"

And my second exhibition as advertised:

If you didn't realise that you could view the exhibition by clicking the logo, you can also click here

is a label I have used throughout my blog for things I consider to be truly profound. Please take the time to check this tag to view such amazing posts as "Baddest Nigga 4 Ever" [Snoop Dogg and muscular black men], "ME ON THE RADIO", "TOTALLY SEXUAL" [really incredible YouTube videos of hot men dancing]and finally "JUST AN ILLUSION" [the YouTube video for the best song ever which ALSO has a magnificant video! Cannot be missed!!].

So check out
cause it really is totally just like the label says.

xx Lektrogirl

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Her is a pic a coupld of months old of one of the girls from work when she was in the naked bike ride around London. She is the one in the mask. That man to the left has got more helmet on his head than "downstairs". XXCENSOREDXX from work told us all about her rubbed fanny the day after from the bike seat. Perhaps next time she does it, she should charge a fiver a dink, a bit like getting sponsored. I'm sure there are loads of people that would like to get a look at her booty.


Saturday, 28 July 2007


Pippa doesn't know how I've managed to rip the URL from her Flickr pages yet when supposedly no-one is meant to be able to hot link from her pages but I'm sure she won't mind that I did it this time with this little rippa picture of Duke, who is in the latest issue of i-D magazine modelling with his brother Joe for their Kids issue.

And check out these name necklaces Pippa can have made for you at Shop At Maison B. I'm sure you can have more than just the letter P in your name... It looks like Sarah Lee took this pic.

xx Lektrogirl

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Friday, 27 July 2007


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OMG - don't you just sometimes get an email in your inbox at work and think "OMG I wish that was me?!"

Look at what arrived from Lu Weed today! Do you think he gives a shit about the fact there has been no internet connection in his office or getting line sheets together or worrying about how far away hotels are in Milan from an Exhibition Centre and can we even spare the time to go. I would rather be in stinky clothes with a load of cows screaming "SHAKRAH!!!" to the hills.

We were sitting in a car together once outside The Pudel. He was asking me "Why?" and I was saying "Well..."

Lu is from East Germany, and he remembers the day the Berlin wall came down. For him it was a bit confusing and he told me he was a little bit sad because he said to his mother "Does that mean I don't get the cool letters of with Comics in them from Switzerland any more?"

In fact he told me that shortly after this photo was taken. Which was about the same time I fell over in the leaves and Lu laughed at me and said "C'mon Emma, there isn't any snow!"

Anyway I'm feeling a bit wistful cause I was supposed to be going with Roxy to Barcelona this weekend but we both have a cold. I would have seen Ramiro in Sitges! Before the month of Fashion Weeks [Paris, London, Milan] I only have one weekend free... I HAVE TO GO SOMEWHERE!! Look for me at some airport near you soon.

I'm miss my mafia friend Livia too!

OMG I forgot to mention - MY BIRTHDAY IN HAMBURG THIS YEAR!! Woo-hoo!! 6th December at the Golden Pudel Fo' Shordy!!

xx Lektrogirl

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Thursday, 26 July 2007


"7YG and Do It are united in our hatred."

Do you think they have a little cubby house over the back fence where they became blood brothers and swore an oath before burning home for tea on their bikes?

And yeah man, I am a loser.

xx Lektrogirl

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Wednesday, 25 July 2007


I'm sure Daniel ASBO is the kind of guy to practise dancing in front of the mirror with his buddy XXCENSOREDXX who I won't mention cause I'm already dead to him and I don't want to end up having him piss on my grave as well. In fact I'm pretty sure that XXCENSOREDXX wouldn't piss on me if I was burning. In my minds eye, this is how life was in Ancient Rome when Suetonius was keeping notes during the reign of Caligula.

ASBO D is also the kind of guy to ask Paul which out of my friend does Paul think are hot. Segway into ASBO D talking again about how hot he thinks my friend JoJo is. Only now JoJo's fiancée knows and now ASBO D is dead to Alex. And this time I really mean dead.

It is a shame
ASBO D hates Katharine Hamnett T's so much - [I got a snippy random little MySpace message about them today - he must have been spying on my blog again...] - because the two girls that ASBO D would like to bang both like KH Slogan t's and neither of them fancy Daniel.

