Thursday, 31 May 2007

Did I marry a homo?

Last night was Paul's exhibition opening at Seventeen and the gallery was rammed. Every time I turned around tho' Paul was talking to a different old guy with a pierced ear who was staring at Paul rather too intently. Philipa Cardinal said that it was perhaps Paul's outfit was a little suggestive of that of a rent boy.

My favourite piece is this:

Video Compression Study 1
Paul B Davis and Jacob Ciocci

This one is the mash up of two sets of data from two separate YouTube videos using Paul's fucked up keyframe technique. It's hot.

I also like this:

Inside Edition
Paul B Davis

This one is a hacked NES cart. It's hot.

Later on over the road at Jaguar Shoes, we had a really great time:

Paul was thrilled, and Silverlink and I discussed hair care tips and styling issues cause as Silverlink noted, he and I have very simlar hair. One thing for sure is that Silverlink really needs to work on his Photoface[TM] - I have got Photoface[TM] DOWN these days.

Through the journey of the evening I heard that Prancehall has started playing Blondie records - in particular Heart of Glass is a favourite of his. This was the source of great mirth. At the same time I was told this Prancehall actually walked in but so did Silverlink I went over to say hi to Silverlink and Prancehall came to talk to who I was just talking to. Not sure if it was a dual Air-Pie cause apparently I'm still in trouble for saying he PHYSICALLY has a big head or just one of those social circumstances. Anyway - this thing about Blondie - that's not all I heard but the rest is under wraps for now.

I saw ASBO D at the exhibition too. He came up to me and though he didn't officially apologise for calling me cunt, his first track he DJed at the Jaguar Shoes afterparty was my remix for Puss. He also said that I was far more musically talented than Paul.

It was nice to spend time with Philippa hearing news from her travels and tales of amazing food. Apparently her syphalitic cat is still well and survived her absence. OMG - brain clicked back into gear - she told me that XXCENSOREDXX used to stroke the beard of XXCENSOREDXX who uses bikini clippers on his beard and say that XXCENSCORED'SXX beard feels just like XXCENSORED'SXX pussy hair. Lord.

Alex Tea was also present, after having some root canal work.

There is something really sexual about this picture. I think it is the seam line down the roof of his mouth that does it to me.

And finally - latest neighbourhood news is that local store Pure Groove that used to be the epicentre of UK Garage and 2 Step, now more useful record store, had a display in their window of BOY BETTER KNOW t's. [You know - the ones that everyone on Prancehall's blog wears] Unfortunately for them some local lad ran in and swiped the lot. While I was in Pure Groove browsing the other day there were THREE enquiries in 30 minutes from people wanting to buy these t's.

xx Lektrogirl

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Tuesday, 29 May 2007

The Full Report.

I'm home after a really busy day, then German class, then wolfing down some of yesterday's left overs. I'm wondering if you can get jet lag cause I should be totally tired, but I've just suddenly woken up. I think it is because I have spent the weekend in Hamburg again and everyone there wakes up at night on the weekend.

Saturday Night.
If I told you that I my friend Livia took me to a porno Karakoe show where my friend Seb was judging dressed as a Gay Gyneocologist and there was a Man dressed as a Gorilla with a huge erect penis who raped a Polish version, who then tied her up to a neon cross, then cut her off with some scissors and then the Polish virgin took the scissor and cut the dick of the gorilla-man and out sprayed mini glitter disco balls all interspersed with weird ditties in german by a woman in pink hair with rubber vaginas sewn to her breasts and knees you probably would wish I had invited you too. Only I didn't know what I was gonna see until I got there.

Mariola Brillowska - artist of all descriptions and the producer of the whole show Grand Prix D'Amour.

The weird side show. The gorilla man is about to cut the Polish virgin off the cross. Then get de-dicked.

The porno karaoke. On the left hand side of the screen the faces of competitors form the audience are displayed while they create sound effects for and narrate snippets of old super 8 porno movies shown simultaneously on the right.

After the show, Livia and I went and got fries on the Reeperbahn on the way to the Pudel. In German I ordered a Coke. Instead I almost got a sausage. I swear my French is way better. At the Pudel it was pretty ordinary. Eurokai was playing Techno til he passed out. He nearly took me with him on the way with that boring music. No offence.

Sunday Day.
Slept late and well, even though it was on a small serviette in the corner of Seb's living room to the tones of Seb snoring. Later, Seb cooked scrambled eggs. The best in the world. Then we called Ralf cause I needed a haircut.

