Thursday, 29 November 2007


CHAMBERYZETTE!! OMG the drink of Kings and Pimps like me

So to refresh your memory from yesterday's post about the greatest song of this week

Chamberyzette - "A vermouth flavoured with alpine strawberries and is dry full flavoured aperitif with unique style." Totally spiritual and sensual so similar to Snoop Dogg in a silk satin shirt and a voice box handing out his mouth and the Mary Jane Girls caught in their underwear

You Get Me?

Anyway so back to the Chamberyzette: tonight I took Jessie to Andrew Edmunds for dinner cause I missed her birthday the other day. For an apéritif we decided on the Chamberyzette cause it had a nice name. Then we had an amazing dinner - totally delicious but unfortunately boring boring considering the next piece of news I have to tell you - but Kiera Knightley arrived and sat two tables away. We were there to see the guy she was with present her with a little jewellery box with little dangly 'diamante' earrings. It was totally romantic. She had seen them in a shop previously and he was with her and saw how much she loved them. Then he went back another day and bought them. Then Kiera went and tried to buy them herself, but the lady in the store said "OMG I'm sorry I sold them to someone another day" knowing full well that the guy was buying them as a surprise for Kiera. So she put the earrings and and they had a little smooch across the table. And then he was saying something like "I'm going to lie in tomorrow and walk around Stoke Newington. Those earrings make your smile look massive! Like they are extra teeth, they make your teeth sparkle more... You should wear your hair behind your ears to show them more..." They were so cute together. So don't you feel like you were just like totally right there too?

And I didn't realise - the Virgin Megastore isn't even Virgin any more... it is like some name lis Xzanni and all weird. It kind of blew my trip on the way home.

Then my friend Booty called me to talk about Hamburg, Astrology, Spritual stuff and things of a higher plane. What a pimp.

xx Lektrogirl

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This is the full cut video from the Katharine Hamnett Christmas webshoot. Enjoy! My personal favourite is the yellow/yellow LOVE t-shirt Jen is wearing.

xx Lektrogirl

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Wednesday, 28 November 2007


New Snoop Dogg:

For the full version check here. It has only been online a few hours and so there are no other versions except the universal one.

but OMG OMG OMG CARTWHEELS!!! THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE. I love Snoop Dogg. I might go to sleep wearing my Doggie Biscuit Sneakers.

xx Lektrogirl



I know it is old, but it was so nice to walk into the office this morning and swap R Kelly verses with my assistant Jon. So to all the R Kelly freaks and freaks [YGM] out there let's all rejoice in the Make It Rain remix.


And fuck the fat cunt in the "JOKES ON YOU!!!" slogan t-shirt. He needs to talk to Ruff Sqwad. My people had to have big talks with their people and those boys should be well versed into wassup these days.



xx Lektrogirl



Last night I went around to Cardinals armed with Migros Rosti and 2 MASSIVE pork swords of Swiss Olma Bratwurst.

You will not believe HOW HYPED we are to be going to Hamburg that we even eat Swiss food to pretend to be German. Cardinal is even luckier though - she is off to Munich for a couple of days earlier!

And here we are totally vibing. I brought one of my vintage souvenier scarves along to help the spirit.

Our first hurdle... Cardinal realised that the jar of sauerkraut she has in the back of her cupboard for yonks is almost impossible to open. I send her over the road to the pub she never visits to ask one of the fella's in there. Apparently, it wasn't until a woman offered that the jar was actually opened but she had to bang it on the floor first.

Our dinner. I was so stuffed after we ate it. Sorry to all the nations we may have offended to make that meal but we had a GREEEAAAATTT time!!

xx Lektrogirl

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In answer to the plethora of questions I have had about my birthday - I already told Paul I want something big and expensive and he said he will see about hooking that up, so that leaves all the other stuff:

1) I would love to go to the Sean Paul gig on Monday night. ticketmania for tickets. even better if you want to come with me.

2) Agent Provocateur vouchers always welcome tho' I dont really need the encouragement.

3) Swiss sausage. German sausage. Interpret that literally or with any innuendo you can muster.

4) Macaroons from La Duree. The rose ones are my favourite but I always think I've died and gone to heaven even when I just had one.

But most of all I LOVE surprises. NOT practicle joke ones. I hate those. But surprise presents.