I'm so super thirsty but too lazy to get up and get a Ribena or something. I'm AIMing with Kenny Kingston while he packs his stuff to move. I miss him. We make good trouble together.

xx Lektrogirl

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Kenny Kingston's mix CD Extra Sensory Bass is in high rotation in our office so I wanted to write a post to tell you how amazing it is. But then I was at the Burleque Design website to give you all the right links etc but then I found this t-shirt:


And loads of other Dre Day sticker packs.

And of course this.

Check out all this cool shit for yourself at
Burlesque Design. You can even listen to the Kenny Kingston CD.

OR you can check
Kenny Kingstons Myspace Page.

xx Lektrogirl

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Tuesday, 24 July 2007


Sabrina: Boys Boys Boys

Sorry about that - it is not Sabrina at all but a cover version by the Cheeky Girls which in some ways supercedes the original cause it has the rap. And the dude in it for some reason reminds me of Silverlink. If he got a hair cut...

Sabrina: Sexy Girl

There was always one gay club running in Hobart. At the time I turned 18, it was "La Cage". A stone cave with red glass candles on the table and every so often through the evening, a plate of cheese and cabana was taken around the room. I went here for my 18th birthday and the DJ, Peter, dedicated this song to me "This one is for Emma... You sexy girl..."
I'm pretty sure Roxy will slap me to say I was watching this video and said "Sabrina is dressed just like Roxy!!"

Sabrina: Guys and Dolls

This is the best Sabrina song ever. It includes a saxaphone solo, and those that know me well know that saxaphones only belong in the background of bachelor pads in banking adverts as a room prop, but Sabrina's knockers are so big I can forgive her. It looks like she was trying out some new dance shapes here as well. In this video, there is really an Pete Burns / Dead or Alive look going on here. Compare with the video below:

Max can tell some pretty incredible stories about Dead or Alive - he knew them back in the day and could have gone to Japan as a dancer but he was too young and his parents wouldn't let him.

Max could have been one of these guys climbing the fence!!

And Silverlink could also be Pete Burns here without a hair cut! Woohoo!

Anyway - if you want to borrow any of my Sabrina picture discs or gatefold sleeves or look at the fold out posters you can't. Also, if you wan't to look at every single Dead or Alive 12" I have you can't either. Today I'm tired, crappy and selfish and even left work in a bad mood.

Thank God for Sabrina's bouncing puppies and Pete Burns pre plastic surgery - they always put me in a good mood. None of the brap brap stuff.

xx Lektrogirl

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Monday, 23 July 2007


Yes! It is true that there are pictures of Brains in glitter pants and glitter make up and marajuana leaf socks in a Katharine Hamnett SAVE THE WORLD t-shirt!! However, you will have to content yourselves with this:

America's next top model. Here in a
Katharine Hamnett Original Outsized T-shirt.

Here is the shot we chose of Joe.
STAY ALIVE IN 85 - Nice try mate - you weren't even born then.

And here is Melissa in my favourite picture of the day. She looks like a cute clown.

Anyway - come over here and let me tell you a little bed time story... another long day over!

xx Lektrogirl

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Sunday, 22 July 2007

My Regular Life

Jennifer Juniper - you gotta view her shit hot blog layout here - AWESOME. Drx - I know you will love it for real.

This video is for Jennifer Juniper and my friend underneath being squashed by the weight of this post.

Report from my life:

Yesterday Max I were working together doing his personal taxes. He must hate it - I'm pulling out receipts saying "Are you seriously telling me you spend £360 on a bottle of wine!!" And he is rushing over in a panic saying "Oh no... that is Hong Kong Dollars." We both sigh with relief.

Later on, Pippa and I meet up in the Coach and Horses to have a glass of blush [wait for the hand movements] IN THE CURVY BOTTLE. Paul also met up with us there and I tried to talk him into a pint of prawns but he wasn't having it. He had a bacon baguette instead. We ended up at the wedding party for Jonathon and his partner I think the name is James. They had got married in the same place as Paul and I. At this wedding party though was the most incredible potato salad. We ate a mountain of it between the three of us and drank champagne. Paul and I came back to my house, I got ready for the DJ Assault party and we went to Paul's studio to pick up his records. Next thing I know I said "What time is it Paul?" I'd passed out there fully made up and woken up at 2.30am. Suffice to day, I never got to show DJ Assault my ass and titties. And I haven't heard from Prancehall and ASBO D if they liked the new flyer I made for their party and posted round MySpace but A LOT of people told me they loved it.

