Monday, 31 August 2009


The Cardinal and I have a new blog called "MADAME A TROIS / Wesley Snipes' Private Party".

Strictly for the die hard, this is a blog based loosely on one of our favourite things - China. Complexxion couldn't even make it through a 30 minutes conversation at The Cardinal's house one night for dinner before bursting into tears and telling us we were not being nice as we flicked through a Midwinter catalogue style book.

The Cardinal and I mean serious business, like Nino Brown dealing coke in New Jack City. Nino Brown played so hard that who could forget the passion in Ice T's face when he has a gun over Nino [lying in garbage bags bleeding] saying "I want to shoot you so bad my dick is hard?"

If you would like to check our new tough love china site, please visit here:

xx Lektrogirl

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Saturday, 29 August 2009


Veiled nude, originally uploaded by Beniah Brawn.

From the best old photograph Flickr in town, here is a picture of me from my past life courtesy of Beniah Brawn. Times being as they are, if the same picture were to be taking in 2009 I probably would do away with the mask...

Last night ended a bit tragically with tears on the telephone until I got reminded of the hilarious story of Marquis. He was a tall skinny black dude with a Hi-Top fade and a 1 inch step cut in his hair and the worst buck teeth ever. He was skating round the locker room wearing tighty whiteys standing on two bars of soap. Another guy tried to do it and fell flat on his back and cracked his head on the tiles, bleeding.

Marquis just skated over and looked down at him and said "That's what you get for trying to be like me."

Unfortunately, Marquis got shot some years later for mouthing off at a party to someone. Marquis was apparently the greatest guy ever. I think of him quite a lot and his classic line I carry with me to this day since I first heard the story.

xx Lektrogirl

Friday, 28 August 2009


How amazing is life?! Today I arrived at work had little Sarah had nicked some flowers and put them on my desk, come home to a greeting cat who loved the roses too and started to eat the petals and we watched an episode of CSI Miami with the weird Flo-Rida electro track on it making me feel good I predicted correctly as to why that track was created and what it was for and how surreal it is to see P Diddy play as a lawyer and be quite good too! Anyway life is weird.

Monday, 24 August 2009


The man in the red East 17 woollie has fluid delivery of his lines.
And wait until you see the wife not knowing what they will do.

And the knitted stripy demon outfit!

xx Lektrogirl

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Sunday, 23 August 2009


NCP 1943, originally uploaded by otisarchives1.


Lady Gang at Caz's house., originally uploaded by Lektrogirl.

We meet at Caz's house for cocktails and DELICIOUS food served in the garden, then inside. I got a stinker of a headache half way through cause the stress of the week finally let loose as I started to wind down. But it was a great night! Highlights of my evening included a woman at the bus stop complimenting me on my African print dress, seeing Caz & Paul's place and all the work they have done, being Sous Chef for Caz talking about Australian things from our memories - Dolly, Dinosaur Designs, Jenny Kee and Ken Done, hearing about Mrs Kipling being the Number 1 picture in the world today in the Guardian [and seeing it today!! yerrr!!], seeing Paul Gorman's BARE FEET [foot fetishists please email for description] and all the usual what have you when the Lady Gang are together.

Today I spent the largest portion of it asleep due to gross hangover except for waking long enough to eat a Cherry Ripe, text the rest of the Lady Gang with regards to the size of their hangovers [I had stopped drinking earlier due to my headache so they must have been ROTTEN], a very late lunch with Nameless, back to bed, finally properly up at about 7.30pm to go and have dinner with The Cardinal and finally turning on the computer to watch the final in the Will Ferrell Movie Pack that I got from somewhere. So now I think I have seen all the Will Ferrell movies except for Curious George which isnt even him, but just his voice. I even saw Dick which is a movie where he is hardly in it. I think my favourite is the least Will Ferrell of them all - Stranger Than Fiction. All the crap about cookies is fucking revolting but the part about him being a character in a book and Emma Thompson being a weird English lady on the edge of insanity were great. And I didnt even realise that Queen Latifa was the assistant until I saw the credits. I realise watching the entire moving career of one actor is kind of tragic "for something to do" but then I hate being between seasons for all the usuals! [Which is probably more tragic but because I love it more is seemingly less tragic to me some how.]

Anyway its late, Im talking shit and its time for bed. Even Lady Hobart is bored of me.

xx Lektrogirl

!!!!2009-06-29 (00a)

!!!!2009-06-29 (00a), originally uploaded by terrasson65.