Blogging with my phone gives me thumb RSI. Gotta go.

xx Lektrogirl

Sunday, 25 November 2007


God, there arent't as many videos made like this one by Etiquette 13 any more. AWESOME!!

And I am totally obsessed with the hip rolling guys!! AKA "{Dance/Fan Pg}DEM BOYZ can get U(_)U FILL IT N's" I'm not quite sure what it mean's but that is who they are. My favourite one is called Killa J.

And I have a new affection for T-Pain I didn't know could be possible. And he is such a weirdo to sing with the Cher voice.

xx Lektrogirl

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I've been listening to this Roisin Murphy song a lot lately - excuse the fucked video - there arent any on youtTube better - but there is something also amazing about the quality of it... I would normally consider this EMO lesbian music, but maybe that is where I am at the moment.

The other night, I just realised I lost my best friend. But he wasn't even a real person - he was a complete figment of my imagination. He had lied to me about himself for years. Why I didn't get out sooner I don't know - I heard him talk story to all the other people in his life, but I thought I was safe. He promised me that we would be best friends no matter what. But all of that has seem to be forgotten. I just got bullshitted by a weak person. So many of my friends have been right - they just told me to be happy the whole thing with him is over. And I am.

I have also had a realisation that makes me get all EMO and lesbian for another completely the opposite reasons. I HAVE SO MANY AMAZING REAL FRIENDS AROUND ME WHO REALLY LOVE ME. I'm really looking forward to spending my birthday with some of them in London and some of them in Hamburg and my family in Tasmania.

It is gonna be non stop party, just like this:

And just as dirty.

More later cause I have to work on my appraisals today!

xx Lektrogirl


Thursday, 22 November 2007


Man and I'm looking for the chocolate rush! After having to cut my part of the trip short I was kind of glad when I was darting around Migros picking up all the Swiss essentials: Weisswurst, Roesti, Deodorant, Supermarklet chocolate. 3.90 CHF for three bars of choclate better than you ever new. Anyway - I've been totally tired so sorry for not reporting back with all the details a bit sooner.

The trip was for work - the Distributor for Katharine Hamnett was showing us around Zurich and a few towns in the south of Germany to show us which doors he is thinking about for the brand. I'm Sales Manager so it is my job to know that someone like Christoph has the same ideas that we do.

So yep, Christoph really knows wassup. He knows a good sausage when he sees one and I'm happy to know that too.

So the first shop he showed us is WINK.

Wink is the store owned by one of his agents who sells the Katharine Hamnett brand in Zurich. Wink is an organic and fair trade store - but it doesnt smell of lentils. It really is a great store. I was trying on some Spring Courts there in bronze leather and heart broken when they on ly had my size in black. If you are in Zurich you should definitely check it out.

die zukunft beginnt jetzt
wink ist ein fashionstore in zürich der es sich zum ziel gesetzt hat, modisches bewusstsein mit den attributen „organic“ und „fair trade“ in einklang zu bringen.

wink zielt darauf ab, neben herkömmlich produzierter mode, das angebot an „organic“ und „fair trade“ kollektionen stetig auszubauen.

wink trifft den zeitgeist, denn bewusstes konsumieren ist kein widerspruch sondern gesunder menschenverstand.

wink wagt den spagat zwischen bewusstsein und verantwortung durch «fair trade» und «organic» auf der einen und coolen styles und edelster trendwear auf der anderen seite.

wink verkauft fashion für wache ästheten, die sich modisch nicht einengen, aber sich bewusst sind, was sie tragen

Here is the link to Wink. And on the same street are a load of other stores a tourist might want to check out PLUS The Zuri Bar and I can't even remeber the name of the place that I ened up with Christoph at 1 in the morning drinking beers, listening to Guns and Roses and Black Sabbath reading our Astrology from the paper. I had to refuse the free Jagermeister. So not like me. Oh! TIKI BAR I think. But nothing like Trader Vics... More like The Intrepid Fox when it was still on Wardour Street.

Oh and if you want to know more about my new best friend Christoph Dahn, you should check out his blog GoodTrueBeautiful German only - but maybe for you Deutsche peeps who are interested in organic / bio / environmental / ethical fashion stuff check here. Also, Christoph is the fashion export for this amazing new german website called Utopia

Okay so that is all the fashion stuff over LETS GET ONTO THE GOOD PART - THE FOOD!!
Basically you can eat trash off the pavement Switzerland is SOOOO clean. But don't - there is so much amazing food served on a plate you wouldn't need to get desperate there. For dinner that evening Christoph and I were the guests of Daniel who's parter is the Swiss agent / owner of Wink, and Daniel runs a company with 9 restaurants around Zurich - all different and if they are all as good as Toto where I went then OMG Zurich has a food bomb dropped on them. Toto was INCREDIBLE.
Don't be put off by the dudes in suits in the first picture on the site - there were loads of cool people there too - I wasn't the only one wearing jeans. You get me?