And if getting pissed with Pippa on Saturday wasn't enough we met for lunch with the boys at The Star - the pub at the end of my street. Joe and Duke seem on a bit of a one the last few times I have seen them. Today was no exception, but I took them both on walks around the neighbourhood.

Duke and I saw the Batbike, the Gingerbread Houses - a man even came and talked to us for a bit about them as he was gardening and a cat crossing the road with a giant mouse in his mouth.

Joe and I went to the Snake Park, down the Secret Alley way - where he made spells with his new magic wand on every single dog poo on the way and then back up my street where he peered through my letter box and checked out all my sneakers in the hallway. Then when we got back to the pub, the boys compared notes and decided that each of them would have prefered the others path around my neighbourhood. Typical!!

Tonight Vanished is on again. I read the episodes outline so I already know what is going to happen tonight. I wont say here and ruin it for you. My favourite show is definitely The Shield.

x Lektrogirl

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Look at my friend Zoltan. Look at his hair! He made this video especially for me. I miss my friends from that house.

xx Lektrogirl

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Friday, 20 July 2007


Just like watching an episode of The Sheild.

And this is like watching the most embarrassing thing on earth. Everyone I ever blabbed as XXCENSCOREDXX I swear whatever you did is not as bad as this:

MOST IMPORTANT TO NOTE: That is Gary Dourdan from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation looking really awkward in the background until he does his horrid little rap at the end.

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Thursday, 19 July 2007


Today at the Katharine Hamnett HQ it was all systems go shooting all the new High Summer t's going on line on the webstore. I as running in and out all day and was able to get a few shots on my little snapper of what was going on:

Unbelieveable I know but Brains was a natural and amazing model.

Here is Katie who is the work placement who got roped into modelling too. She is wearing my favourite outfit of the day - a mushroom Katharine Hamnett t-shirt with the red dickie bow.

And here is little Joe chilling in one of the women's t-shirts.

Callum from the band Radar also was modelling and he was amazing. And Alex Sturrock was the photographer. I can't wait to get the pics and put them online on our webstore katharinehamnett.com But I tell you what - I'm absolutely pooped! I couldn't make it out for drinks after work.

Outside of work at Katharine Hamnett HQ the big news of the day is that Prancehall and ASBO D don't have a clue where to take DJ Assault for dinner this weekend when he comes to play for their gig at Corsica Studios. Everyone is saying Nando's but I am saying House Of Wings, 714 Holloway Road. The best chicken shop in London.

xx Lektrogirl

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Wednesday, 18 July 2007


Alex Tea raised a great question as a comment to my previous post - "Who is XXCENSOREDXX? Is it one person or a number of different people?"

The answer is I use XXCENSOREDXX when I think I probably shouldn't use someone's name. Personally, I have no shame and I have very few secrets. Ask Alex Sturrock. Last time he was around the office I told him a gang of stories that nearly made him lose his lunch. In fact now we are dead to each other.

The reason that I started using XXCENSOREDXX was I wrote a couple of things about famous people in stories that were related to my work. They were personal views and not those of the companies I was working for at the time, so I didn't think it would be fair to write stuff that would make trouble for my employers. But I began to use XXCENSOREDXX more regularly when I wrote a blog or two about a well known blogger and a gossip magazine writer. Both of whom write some facts, some hearsay and some bullshit about other people regularly. But when I started writing about them they didn't like it. One of them claimed that to write about a celebrity is totally different to writing about a normal person. Isn't a celebrity also a normal person? Isn't a DJ trying to attain some kind of celebrity? I got some heavy emails. In fact they were so heavy it was starting to sound like how it feels getting your period on the first day when you have to actually use a sanitary towel and a tampon. That hasn't happened to me of course... I'm just saying... So anyway, I started using XXCENSOREDXX more often.

xx Lektrogirl

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Don't send me to the Big Brother Diary Room for saying Cholo, but if I sang the song on Big Brother, would they evict me? I don't think I would get away singing Fuck 'Em by David Banner but maybe cause there aren't so many Mexicans here I'd get away with it. The fake Aussie should be thrown out for her AWFUL accent. I dunno what state she thinks she is from... I'll have to ask her where 'The Black Stump' is.