Ralf. He is the programmer at The Pudel, and awesome DJ, he used to also be a stylist for magazines like Stern, Vogue and i-D. Ralf also has the coolest hair. His own style is pretty extreme, but he really knows his business. His grandfather was a hair dresser and his father too. Ralf is part of my German family.

Here is Ralf's hair cutting chair inside his salon called DAMEN SCHWEINER HERREN [Women Pigs Men].

Sunday Night.
We went to Hatari my new favourite restaurant place in Hamburg. Basically it is just like an American diner menu - hot dogs and burgers - except German. Wurst and Burgers with sauerkraut and senf. YUM. I was also reunited with my old friend:

But look what the Germans did to him.

From the table in Hatari we could see some local brothers laying down their vocals in their studio in the building opposite. For a moment there I almost thought I was in 8 Mile.

Then later there was DJing at the Pudel. The usual mayhem. Three hours sleep.

Oh my God. Sorry to get distracted but I'm watching Law and Order Detective Benson is dressed up like she got dressed at Cyberdog undercover with glowsticks looking for a missing policemans daughter. Oh God. AMAZING!

And in other news -
while shouting epithets like "Moscow isn't Sodom" and "Death to Gays," neo-Nazis beat the singer from Right Said Fred Richard Fairbrass. I'm sure there have been many times many of us would have liked to have given him a slap cause of his one hit wonder but it wasn't cause he's gay. Tatu's song "Not Gonna Get Us" didn't save them from getting beaten as well. Even though they faked being gay, got hated on for then admitting they are straight, but now support gay right issues is Russia to polish their image.

Oh God. Now in Law and Order Ice T is going to beat the crap out of a pimp. Gotta go and check this. [I mean do you remember how Ice T was in the movie New Jack City where he points his gun at Nino Brown and said the classic line "I wanna shoot you so bad my dick is hard!!"]

xx Lektrogirl

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Monday, 28 May 2007

Back From Hamburg

Yo I'm back form Hamburg. Woah.

I'm busted. More later.

xx Lektrogirl

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Saturday, 26 May 2007

A timely reminder

dont forget:
me and princess prollkoller DJing at da golden pudel on sunday. gwem and the gwemettes are gonna play. it's superdefekts birthday.
i think it is going to get really really messy... like that song by true steppers song featuring dane bowers and victoria beckam "OUT OF YOUR MIND"... this tune's gonna punish you...
HAHAwhat an awesome song that is...
anyway if you do get there, let's hope booty carrell and pirouette are behind the bar and you an order one of the banana juice cocktails.
i should be really packing rather than typing so laters - see you at the pudel.

xx Lektrogirl

OMG - I was just reading the lyrics to Out of Your Mind. It sounds just like me and ASBO D sending MySpace messages to each other. Baggsie I not be Dane Bowers.

Who do you think you are?
Tellin' me I've gone too far
You must be out of your mind
Tellin' your friends I was buggin' you
That you weren't being true
Steppin' out of your mind
Open your eyes, boy you trouble me
Expensive lies, but you're playing for free
I gave you what you want, what you need
My time is a wastin', but for you its a breeze
(V.B.) You're out of your mindGonna make this really easy for you
(D.B.) I'm not out of my mind
(V.B.) Gonna show you I'm not crazyBoy, you're wasting my time
(D.B.) I'm not wasting your time
(V.B.) You're out of your mind
(D.B.) You're out of your mindOut of your mind
Thinking you were someone special
Time has shown and now I know
How wrong I have been
I'm always feelin' that you're usin' me, confusin' me, two-timin' me
I can't remember
How long has it been?
Open your eyes, boy you trouble me
Expensive lies, but you're playin' for free
I gave you what you want, what you need
My time is a wastin', but for you its a breeze
You sing a song when people jump on you
What this guy is saying can't be true
All I'm saying is that some girls should trip
Stop buggin' and buggin' me and if they want it, flip
I like despise
Open your eyes, girl you trouble me
Expensive lies, but you playin' for free
I gave you what you want, what you need
My time is a wastin', but for you its a breeze
-------CHORUS------- (x2)
True Steppers, you're out of your mind
Ice cream, you're out of your mind
Tub-a-lo, you're out of your mind
Dane, you're out of your mind
This tune's gonna punish you.

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Friday, 25 May 2007

Roxy's Birthday

Today was a nice day.