Christoph [New Zealand lamb! I secretly wanted to sneak a piece but as it was a work thing...]

Emma [veal with wine risotto. DELICIOUS]

Katharine wasn't feeling great that night, so we got a chance to talk about stuff other than business and I got to learn the mystery of the straw man with the exploding head ceremony of the craftsmens guilds, two more ways to get out of compulsory military service and well there was some business stuff - about how the guys both like to work and think about their businesses. The best part was when we got to talking about blogging and stuff though!! Thanks to Daniel and Christoph for a great evening!! Come to London!!

So, it is time I got ready for work. Here is a nice tourist shot of the Limmat at night as we walked into town.

Everything in this picture is a Christmas chocolate or dried fruit. I love this place. The windows are intense!

And the end of the night - me drunk and happy in bed wearing my old Shopgirl Babycham pyjamas.

xx Lektrogirl

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Tuesday, 20 November 2007


After a round table discussion at Yautacha - only one in four girls actually buy the matching bra and pants combination. And even then, it is just for 'special occaisons'. One girl pointed out the difficulty to keep the washing going in tandem with bras and knickers and we all agreed. Another girl via AIM mentioned she bought a matching bra and pants set 'for a special occaison' and it didnt matter any way because the guy took her bra off under her clothes so didnt get to see the whole thing at once. Her friend made the very concise observation that men don't notice the details until 6 weeks into a relationship anyway - they are too busy trying to get it away and dont have time to slow down.

I'm of to Germany.

xx Lektrogirl

Sunday, 18 November 2007


Totally was weird. I had this moment in the fitting rooms. I couldn't stop looking at myself thinking "life is different now". I don't know if I am mental or sane. Either way it meant I was an hour late for meeting Paul at Top Of The Town. So I had to go find him at Wong Kei which always makes me cry in there after the shittiest night of my life some years ago with an Irish cunt called Kevin Sheridan. I made Paul leave his plate of puke behind and we went and had our old usuals at T.O.T.T. Me - Sweat and Sour Pork. Him - String Bean Szechuan Style with Pork. But I was late for everything today. I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date... I hope Dal forgives me.

So I tried on a lot of clothes today as well. I was in the Mui Mui section trying on knitwear with this puffy mohair sleeves. They made me look like I had arms like the Gorilla in the Cadbury's commercial. Really. So I went back to the area I was really interested in - the Lingerie. Unfortunately, Alex Tea must have got lost on the way cause he Facebooked me to say he was gonna meet me in Agent Provocateur at 3 to help me choose bra's but he didn't show. Gutted. In my deep greif, I ended up buying four new bra's.

Vampirella. I was talking with Manara the other day about one knocker being bigger than the other.

Frumpy. I really like awkward underwear. There is a bra in Fifi Chachnil in Paris that I am obsessed with that I have gone back to see twice now. Only it is hideously expensive cause it is made from silk. And usually by the time I get there I have spunked my money in the antique jewellery shop over the road.

Anyway - while shopping in Agent Provocateur for these two, the music that came on was WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT:

Joe Jackson: Steppin' Out
FUCK WHAT AN UGLY MAN!!! Talk about ruin your vinegar stroke.
but I this is the third time I have heard this song in a shop lately... A while ago it was this:

His hip rolling though is really bad... [check end of the post for more...]

Cutey. This one is DJ Venoms favourite, but I dedicate this one to the man in the bar who I think is cute but I'm not sure if he is gay or not. I'm glad that DJ Venom, my lifestyle coach did have words to say about my shopping tonight on AIM.

00:21:34: do you think i should take the blue bra [not pictured] back
00:22:13: i think you need blue pants to go with it
00:22:24: i never wear matching underwear
00:22:31: cheap ho
00:22:36: yeah i know
00:22:42: you'll never impress a guy like that
00:23:02: i often wear matching socks, pants and t-shirt
00:23:08: same pantone
00:23:18: the only other person i know who does that is a homo. but he is thebest dressed man i know
00:24:53: omg - XXCENSOREDXX* agrees with you about the matching knickers

* Would love to tell you but I can't. Here is what he said tho' online tonight.