Saturday, 15 August 2009


Stern Look, originally uploaded by Lektrogirl.

Went out last night and can't work out why I had such a bad hangover this morning? If anyone can give me any clues, please let me know.

The Cardinal with her death babe looks as per usual looking amazing even in the ropiest of basement clubs. At first, we thought this was the bar:

I hadn't been out in ages and saw quite a few people it was lovely to say hello to! I even got to catch up with the great Australian hero, Harry Butler

Admittedly he had lost the desert boots and khaki hot pants and acquired a more modern look and was looking great for his age, but he was still "the snake whisperer." Even on the busy dance floor.

The was some DJ who played before Louise Enchante who was awesome. I dunno who he was - kind of regular looking - and his technical vibes were not great but his music selection was the first interesting set I heard in ages. Melodic chord progressions so beautiful. If we didn't have the self imposed home time of 1am [which we already stretched to 2am] I probably would have wanted to stay longer.

Urgh but I did see that prick XXCENSOREDXX on the way out. He admitted to being responsible for writing all the anonymous shit comments on my blog a couple of Christmases ago that ended up hurting his so called friends my ex and his new girlfriend more that it did me. What a douchebag dickhead. And people wonder why I think he is such a jagoff. I got to give him credit though - he looks like he has lost some weight. His thighs were finally thinner than mine.

On more intellectual matters, there was a lot of talk last night about SLOW HOUSE. What a concept, playing records on a speed different to which they were manufactured! Who knew! I spoke to Louis Enchante and I was excited to hear that Paul B Davis was invited to spin at Top Nice forever now for "Slow Hour" - the final hour or so at Top Nice. Even though when Paul and I lived together it was tough times, some of the best times were Living Room Disco when playing records and messing about with music was priority. It was great trying out stuff together and hearing him mix things and offering him records to try ideas out with and seeing what he would combine with it or I would be playing some Library music bizzo and he would pull out Robert Armarni Circus Bells. Top Nice "Slow Hour" is going to be awesome. I just hope Paul cracks out the Melodica once in a while. [Shit I haven't said so much nice stuff about Paul in one paragraph in a long time!! It must be because he is normal and funny again after breaking up with his girlfriend.]

Anyway - it wouldn't be a good day without another picture of Hobart for everyone's perusal.

In the cab home last night The Cardinal really let me know how much she hates the cat's name. "Oh.... it is so unfeminine and doesn't suit her. It is just too masculine and you really have to change it." I threatened to change her name to Turps. Cards said in that case I should leave it at Hobart. How could she say these things about my little cobber Hobart? I thought she was a boy...

xx Lektrogirl

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I got up with a hang over and at some hummous and crackers with my little cobber Hobart on the sofa. Then I did some dished. While I was washing with my marigolds on, I was day dreaming about getting a really terrible disease and having to stay in hospital for a long time and wondering if my friends would be allowed to bring Hobart in to sleep on the bed with me. My mind wandered further and I imagined tell my friends how ill I was and how I would have to live on the ward for a long time and my friends were rallying around offering to take care of Hobart and who would watch the flat etc etc. I considered letting my ex live in the flat on the one condition he didn't root anyone in my bed - but on that point he can't be trusted. [He apparently returned an earring to a lady friend that she had left at his apartment ONLY IT WAS SOMEONE ELSE'S EARRING. WHAT A DOUCHE.] Anyway so back to me being critically ill in hospital. Finally I agreed with myself that it would be best if Mrs Kipling and The Cardinal took it in turns to take care of Hobart as I know I could trust them both. I ended up thinking about my Granny Barbara who ended up hanging herself in the New Norfolk hospital in Tasmania with a shower curtain and the big pool tables they had in the recreation room there we had to hang out in when Mum and Dad when to visit her before she died.

Then I caught myself - WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT - and remembered my dream. In it I was bestie friends with the ex girlfriend of The Rubber Band Man!!! How this happened I don't know. We were chatting away in French. In my dream her face was very soft and friendly. I don't think this will ever happen though. She called me a whore once for sleeping with her ex. Such is life.

Speaking of life, The Frenchman left a bag of figs on my doorstep the other night.

xx Lektrogirl

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Friday, 14 August 2009


image, originally uploaded by sasha_miike.