Thursday, 24 May 2007

Hot Gossip

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Personality transplant

God and there I was thinking I had no life. Check this out:

I have to say that before I met Prancehall, I imagined him to be a bit like this dude who made the video. I am wrong of course, and Pranny is what is termed "Internet Thug". I don't know if he has ever played Spyromania, but I have. Though my favourite is Crashbandicoot.

Oh this is a fucking awesome video with the flickering screen!!

Wow - this guy spends a lot of time playing Crash. Artist!

Anyway to sit here and watch cheats and videos of Playstation games isn't the most loserish thing I ever did. Once I did a comparative impersonation of an ink jet printer vs. a laser jet for Pippa and I was deadly serious. She hasn't let me forget it.

Oh and one more thing! This is from when Katharine met George Bush.

Katharine doesn't need a personality transplant.

xx Lektrogirl

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Wednesday, 23 May 2007


Ever since Dog Face [WHO LET THE DOGS OUT] ran off to Australia with her new boyfriend who looked like he had been bashed in the head with a frying pan, there have been no more stinky juice shits splashed down the back of the disabled toilet at work. Coincidence?!

xx Lektrogirl


Monday, 21 May 2007

Les Matins de Paris

Teki Latix featuring Lio:

Back at my desk this morning with a pile of stuff to do, and my head is full of this!!

You wanna see Lio back in the day,
click here.

xx Lektrogirl

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Sunday, 20 May 2007

Paris pour Le Weekend.

So there I was in Paris with Goon and Koyote who be runnin tangs in their neighbourhood. We were all pretty chill compared to the last time I was in Paris for the Diamond Grills at Le Tryptique. I won't go into the full story again - but you can read it in my first post on this blog ever - only it was a bit embarressing a few times at this this most recent party. I was getting introduced to people and I was like "Oh great! So nice to meet you!" and these people were like "Errrr I met you last time you were here..."

One person I was sure not to forget is Teki who I love! He is so sexual!!He just has a new single out with Lio [who sang Banana Split in the 80's] We had a special moment together when Jean Nipon was DJing some [euro]Trance. Teki was telling me he loves how positive it is and so romantic. Right at that moment I was feeling the vibe. By then though I was pretty busted. The club was so hot and so sweaty. And these are the toilets:

And then the French wonder why the English have a lot to say about the French hygiene.

So other than to see my friends, I went to see Dance Mania DJ Nephets. It was maximum party zone. See above.

Here is Goon and Nephets. Nephets looks like a big Gingerbread Man.

On Saturday I went shopping. I was in the Lingerie department at Le Printemps and nearly puked all over the Christian Lacroix bras that I found I was so excited. Soon after I realised it was cause I was so hungover. I spent some money on a lot of fancy knickers and went out into the fresh air. I really had a happy happy heart walking along the streets of Paris in the sunshine eating
a rose petal flavoured Ladurée macaroon.

This was my breakfast on Sunday morning:

It was in a place at Marché des Enfants Rouges. So it wasn't cheap - but it was totally phenomenal. That pink stuff in the middle is tomato and ginger soup! I had chestnut jam! Cornichons any day of the week!

After breakfast I got lucky and discovered I never had to think of U2 ever again:

And then soon it was home time. So I got back in my little UFO and headed back to London. J'aime Paris:

But I got let back down gently - my first stop in London was Yautacha for dinner. YUM.

There are a gang more pics on my Flickr btw.

xx Lektrogirl

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Thursday, 17 May 2007


Are you coming to the Pudel on the 27th May?

topfschlagen!! tortenschlacht!! flaschendrehen!!


Top Sausages / Diamond Grilling

I'm going to Paris this weekend to hang out with my friends DJ Goon and Koyote who are holding the 6th Diamond Grilling party. [See flyers below.] Awesome.

OHHH SPIRITUAL - Warren G just came on my MP3 player. No messing.

It is nice to see LuLu Deluxe has uploaded the Wayne and Trev comics to Flickr. Folks - Australia is JUST like this:

the whole set here. Wanna root?!


1] Sausages with Lu for breakfast in Dresden

2] Migros sausages smuggled back from Switzerland

3] Pork and Fennel sausages from the Italian Deli near work

4] Any sausages cooked on a barbeque within 2 metres of an Eski packed full of Cascade lager. Or Boags.

5] Salami is also not bad

6] Those fucking Weissewurst that the dudes made me eat with my bare hands in Hamburg. AWESOME!