00:24:02: my lifestyle coach, daniel lee, says i will never impress a guy if i dont wear knickers that match my bra.
00:24:05: is that true?
00:24:23: yeah
00:24:25: totally true
00:24:40: does it have to be the same set or can it colour co-ordinate.
00:24:48: same set
00:24:58: fuck me
00:25:13: that is gonna be a LOT
00:25:16: yep
00:27:09: do all girls match their underwear?
00:27:23: i mean i imagine rhiannan does
00:27:31: sorry that is a lezza i know
00:27:40: i mean the umbrella girl
00:27:57: yeah i think so
00:27:59: most do
00:28:09: o rly

Sadly, my obsession - that was started by Ramiro Elena - rests with bras alone. Not knickers. My other obsession is taking pictures up girls skirts.

Here is Jo, the new girl at work. Her photoshop skills are exception and she has an amazing eye for detail. Though the small hole in her tights might lead you to a different opinion of her. That and the chipped nail polish.

Finally: Keeping with the sexual vibe of this post - on to the Hip Rollin videos that are good. No no, they are AAMMAAZZINGGGG!!


xx Lektrogirl

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Saturday, 17 November 2007


I just love it when you stumble across someone's page of gross Flickr porn.

Check here for more pictures like this [but worse - not for work or while babysitting] and get it while it lasts!


However, i think this picture is genuinely quite beautiful.

xx Lektrogirl

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Okay so basically, here is my life lately. Glamour, great hair, fabulous tits and party lifestyle.

Actually no it was more like this - great in concept but something a bit wrong with the excution.

Last night I had to stay home in my pyjamas cause I was just too over everything and cold even though I was meant to DJ. I heard Prancehall got my back there so that was fine. I wonder if he would be suitable to play me in the movie of my life? Don't forget he will have to pork himself up [hope he isn't a Muzzie or a Jew] for the role. Prancehall had told me earlier that the squat party from last week was meant to be really good. So I told him about the toilets with the wet floor and the sink hanging off the wall, the smell of poppers and greasy onion baajis [some tell me how to spell that - this is when you know I'm still not Britsh cause I can't spell any Indian food], the woman with the latex pig masks etc and his words were "It sounds awful".

Hang on no scratch the second video and check the first one again. I had a brilliant night out for Kesh's birthday. Me and my glamourous friends met at Trader Vic's - Cardinal was even showing a bit of bra that DJ Venom couldn't help but notice, I blew Antoinette's mind by reeling of purchases she made from The World according To... over two years ago and coaxed Manara out to Yo Yo cause she was looking mega hot.


And in final news, Karma is working out beautifully. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

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Wednesday, 14 November 2007


Today many things were longing me out. No internet, jobs piling up, meetings, notes. BLARGH.

BUT then something lovely happened. My number 1 assistant told me that he would take me on a date [I was whinging at lunch and he was joking] then blushed. Then I asked him to get me a chocolate bar from the shops if he really meant it. He said that I was the kind of girl who liked expensive chocoalte though. I told him that I like cheap mint chocolate and an Aero would be amazing. Number 1 assistant came back from the shops, got down on his knee and gave me the chocolate bar. He knew I was down in the dumps today. What an amazing dude. Then I asked me where he would take me on the date. He told me Paris. I asked him if he was going to take me up the Eiffel tower. Sniggers all round the office. I asked him if it was going to be a day trip or a whole weekend away. He said that it was going to depend on how hard I was to crack. Mega LOLZ. I laughed for ages about that.

Then the second amazing thing happened - XXCENSOREDXX sent me a random email! Hello! Good times.

xx Lektrogirl

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Here are two of the videos we made on the weekend at the Katharine Hamnett shoot with all of the new Christmas stock which is online now. I'm totally into the black on black one. Roxy, Will and I had huge arguments over what music to play in this, in the end we ripped the song out of the Kenny Kingston Extra Sensory Bass Mix CD in the Katharine Hamnett office.

And in this one, which is actually more serious is also more thrilling - KOFFI the most beautiful man alive is in it!! and JEN flashes her boobies!! And she has the most incredible knockers ever!! Blog readers who usually skip the YouTube videos, trust me it is worth the bandwidth consumption...