DJ Koyote said once I dance like a German girl. It wasn't until much later he admitted that he danced like a German guy so I was less cut. Actually I think I probably look more like this little dude. I will be busting out some of his moves on Saturday night at the DJ Assault gig I think. I still haven't managed to be Blankin' for more than 30 seconds without dying. And then I can't even stand up again. As for Strokin' that is just too homo, and I will leave it to the experts like Prancehall and ASBO D to dance like that. I maybe I will just stand in the corner with a bottle of beer and drink until I wet myself like XXCENSOREDXX used to do regularly at the Rephlex gigs at Heaven. In fact, he actually shat himself once.

xx Lektrogirl

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Monday, 16 July 2007

My exhibition: OLD PHOTOS

Welcome to my online gallery where I have curated a collection of pictures from Flickr that I like. The name of my exhibition is "Not quite as nice as finding a drawer full of someone's old photos, but pretty nice anyway."

Well yes, that was very brief, but I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do.
xx Lektrogirl


Sunday, 15 July 2007


First he is Blankin'

Now he's Strokin'

I wanna date him.


xx Lektrogirl



If you ask me how a t-shirt gets made, I can tell you a gang of different ways now. I can tell you about organic cotton. I can tell you about soil association approved printing. I can tell you about discharge prints and super blue. I can tell you about different types of construction. Different weights of jersey. Compact Spun. Enzyme wash. India. Peru. But at the end of the day, unless you want to make t-shirts I guess it is pretty boring. I've been wearing the same four t-shirts to death lately - three I bought in Paris and one I got from the rag bag at work. Oh and a CHOOSE LIFE tshirt from the rag bag that I prefer to wear inside out for some reason.

The only downer with this reprint t-shirt from Katharine Hamnett's archive is that people keep yelling "Hey YOU!" at me. Apparently this t-shirt is misprint. Very few come back as misprints with Katharine Hamnett slogan t-shirts cause the printers are so good. Urban Outfitters are stocking this colour way. A lot of people have asked me already where to get them from. On the Katharine Hamnett website we will have them on yellow t's with black and hot pink with a discharge print [very pale pink] for sale by Wednesday.

There are no down sides to this t-shirt. This is the Teki Latex t-shirt I bought. PLEASE NOTE TEKI - I BOUGHT THIS!!! This t-shirt is like totally booyah all over the place.

Then I also got a Gasius t-shirt that looks like and infinate fill pattern mixed with ghosts. I don't have any pictures of that and it is in the machine right now. The other one I keep wearing says "French Flair" on it with a retarded little man who looks lie a French version of The Little Chef. That is in the machine too.

So here are some videos of the songs I played at Roxy's Blonde vs Brunettes party the other night.
Cameo: Word Up

There is also not a bad word that can be said about this song.

Outkast: Ghettomusick

There are DEFINITELY a lot of sexual men in that video. I'll get my people to me in touch with their people.

Inner City: Big Fun

Can't complain.

Then I nearly choked myself laughing at the quality of my photoshop skills for my friend Ramiro.

Actually I feel a bit sick looking at them now cause he isn't like that at all.

xx Lektrogirl

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Saturday, 14 July 2007


A nice picture from Michelles Flickr.


Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Top 100 Ethical Heros

Hey dudes! From today's New Consumer http://www.newconsumer.com/views/item/2726

Wendy Martin writes
They've worked tirelessly for the past five years to make our shopping greener and fairer. Some of the names you'll never have heard before, while others are already mega celebs.
But, together, these are the people who we think have made the biggest contribution to ethical consumption over the half decade. They are our Top 100 Ethical Heroes:

1. Katharine Hamnett Fashion Designer [My boss!]
2. Anita Roddick Previously Body Shop
3. Harriet Lamb Fairtrade Foundation
4. Al Gore Campaigner
5. Jonathan Porritt Campaigner
6. Tony Juniper Friends of the Earth
7. Patrick Holden Soil Association
8. Caroline Lucas Politician
9. Stuart Rose M&S
10. Tim Mead Yeo Valley Organics