And so here is Diamond Grilling:

xx Lektrogirl

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Wednesday, 16 May 2007

AMAZING fashion - my true obsession

I saw Max today busting some serious next level steelo. Normally he will pump for Yacht Rock sometimes he will throw in a bit of LA Milk Fed kind of vibe, occasionally he has been know to show out in some S.A.G. Stone Island BUT TODAY Max totally threw it in your face to look at him in "Italian Tourist". Total booyah!! TOTAL booyah! I love men's fashion. The best think about my ex-husband was he didn't mind me taking him shopping. The day we were in the Rykiel Homme shop in Paris and he decided to try on the pink check wool pants of his own accord I was so proud.

Max wore a dark Barbour jacket, a wedgewood blue shirt with white stripes made from linen with white collar and cuffs, narrow jeans and I think they were his Tod's driving shoes. AWESOME.

A conversation ensued with James, Max, Pippa, David and I about the outfit. I pointed out that the jeans should be ankle freezer length for true authenticity. James said he though Max should be wearing pastels socks. There was something really bugging me about that all evening until I got home. In a perfect world Max would have been wearing thickish white socks scrunched down with the shorter jean. I have to say Max is the most amazingly dressed man I know because he always looks Jazzy Bindi but never looks G-A-Y.

Also overheard some hilarious news - the ex-husband of princess of fancy ladies footwear XXCENSOREDXX, who allegedly spied on her using a trojan virus to read her emails - was apparently caught redhanded trying to steal some of the old neon lighting from the Raymond Review Bar the other day in the Raymond Review Bar alley way. While XXCENSOREDXX was trying to get the lights off the roof with ropes, he was spotted by a local resident. Then arrived three police men, the landlord's agent... T-R-O-U-B-L-E!

The other thing that cracked me up again today was remembering what Pete Burns [from Dead or Alive] said when he heard Pippa was pregnant with twins. After watching him in the Big Brother house I can picture it perfectly. Apparently he said Pippa would "have a c*** like a bucket" after giving birth. Pippa chirped with laughter again too when I said it. I like Pippa. She has a great laugh.

Finally - before I go to bed, apparently ASBO and I are no longer fighting. For the record he has not apologised. But more matters of convenience we have decided to not actively hate on each other. He thinks I'm weird for writing about him all the time on my blog. I am a little bit obsessed with him. I think he is weird cause he tells me to stay away from him, but he wouldn't know what I was doing unless he came looking.

xx Lektrogirl

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Oh yeezie

He likes a bitch and he has told me to go suck my mum but won't admit where he gets his YouTube links from...

I'm sorry to hear that he still can't get a date, but the invitation is still open to take me to Arbutus [it's less WAG than The Ivy] where he can apologise for calling me the C word.


Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Organic Cotton

It is always hard trying to explain to other people what it is I do at work - and what is so cool about working for Katharine Hamnett. Well my 5 year old nephew got it really easy when I explained it to him as being healthy for the earth - he didn't accuse me of a being a lezza hippy. I am by no means a hippy. Though I have been called Earth Mother before by Lu weed... but I think that was more to do with a weird outfit I had on... anyway - so this was made in the studio recently:

This YouTube video pretty much explains what organic cotton is all about. Katharine only uses organic fibres producing her garments and in particular cotton.

There is also this great short movie by the Environment Justice Foundation about where cotton comes from.

xx Lektrogirl


Monday, 14 May 2007

Baddest Nigga 4 Ever

OMG check out these awesome AWESOME pictures from Hugofreegow's Flickr. Totally HOT!

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Intentional Computing

30th MAY - 23rd JUNE 2007

17 Kingsland Rd, London, E2 8AA

Paul B. Davis utilises outdated/obsolete computer technologies, including most notably Nintendo games systems, in order to perform specialist interventions into the territory of the digital art medium. While the materials utilised are ready-made, the use principle is entirely hand crafted; Davis altering the existing code while adding nothing new. This idea, the implemented projection of an alternative potential onto a ready-made object, exactly and succinctly captures the structured abridgement – between computers and art, between theory and praxis, ongoing in Davis' practice.