And just FYI - This is why the Katharine Hamnett possee have decided to add this slogan to the file:

Burma is ruled by one of the most brutal military dictatorships in the world. It is a dictatorship condemned internationally for its refusal to transfer power to the legally elected Government of the country which is led by Nobel Peace Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi. The United Nations has also charged the dictatorship with a 'crime against humanity' for its systematic abuses of human rights.

In the summer of 1988, the Burmese nation rose in protest against the one-party system. Peaceful student-led demonstrations for democracy were brutally put down and thousands of people were killed by the authorities firing on unarmed protesters. The military government closed every university in Burma and although the universities have been periodically reopened, they remain subject to arbitrary closure, and are closed more often than open. Those that are open are subject to repressive military control, and they are cripplingly under equipped. The reality within Burma is that a whole generation of young people has been deprived of the opportunity of education, and the effect on Burma's future is incalculable.

Recent events in Burma [like the mysterious 'dissapearance' of a number of the most respected members of Burmese society, the monks] highlighted this problem but as is the way with the media, coverage lessens and once again Burmese people are starting to feel forgotten by the rest of the world. Katharine Hamnett has recently launched a T-shirt in collaboration with Prospect Burma to highlight the plight of the Burmese people and help bring about positive change by donating £15 from the sale of each t-shirt directly to the charity.

I've paraphrased the press release there but you might be interested in this - For further information on Prospect Burma or to make a donation, please see the website

xx Lektrogirl

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Tuesday, 13 November 2007


XXCENSOREDXX just sent me a message saying XXCENSOREDXX had liquid shits and thought XXCENSOREDXX had finished, stood up and squirted more out of XXCENSOREDXX's bum on XXCENSOREDXX's shoes and pants. Yeah, but THE THING IS XXCENSOREDXX had eaten cuttlefish ink risotto the night before and so it was jet black. Apparently fortunately XXCENSOREDXX was saved by the belt XXCENSOREDXX was wearing. The shit just wiped off.

In other news, people with their pants down should check this link referred to me by my very good internet pen friend.

xx Lektrogirl


Monday, 12 November 2007



Turn the sound down on this and crank up Skream's Midnight Request Line. If you decide to bother to stand up, just hop from one leg to the other without taking your foot off the ground. Basically, that's it.

Kind regards


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Sunday, 11 November 2007


But not as long as a dubstep party. Manara was feeling me. Sweet relief when Faggatronix did their set!

Okay so check out all these really vital vibing people in this video.

"It's emotional music, it's physical music" [Trust that to be Yank who says that btw]
I've spent the last half an hour looking for YouTube videos of people doing dubstep dancing. There are none. For me, this disqualifies Dubstep as real music. Cause there are only documentaries...
People look really weird dancing to Dubstep. A bit like monkeys hang from a tree with the good bits in the music, only their feet are also still on the ground bouncing between the two. Or when the music is boring [a lot] bouncing their heads around like the music is a lot. OMG - the dance is a bit like the funky gibbon that The Goodies did back in the 70's. YGM?

I mean there is this video - but it is more about the squirrel. You get me.

Anyway - I guess someone loved the party as much as I did.

The evening started a lot better though. The day was spend in the Katharine Hamnett studio eyeing of Koffi and Jen as they moddeled for the new webstore shoot shot by Alex Sturrock and styled by my long lost love, Becky Seager. I think we met in another life. Here is Koffi wearing some of my glasses frame from my collection -


This is Koffi and Kesh modelling for the Spring Summer collection that I dragged around Europe with Roxy due for delivery in store February 08. This colourway - Frenchy / Pistachio was a personal favourite.

It is part of my job to check the colours on things now when the samples come back from the printer. If I'm not happy with something, I have to take loads of pictures like this, or ones with rulers and document it all. You should see my MyPictures folder on my work computer. Non stop thrill.

Anyway - after the shoot my ribs were killing me!!! I wore that fucking dirndl [I do have brusies!!!] and Jen had been hitting tennis balls across the studio and I had to climb all over the place to get them again. I went into the West End and met up with my lifestyle coach Daniel Lee. When I had seen him last, he had told me I was 100% prime B-Boy gash only my shoes were all wrong. This time I made more of an effort, only to be told that I had it all wrong. At this revolting party, my shoes would get ruined and it was all about New Era caps. Whoops. I had just given away my STL New Era that Nameless gave me I never really like in the shoot to Koffi...