And the rest [in order] but my cut and paste didn't take the numbers:
Craig Sams Green & Black's
Penny Newman Cafédirect
Yvon Chouinard Patagonia
George Monbiot Journalist
Peter Melchett Soil Association
Naomi Klein Author
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall River Cottage
Wangari Maathai Activist / politician
HRH Prince of Wales Duchy Originals
Bob Geldof Activist
Sophi Tranchell Divine Chocolate
Richard Reed Innocent Smoothies
Jerry Greenfield Ben & Jerry's
Paul Chandler Traidcraft
Vandava Shiva Activist
Safia Minney People Tree
Noreena Hertz Journalist
Mark Constantine Lush
Jeffrey Sachs Author
John Elkington SustainAbility
Juliet Davenport Good Energy
Tim Smit Eden Project
Dale Vince Ecotricity
Leonardo DiCaprio Celebrity
Barbara Stocking Oxfam
Simon Ferrigno Pesticide Action Network
Rupert Howes Marine Stewardship Council
Carlo Petrini Slow Food
Mohammad Yunus Grameen Bank
Brad Hill The Co-op
Ecover Eco brand
Dan Rees Ethical Trading Initiative
Ashok Sinha Stop Climate Chaos
Andrew Simms New Economics Foundation
Deron Beal Freecycle.com
Morgan Spurlock Supersize me
Romy Fraser Neal's Yard
The Hyiatts Howies
Penney Poyzner TV presenter
Carolyn Whitwell Bishopston Trading
William Lana Green Fibres
Abi and Thomas Petit Gossypium
Kumi Naidoo Activist
Jo & Julian Spector Natural Collection
Bill Dunster Green architect
Ali Hewson Edun
Anya Hindmarch Fashion Designer
Graham Hill Treehugger.com
Dick Strawbridge TV presenter
Stella McCartney Fashion Designer
Alistair Sawday Sawday publishing
Lucy Siegle Journalist
Sarah Ratty Ciel
Joanna Blythman Author
Andy Good Equal Exchange
Herbert Girardet Green architect
Ella Heeks Abel & Cole
Felicity Laurence Author
Guy Watson Riverford Organics
Hass Hassan Fresh & Wild
Renee Eliot Planet Organic
Jamie Oliver Chef
Jenny Ambrose Enamore
Nick Pecorelli Hug
Roy Scott One Village
Tamsin Le Jeune Ethical Fashion Forum
Carry Somers Pachacuti
Sienna Miller Celebrity
Bono Red Campaign
Rev Billy The Church of Stop Shopping
Galahad Clark Terraplana
Ali Clabburn Liftshare.com
Clean Clothes Campaign and Labour Behind the Label Campaigners
David Cameron Politician
Keeley Hazell Glamour Model
Tricia Burnett Tourism Concern
Charles Middleton Triodos
Geetie Singh Duke of Cambridge
Jill Baker Green Baby
Maria Chenoweth-Casey Traid
Tescopoly Campaigners
Centre for Alternative Technology Campaigners
Jeremy Piercey Shared Earth
British Association of Fairtrade Shops Campaigners
Charles Clover Author
Daryl Hannah Celebrity
Colin Mace Booja-Booja
Georgina Down Campainger
Woody Harrelson Celebrity
Kalle Lasn Buy Nothing Day
Now, it's over to you - let us know in the comments who you think we missed out, who we got right and who we got wrong.
Look out for an expanded feature on these heroes soon. Our Top 100 was compiled using a set of criteria including viability, influence, quality, sustainability and authenticity.

And one of the comments:
Katharine Hamnett is a fantastic choice as number one. She has been tirelessly campaigning for ethical and environmental practices in the fashion industry for the last 17 years and now thankfully people are finally starting to sit up and pay attention to what she is saying and DOING.

As a student studying in the area, I was deeply upset after reading the ‘Clean Up or Die’ essay on her website to learn that 20,000 people die from accidential pesticide poisioning a year(WHO) and something like 200,000 farmers commit suicide annually due to debt they get into for buying pesticides to grow conventional cotton(PAN)… and that is just the beginning of the humanitarian and environmental devestation that is a direct result of the fashion industry.

It was a shocking realisation as a fashion lover and consumer that I, along with every other consumer, am indirectly responsible for all of this because I buy conventional cotton products and had never considered the environmental and ethical impact of the clothes I buy. Thankfully people like Katharine are blowing the whistle on unethical industry practices and providing a positive alternative by making fashionable clothing that is made as environmentally as possible (even her zips are made from organic zip tape and recycled steel teeth!!).

The clothing & textiles industry needs to start taking a long-hard look at how she does business as it has the potential to help millions of farmers trade their way out of poverty. Organic cotton is a key solution to the problems she highlights.

We as consumers need to stop and think. We need to eduate ourselves and then take responsibility as there are positive, good quality alternatives now. And for consumers whom the price arguement comes to mind she has also done a line of clothing for Tesco, that is produced under her strict environmental and ethical policies. It may be Tesco but we have to affect change somehow and start somewhere. No company is 100% perfect and an entire industry will never be revolutionised overnight. It will be an evolutionary process and it is people like Katharine who have such strict policies and ideals that will drive this change.