A pigeon with the aid of a mc flurry lid improvises a number of scenes: shakespearian tragedy , dog undergone a recent operation, mother after whiplash on a bus, spaceman with helmet off... this bird is truly gifted today.

xx Lektrogirl


Eye on you, originally uploaded by Lektrogirl.

Thursday, 13 August 2009


Even in the rain, Football Guy is "at it" so to speak. And as the Air Commodore points out - had a hair cut.

Thanks for the update A/C.

xx Lektrogirl

Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Maybe you already know this and it doesn't come as a surprise - but it has only come apparent to me recently. That is cat food actually smells the same as the food it is supposed to be! Which I supposed is good but I find horrific.
This stems from the fact that when I was a kid - like 25 years ago - and had to feed the cat it totally grossed me out cause the food smelled so bad! Fish smelled like boiled cod and broken fish spines. Lamb smelled like ass in gravy. Chicken was pure vomit. I would dread it being my turn!! So so bad.
This is part of the reason why I couldn't bring myself to get an animal - the smell of the bogus jelly meat spammy chunk yucksville. But then I got Hobart and the chicken smells like chicken! The duck smells like duck! [Albeit that gross chinatown chinese cripsy duck smell.] the salmon smells like salmon!
Which I have to say is fucking up my senses. I smell those smells when I open up a kitty pouch and still think 'fucking gross' cause of the historical impact from my youth. Then now when I'm out and my food tastes like the smell of the cat food I put out that day my stomach lurches and I feel too ill.
It is enough to turn me vegetarian. I'll never feed Hobart fried eggs or cake.

Xx Lektrogirl

Monday, 10 August 2009


Chris Rock on Rap Music

xx Lektrogirl

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Hobart, originally uploaded by Lektrogirl.

We sat around all weekend watching K-Ville, Chris Rock's Kill The Messager show [my favourite part is when he is explaining when it is okay to use the word Faggot! LMAO]and some weird David Lynch short called The Grandmother and a few episodes of Law And Order [why not?].

Also, I ordered an overlocker after getting stuck in an internet K-hole searching out African fabrics. Life is changing again of course cause I cut the Frenchman loose after one argument that sounded too much like the same one we had before, and before, and before. A piss smelling old catty bitch is closer than ever.

QUICK GOSSIP ROUND UP: A continually unlucky friend got busted for smoking "herbal tobacco" in the park the other day. Someone else can be quoted as saying his girlfriend looked fat in an outfit. Another guy was having an affair with two fashion designers - both of whom were dating each other at the time [how does that work!?]. Nobody like XXCENSOREDXX it seems. Wouldn't you hate to be her?

And for a moment of personal advice to all you girls out there - and men, consider it a warning to keep your ex on the down-low.

The person who knows a guy best - for good and bad - is his ex girlfriend. If you are gonna start dating someone girls, it is in your best interest to find out as much about her as possible as you can and what she has to say about the guy you are interested in. Of course, this goes against everything that is mature and sensible cause of course you should be "above that" and "totally secure" and not interested. But trust me: the ex knows how he came to be with her and how exactly he came to be with you.

For example: he left a messy break up to be with the ex, and then had a messy break up with the ex. Trust me, you are gonna get a messy break up too. Find out the details. They will be invaluable. You are gonna find yourself standing there in the livingroom about to throw your dinner at them screaming - if not the exact same phrases word for word something with the same jist. At this point this is where the guy says "All women are hysterical. What is wrong with you? I'm not doing anything wrong. Look at yourself." This is when the screaming hot chinese home delivery goes flying through the air.

If he says shit like "my ex was a psycho" then try to find out if the girl before was too. Chances are if they were both psychos, the guy is going to push your buttons within an inch of your nerves being snapped and you will become a psycho too.

If the guy you are getting with told a big fat lie to his ex to be with you, he is gonna start telling you big fat lies as well. This one is a personal favourite of mine. A guy I went out with did exactly this to me. I even took the trouble when I met this girl by accident in a club all about it. She was so smug telling me how her relationship was based on "honesty and openness. We really communicate to each other an our relationship is nothing like yours." [Which is kind of ironic when she was caught smooching her ex in the club later on and discovered she was banging her ex on and off the whole time but that is by the by.] The real thing that makes me laugh here is that apparently her parting words to the guy we both dated was "You are such a liar I can't believe anything you say!!!" [Pot-kettle-black if you ask me] and I love being able to say I TOLD YOU SO at any opportunity.