I thought they might be more lucky for me as they are the Valentine's edition Nike with the love heart sweets printed on the inner sole. Thank God they were not as most people at the party later had dreadlocks. Well I wonder if that is worse than dating a guy who is bald? Never mind - I'm apparently fat - we all have our own cross to bare.

Once the shitty one man band had stopped in Trisha's, the inhouse CD's started getting played. Phil Collins was on so we were all talking about that Cadbury's ad with the Gorilla. My lifestyle coach Daniel was telling me the music he had been listening to before he came out. I told him I had been listening to Li'l Kim. He told me I had failed the 100% Gash test again because if I was really hip hop I would only listen to shit like Phil Collins at home. He had seen a documentary on Ice T [I think it was him... I wasn't taking notes... Hope there is no pop quizz next time I see my lifestyle coach....] who had every Phil Collins record ever.

My lifestyle coach on the Golf Course of life.
We took a nice bus ride back into town past the unfortunately named St Paul's Cathederal. I will never return to Stepney again. Not if you pay me.
The whole thing was eerily like Rephlex raves from 13 years ago when Ed DMX was still making funny music [It's DMX and the Possee!! - LOLZ] and I was just to XXCENCOREDXX XXCENSOREDXX on the back of a tour bus coming back from Brighton. Aaahh Good Times.

Speaking of Possee's

We are the guests of SLASH. DJ Venom didn't really want Philippa and I to play at all, in fact he didn't even bother to tell me I'm playing til the other day. On these grounds I intent to make the evening as excruciating as possible. :)

Another lovely thing friends to for each other:

If you didn't see it on my Facebook already, look what Superduck drew for me! An exquisite portrait of me! All inspired by the video I had recommended to him for viewing delight.

xx Lektrogirl


Had to come home from the club early cause the dirndle I wore today stopped me from breathing properly so I was already pooped when I got there. Faggatronix played a great set and I was so happy to see them. Im blogging this in a cab getting car sick. More later.

Thursday, 8 November 2007


If you could have all come to dinner with me last night we would have had the best time!! We went to the Great Eastern Dining Room again [it was a work thing] which is a great start cause this means nice cocktails in a nice place if you can ignore the suits - but they are well behaved in this place cause the food portions are small and there are no steaks. Anyway - what am I rambling about?!

Roxy and I went there last night with out Italian distributor Giovanni. OMG the funniest guy ever! His girlfriend [back in Italy] is gorgeous and she is pregnant with a baby who is due to be born around the same day as me and they will call her Emma. I was quite drunk [I think we all were...] but I sobered up quickly when Giovanni told us the story of him losing his virginity at 14! OMG!! Talk about an eye opener. Anyway you should have all been there. AMAZING!

All I can add here is XXCENSOREDXX !!

In other news, DJ Venom has been asking my fashion advice on buying a winter coat. Oh the cab is here to take me to work. More about this later. I have a lot to say.

xx Lektrogirl


Tuesday, 6 November 2007


From this



I can hardly believe it.

There is one last question remaining however - from the display house in Portugal, is this actually Lee disguised with the beard in the front?

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What a suprise that I have it at the greatest club of all time, The Golden Pudel in Hamburg. Booty Carrell has given up one of his Salzburg Touch Screen nights to become the PLATINUM PUSSY -- BIG!! With DJ Koyote and DJ Goon from Paris, Booty Carrell and of course me. Even though I think it is bad form to play at your own party. But who else will play all the greats like Tuerlich Tuerlich?!

Everyone on earth is invited [almost]. If you want to come and need a recommendation for somewhere to stay, check out the It is only a 2 minute walk away from the Pudel so if you are so wasted that you nearly shit your pants on the way home, it isn't far to the toilet. I have actually experienced something like this in London. But less about that at my age the better. Some things belong in the past.

Anyway - DO COME!!

xx Lektrogirl

Sunday, 4 November 2007



Saturday, 3 November 2007


I'm ripping CD's so I can pack them away instead of carpeting corners of the floor with them.

OMG do you remember how nice that song Big Momma Thang by L'il Kim was before sh egot her face cut and airbrushed into place like the fanny of a Barbie doll all smooth and weird?

"Killas be quiet, my nigga bring the riots
Tough talk, tough walk, shit is tired
You wanna be this Queen B, but ya can't be
That's why your mad at me"

Oh sista you speak to my heart.