If you do one thing today go on to her website and read the ‘Clean Up or Die’ essay http://www.katharinehamnett.com. It changed my whole outlook on how I consume fashion.


And just FYI my life in September is looking pretty glamourous - I will be at PRET A PORTER PARIS, LONDON FASHION WEEK and maybe WHITE in Milan! I never went to Italy.

xx Lektrogirl

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Monday, 9 July 2007

größe möse

Check out Bok Bok. He is making the big fanny hands like HP Baxxter from Scooter did on VIVA once. And 7 years later me and my friends still make the same joke. Though I'm not sure if I'm spelling größe möse right.

And a note for further thought - let's direct our attention to Bok Boks yellow hanky:
YELLOW - pisser/WS OR piss freak
YELLOW [Pale] - spits OR drool crazy
MUSTARD - hung 8"+ OR wants 8"+
GOLD - two looking for one OR one looking for two

He is a graphic designer. Let's see what colour he describes his hanky as... And Sara's yellow flowers don't count.

xx Lektrogirl

P.S. FAGGATRONIX are very cool. This post is in no way a dis. So don't read this ASBO and sending round secret emails to people and try and stir up trouble.

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Sunday, 8 July 2007




Here is the cool video Pippa and I made on the most recent trip to Paris. Pippa and Max had a buying appointment at A.P.C. which was very cool to go and check out the A.P.C. headquarters there. Then on the adgenda, most desperately, was a visit to the Fifi Chachnil store. OMG we were too excited. Finally, an omlette mixte and a glass of rosé was totally required to calm down again.

The sound track is T.T.C.'s Une Bande De Mec Sympas from the album 3615 which I have listed previously in my post Top Songs In A Foreign Language.

xx Lektrogirl

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Even though most of you Englishes hate the French and even more, hate French rap, this is my blog and I love France, I love French men, I love TTC [but I hate French women and any squat toilets remaining in France.]

I find this hilarious.

"Teki" is so ugly I can't believe it.

My father also hates the French however and says "At least I can respect the Germans. In the war, at least you knew whos side they were on. The French could never make up their minds." My father is 80 and lied about his age to join the army at the time of WWII. Ask him about the Maginot Line. He nearly cries laughing.

Wikipedia says: Generally considered one of the great failures of military history, the term "Maginot Line" is now sometimes used as a metaphor for something that is confidently relied upon, but ends up being ineffective. External observers came to believe the French propaganda: the line would make France impervious to invasion. When France fell in only a month, the blame was squarely laid upon the line.

Would make a great cubby house. but so inneffective it wouldn't keep your little sister out.

xx La Lektrogirl

P.S. To all the Frenchies out there [at least the ones with regular toilets] JE T'AIME. If you wanna take me to one of these little cool cloches and make out just lemme know.

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Saturday, 7 July 2007


Just back from The Star where Paul and I had dinner and had a game of Scrabble waiting for our orders to arrive. Paul is pretty terrible at Scrabble and he also got dealt some bad letters. A couple of times I helped him out. I also let him put some letters back in the pool and draw more. So he won. And then made out to Prancehall on his stupid new internet phone thing chatting away that he beat my by 50 points as though he was a genius. What an asshole. Even so, it was a chillax evening. The best thing was the dessert we shared - grilled nectarines with amaretto and praline icecream.

Anyway, here is an old story from Switzerland:

xx Lektrogirl

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Thursday, 5 July 2007


I haven't called anyone back, I haven't gone out, I haven't been home before 9pm and I have only had lunch breaks long enough to pick food off the other girls plates. And this desk is the creative results of all that activity. I officially have the messiest desk in the office. And today it reach new heights when the printer just started to spew out paper when an .xls file I was printing went crazy. What a nerd.

It didnt arrive yet when I took the picture, but later in the day the new 49ers jacket arrived from eBay I bought. I was doing some spins and throwing gang signs in the mirror totally loving myself cause I love the fact the 49ers is also the name of a great Italo / Hi NRG band from the late 80's early 90's. I remember clubbing to the 49ers when I was underage.

And talk about putting a sequin on a rats arse...