Oh - and if a man is single and never married by the time he had reached middle age and all his girlfriends were "selfish and self centred" [in his words] then you can pretty much guarantee that the guy is never gonna give an inch with anything and isn't worth crying twice over.

And if you don't believe me, just ask all my ex's when it drove them insane that I was always right. Even my Papa says so. Hahaha.

WOAH - I don't know where all that came from! I guess an absence from blog posting for a while.

More garbage later.

xx Lektrogirl


The way Mr Ibu grabs this woman's leg going on about hot tottie I find really disturbing. I know I have post this video before, but it reverberates in my mind.

And, along with that, please take a moment to view the many faces of Mr Ibu.

And another trailer "where everybody dey mad".

xx Lektrogirl

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From: John Davidson [mailto:XXCENSOREDXX]
Sent: 10 August 2009 02:14
To: Emma Davidson

Have you been very busy. Accounts usually are at this time of year profits and loss, and how much interesr is dead stock eating into the profits? Been there, done that kid. And those in the top echelon usually look down at the accountant as if it is her /his fault the sales div didn't unload?But that was yesterday mate. Haven't had a text lately so you have either been experimenting with cocktails or something similar or just plain tired from business?
Yer ma came to lunch on Saturday/ Chicken and veg hot pot, which she seemed to enjoy. The other blokes at the table seem to enjoy her wittering. and she usually bring me a walnut sticky-bun. Which I swear is good for my mental health.
Been off crook for a week, Effin Flu and congestion. Sometimes you go to sleep and hope for the inevitable sooner rather than later?
How's His Majesty , THE CAT? Bowels workin well? Actually the smell of the urine of a Tom is the most pervasive stench in a house. Try to catch him in the spot he empties has bladder. or BUY A LARGEST BIRDCAGE YOU CAN FIT ON YOUR WINDOWSILL AND SHOVE THE SCRAWNY LITTLE FUCKER IN THERE WHEN YOU HAVE TO GO OUT(WITH A BIT OF TUCKER AND H2O) of course. I would like ti print my usual expletive about CapsLqck. But I won't.
Look after yourself matey. I get worried when I don't hear from you for a few days. Episodes like the Kings Cross affair, make my bowels rumble Cheers mate. Lolve from yer errant father!XXXX

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Monday, 3 August 2009


From: John Davidson [mailto:XXCENSOREDXX]
Sent: 03 August 2009 07:58
To: Emma Davidson
Subject: RE: your photos.

god luv us, you are a tall girl. And may I add pretty good looking. AND anyone would know who yer good lookin' pa is!!!!!! I'l try to print them off for my "Art gallery" Thass my eldest daughter. She's me mate. Put that in Diddong's bum and smoke it. Just come in from m y postrage stamp sized garden. Put a little wooden shelf up outside my window for the birds, water and a bit of tucker. Just like any silly old man does. usually when there are no humans with enough wit around the place , birds make more sense. Being a bloke and your father I've never looked at your legs as things of beauty. However you've a got a fine pair of legs duckie. And I've got a photo to prove it, Wait til I show them to the Bishop. Cheers yer pa,XXXX
Your mum gave me a bit of a warning the other day. "I'm not paying money to have you buried" Oh ses I. coon't give a stuff I'll be dead. So she is taking another bit off the one eighth of a pension I am allowed and saving it in a debit account. Got 2000.00 bucks so far. She will need about 6 thou. I told her to get a cardboard coffin and paint it white. No bastard would know it ain't cedar. only the poor bastards carrying it. Got to come one day. kiddo. I'll be able to find out what it's all about
Cheers mate. Keep on keepin on having a bit of fun out of life while you're young. I did so I cunt grumble now. eh?
Cheers. kick dingdong up the bum for me. I luv thr scrawney little turkey gobbler. LUVyer DadXXXXXX

> From: ME
> Subject: RE: Emailing: P8010086
> Date: Sun, 2 Aug 2009 09:13:33 +0100
> These are from when we had dinner all the girls the other night and then we
> went back to sarah lee's house and played with her dog.

FYI: Gross about the legs thing from your own father!

xx Lektrogirl

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Fireworks!, originally uploaded by Michael O'Neill!.


g, originally uploaded by harriet_the_spy.

Sunday, 2 August 2009


Football Guy, originally uploaded by Michael O'Neill!.

Keep them coming Air Commodore.

xx Lektrogirl

Saturday, 1 August 2009



Who is this?, originally uploaded by Lektrogirl.

As a child model.

xx Lektrogirl