Davis is a founder member of the pioneering programming ensemble, BEIGE, which also comprises Cory Arcangel (Team Gallery, NY), Joe Beuckman and Joseph Bonn. BEIGE members have subsequently used Davis' hacked NES concept to create a distinct body of work that has been shown internationally. See

This exhibition comprises two large projections. One is a new NES hack that takes its form from the pirate video game cartridges that first alerted Davis to the possibility of intervening with games. These 'multicarts' often had for or five different games on one cartridge and echoing this, Davis is presenting five different works on one machine. Fittingly these pirated works are not all by Davis' hand, as he loots excerpts from other BEIGE collective hacks, questioning authorship in the already grey area of software as readymade. The second piece is a new video, a collaboration with the trans-media collective Paper Rad, which accentuates and aesthecises artefacts inherent in video compression formats, particularly MPEG-4. A third work, in collaboration with Cory Arcangel, titled Fat Bits, is a triptych of monitors which presents close up images of an NHL ice hockey match, converted into imagery housed in a NES. Reminiscent of the timeless NES Ice Hockey game, these abstracted motions of brawling figures present a bacon-esque scene, groaning and grunting in a slow motion and distorted struggle.

Aesthetically Davis' images are solid slabs of reordered, pure proto-modernist colour. With his alterations a new game, a new screen and a new surface emerges. The materiality of a hacked game cartridge, set into the instantly recognisable Nintendo console, guarantees that the recession into a purely two-dimension digital fold is never as total as it is in the work of other digital artists, the work remains an object. Further, the dizzying hyper-graphics of many related practitioners are surrendered in favour of the neat, blocky pixilation of the outdated NES operating system. This show also includes an installation featuring 8-bit Construction Set – an art/music/concept work rendered in vinyl which will be mounted on a record deck within the gallery, visitors being invited to play it out to their own satisfaction.

Quoting his influences as ranging from formalised British computing theory (Alan Turing) to the advent of widespread domestic console gaming (Mario), Davis has pioneered a truly unique strategy through a multiplicity of actions, networks and artistic creations. Davis' practise is at once rigorous, conceptual – even nerdy, while nonetheless fully intimate with the patois, style, attitude and aesthetic of retrogressively inspired, data-bit multi-media contemporary culture, that has recently forced its way into the public consciousness.

Paul B. Davis, as part of BEIGE, has exhibited internationally at venues including the The Whitney Biennial 2004 (NYC), Vilma Gold (UK) Team Gallery (NYC) and Foxy Productions (NYC).

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Really my worst nightmare!


Last night I had a real nightmare! ASBO D was smooching with me in my old room at my mothers house. But they way he was kissing was horrible - he just was pressing his lips over my mouth and not moving and I couldn't breath. Then he was trying to feel up my tits in front of my mother. Fortunately I realised I was just dreaming when in the dream I had something in my hand that didn't feel at all kosher - if you get my meaning - so I knew I didn't have to be embarressed in front of my Mum. But please I don't think I can handle another dream like that. It really freaked* me out.

xx Lektrogirl

* I don't mean "freaky" with a Rick James / any Dance Mania kind of interpretation. I really mean it like The Blair Witch Project.

Just to cheer myself up. But OMG - I never saw this video before. I don't think there is a lot freaky about a chinese girl flicking her witches hair around like a horses tail.


Let's get Rick James in this room, totally wacked out on whatever, singing with these freaks. Also note - what an awesome mix on the New Dance Show in this clip!! Booyah!!

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Sunday, 13 May 2007

Can't think of one

Yesterday was cool - I was back at Shop at Maison B doing stuff with Pippa. Pippa told me she had been talking to Simon from Obey. He had been showing the Obey American people the movies we had made a few weeks ago with the guys from Cuts wearing Obey stuff and Pippa leaping around Soho and they thought they were pretty awesome. They are on the Shop At Maison B blog here and here.

On May 30th, Paul's solo exhibition Intentional Computing opens at Seventeen Gallery - 17 Kingsland Road. He is doing a collaboration with Jacob from Paper Rad. Probably Brains will kill me if I blab too much about it just now but it sound pretty cool if it is going to work. I've have been snooping through the software Brains downloaded on my laptop and checking out the Hex Editiors for AVI files. I've been helping by converting all the YouTube videos I've sucked to the correct format... Anyway... I hope the guy's idea works out.

Before that though is me. I will be DJing at
The Golden Pudel on May 27th with Princess Prolkoller for anyone who will be in the neighbourhood. My new German name is Tante Lektrogirl - for Tante Emma Laden. Booty Carrell told me about it. I can't stop laughing about it. It makes me think I should be wearing support stockings for varicose veins.

xx Lektrogirl

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Saturday, 12 May 2007

Owner of a lonely heart

I saw XXCENSOREDXX up close the other day for the first time in ages. Everyone else must have hogged the ugly pills when he was born. XXCENSOREDXX also has very nice manners. But then I guess that is cause he is British. Who knows what he said as he walked off - I couldn't resist making a few obnoxious jokes. I suspect he though I was a dickhead.