And it seems I paid 7 EURO in a German shop for the East 17 CD:

Do you think they had the same delusions of grandeur as Soul II Soul in the "Dream's a Dream" video? Soul II Soul def had way better looking giils in their video...

And from the Urban legends Five, I bet you didn't know they did a song for Inspector Gadget...

This is distracting me from ripping CD's before CSI.


xx Lektrogirl

Friday, 2 November 2007




Last night went out and had fun. I dont have to be at work today until 11am so that is an added bonus. We saw some band at Yo Yo that were pretty good. They looked like a Swedish gamboy band, except they made electronic beats and then this guy did 'soul house' singing over the top. I bet he really loved Dane Bowers when he was younger. I couldn't help but think that Nameless would shit himself to be in a band like that. Also, we saw Koffi who modelled for us at Katharine Hamnett for the SS08 collection. I've been wetting my knickers over him ever since.

Here is Philippa looking smug. It was Koffi's birthday at midnight and he is French so there were kisses all round.

I got a lecture last night from DJ Venom that I am actually 100% prime quality gash for any B-Boy and I could have any guy in the place, except there is one area letting me down [I was thinking 'my arse', 'my glasses'...] which in Daniel's opinion is my shoes. He explained it very eloquently as "Guys are such nerds, all they look at is the feet and in a place like this your shoes just won't do. It is either the tits or the shoes and you don't have any tits." Apparently he went and bought some new shoes recently because he needed some new ones. He really liked all the shoes that are available for girls in all the "pretty colours".

Here are DJ Venom's feet. Perhaps there is something in what he says because look at all the wet marks on the floor. That is from random gash where girls have rushed him to get his number because of his shoes.

I spent the rest of the night pointing out the shoes of every girl in the place. The only girl I saw with remotely B-Boy Gash shoes was a tiny Japanese girl in a woolley who was a girlfriend of one of the break dancers. And after he did his dance thing with some other "brothers" or whatever B-Boys call each other, they just sat in the corner.

The only people who seemed to be getting any action of note last night were these two:

Physically, they were responding well to anything a bit reggaeish - if you get my drift. Not a sneaker in sight though.

OMG = 'celebrities' we saw last night were Sean Paul, Kellie Osborne, Amy Winehouse and Kevin Federline. I'm an expert at that game and it seems Philippa has an eye for it too. Another reason to love her so much.

Anyway - I will note Daniel's comments. It will be hard to try and wear any of my existing styles out because I really hate the the thought of getting a single drop of anything on the shoe - Gucci leather fur lines high tops, Nike valentine's day high tops [ahhh good times with Nameless in Hamburg.] But next time I go to Yo Yo I will try his theory out and try better sneakers.

xx Lektrogirl

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Thursday, 1 November 2007


OMG Bitch Ass Darius reminded me of this show just now. OMG! I used to watch this when I was a little little girl!! Amazing. Life is good!



Pinch and a punch for the first of the month!! 30 days till my birthday!!!

xx Lektrogirl


Cardinal and I taste tested her local pub The Lord Stanley last night instead of dressing up and getting drunk at The Real Gold party. I wonder how it went? I wanted to go as a tattooed bearded lady from the Freak Circus. And wear my "new million dollar boots" boots.

From the dayglo colours of our food, I wonder if the chef was even getting a bit in the spirit of Halloween? It is a nice pub though with a high level of good looking men who look like they have interesting lives. Unlike the St John on Junction Road where the half done roast potatoes gave both Philippa and I serious stomach problems. [Never Go Back...]

As we walked in the general direction of home from The Lord Stanley, we bumped into these beauties waiting for the 390 bus.

One of them is called X lady lippy X.

I walked all the way home and after passing through the assualt course of teenage boys with Scream masks and baseball bats, boys dressed in Reebok tracksuits letting off fireworks and the odd "sexy witch" I bumped into all these girls again at the mini mart over the road from Tufnell Park tube station whooping it up with the bottle of Smirnoff Ice and Cherry Lambrini. What a party!

Here is my Halloween song dedicated to the North London Girls who were out on the lash night:

And I hope the Lord can save you all this morning like it saved Cliff Richard.

And when I become a better lesbian than I already am [I only scored a 12 on the Lesbian test on Facebook!!! NOT GOOD] I'm gonna get really drunk and dance around to this song - this is going to be MY SONG...

I didn't even know it until today!

xx Lektrogirl

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