I can tell you with great confidence that Brains jizzed himself on night after having saucy dreams about Mutya when she was in the Sugababes. It was at the same time when there were all those pics of her on the posters in the Underground where she had boss eyes.

xx Lektrogirl

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Wednesday, 4 July 2007


In terms of weirdness, today has been a classic - totally intense and weird. A bit like the weather. Anyway to end my day today before hopping into my troll patterned PJ's: On the walk home from the tube station at the end of my street was a tall black guy a bit wasted with his eyes rolling back in his head. As I turned the corner right in front of him, he did a really long tight fart. It was definitely at me. It was like a long sentence fart, that he puncuated himself with a little pip at the end like a full stop. It wasn't funny like the time Jacob farted in the hotel corridor when we raced to the elevators. This strangers' fart was menacing. Like his own personal bad smell gang.

xx Lektrogirl



So there is "anonymous" trying to convince us all he isn't in love with me but i'm here at saatchi and saatchi sitting on the floor w paul's nokia blogging at an exhibition with paul n i have work in, listening to the speeChes (paul just said wtf is this guy talking about) n i'm looking at a guy who in essEnce raped me with his fingers at the old blue last. Total penetration. Dont ask hw that happeed by accident it just did. We gotta go. This is weird n iGot a cool job i dont need to bot driinks.

Tuesday, 3 July 2007


Dear Daniel

I know you spent your lunch break telling Brains that you thought XXCENSOREDXX and XXCENSOREDXX were the best too good looking females from amongst my friends but I know you only did this cause you know Brains would rush back and tell me and try and make me jealous. I know you are trying to drive me crazy. I know you really love me, me, me.

You will be aroused to know that I spent the weekend in Paris with my dear friend Pippa Brooks having lezza sessions is super sensual lingerie dreamworld Fifi Chachnil trying on intimate apparel and frilly things.

Pippa and I both bought 2 bra's each. Here are mine:

And you will be thrilled to know that there is even video documentation that will be coming soon to the Shop at Maison B blog [although I suppose you will be coming sooner at the mere thought of Pippa and I in our smalls].

Forever yours,

xx Lektrogirl

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I'm back from Paris and so frickin' proud of myself for managing one of these old style squat loo's there you wouldn't believe it.

It is a long story that started many years ago when I guess I was like 8 or 10. We used to go campling at this awesome place called Park Beach every so often at our parents friends shack in Tasmania. I used to LOVE this. Often we'd play Dukes of Hazzard in the sand around the shack with Matchbox cars, dig really deep holes in the sand dunes, and stick our fingers in the sea anenomes in the tide pools. I remember some involved game about Ed the talking horse that covered all these bases. What I wasn't so keen on was the portaloo thing that we had to use. A bit like Glastonbury. Gross. On an urgent visit to the loo, I had a really big freak out experience where a little frog got caught between my foot and my thong [flip-flip or jandle depending on your country.] It was cold and a bit squishy. Then the toilet was totally overflowing and I really needed to pee and was quite traumatised. So then my mother was getting all mad with me cause I was getting all upset. Like stress oder was?! I had to squat in the bushes. I refused to do it wearing thongs in case I got wee on my foot so I was wearing wellington boots. Somehow I managed to piss entirely in my wellingtons. Not a good look. From that day on, I believed I was anatomically incorrect and unable to wee squatting.

The next time this became an issue, was when I was in Tokyo in 1995. I was so worried. But I did it!! In jeans!! WOO HOO!! Only that is 12 years ago now.

This weekend in Paris I was out walking and suddenly dying for a piss. Being in a quite touristy area all on my own, everywhere had signs saying "TOILETS ARE FOR CUSTOMERS ONLY" so I picked somewhere to get an omlette mixte and before I sat down I asked to nip to the loo. I was fit to burst. I opened the door only to be faced with the most archaic loo I have ever seen in the Western world. It also smelt that way. I had no choice. My omlette was cooking... BUT I DID IT. I was so thrilled I even sent Mum a text. She wrote back "Go girl". At the end of my meal, I even wanted to say to the waiter "Thanks for the mega experience dude." But I didn't.

xx Lektrogirl

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The world's greatest band is now online with a myspace page. CHEAP THRILL http://www.myspace.com/cheapthrillbackgroundlibrarymusic

Basically, if you don't like Cheap Thrill, then we can no longer be friends. Please delete yourself from my myspace account and stop reading my blog.

Other cool General MIDI bands are Extremem Animals and Appareil - only Cheap Thrill are the kings!

Plus - no recent posts cause I have been whooping it up in Paris. I will give you a fully sexual report to fondle yourself over soon chicky babes.

xx Lektrogirl