Anyway - Speaking of love and other matters of the heart - I received a website link from my friend Drx this morning. [Drx is the one without the ponytail in Bodenstandig 2000] You have to check this link out. TOTALLY SPIRITUAL. And great images.

xx Lektrogirl

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Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Home Again.

Home again and feeling very weird. My ears are totally messed up and my balance is gone. Today I went flying after tripping on a stone or the pavement or whatever and landed on my side in front of two black women and their kids. The women were saying "Sorry! Sorry!" to me and I could help but think "How bloody British is that for them to apologise!" I blinked back the tears and told them I was fine. But you should see my knee. Awesome brusing.

So, here are some fond memories to share with you from my trip home:

A common sight in any store that plays loud music.

In this video you get to hear my mother who was filming the kids. Apparently Chloe didn't hurt her head a bit even though she did make contact with the wall.

My trip home also gave me 100% "Babe-Hair" [a term courtesy of Pippa Brooks]

Here Sam was taking my portrait.

I was also lucky enough to be present when Sam used the F word for the first time ever.

What a bogan.

It is clear that Brains missed me a lot. As soon as he got to my appartment after work he said "What's for dinner?" As I was pretty out for the count, I made him organise it. And besides, I still haven't forgiven him for this:

I also heard about this 'amazing' sounding town in Tasmania called Rossarden. Rossarden is the crime capital of Tasmania and all the most hardend crooks have gravitated there and totally run the town. Nobody wants to drive through there and even the cops avoid it. It is a one road in and out kind of town. Apparently, the locals of Rossarden decided they didn't want the local shop any more so they burnt it down. The petrol station was also unwanted to that was burnt to the ground too. A few locals were forced to leave, and those that wouldn't go, were buried six foot under.

Tonight my friend Gijs is in town. He makes amazing web projects and circuit bent stuff. More about him later if I can make it out to dinner tonight.

xx Lektrogirl

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Saturday, 5 May 2007

Holiday's Over

Yesterday I got my period in the middle of Big W and had a massive fight with my nephew in the women's underwear section over his new baseball hat he was using for a football. I'm still in Hobart until tomorrow then back up to Launceston for a day before I leave for my plane home. Sam and I have made friends, but my wages still have not cleared so I have been here totally skint unable to have much fun. Hopefully I will be in my account by the time my plane touches down at Heathrow cause I didn't bring my Oyster Card. If anyone wants to meet me there and help me get home let me know.

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Friday, 4 May 2007

Cyclone Chloe, Hurricane Sam & Tornado Tom

I went with my mother up to near Launceston, to Hadspen. After over two hours on a rural bus up the Midland Highway I was only too happy to see my brother-in-law rock up in the Police 4 wheel drive and greet us. Michael even switched on the siren just for us. Cool.

Then I saw my neice and two nephews and gave them their present from their Uncle Paul:

They were totally stoked. Although Sam knows all about baseball we then went into the cricket field over the back fence and played soccer for a long time because the Cardinals are are world famous soccer team from South America. I also learnt the the script to Cars off by heart, sang every song I thought I had forgotten from my teenie years [but 'Dem bones dem bones dem dry bones I hear the word of the Lord' has been changed to 'X-ray, x-ray, See that skeleton' F.Y.I. if you ever find yourself babysitting], wiped bums, bribed demons and slept in bunk beds. With Cars doona covers.

Then we drove back down to Hobart in the PISSING rain. And sang some more. There was a good one about marching ants though which was pretty eerie in the twighlight hours. The kids have grown out of The Wiggles. Sadly, Greg, the yellow Wiggle had to quit for health reasons. The most notable thing about Greg the yellow Wiggle is that he had a striking resemblance to Daniel Lee from 7 Year Glitch. Even Brains says so.

In Hobart the rain has almost stopped but the wind is so strong I think there will be a lot of widow makers dropping from the gum trees tonight.

These are the old dolls belonging to my sister and I. I can't remember all their names but I know my sister names on of the blond ones after the girl who was the assistant on Sale of the Century, Delvene Delaney.

Here is the weird doll belonging to my neice.

xx Lektrogirl

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