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Hiya! Phwaor. I have just cooled down after the last edition of my Ultimate Babe Material featuring Teki Latex [so sexual] but I could feel the primal urges of my readers starting to rev up again. This time, the U.B.M. I am delivering to you is a Swedish guy, in a band, long hair, free spirit, vodka drinking in the forest, like yerrr sexual hipster and you know, he is also Fé. Fé is like the female side of him, if he had a twin sister but she was never born and what there is of her body still sits inside of him [his words not mine!] Johan is the guy you hang out with when you feel hemmed in, when you want to set yourself free, when you want to build bonfires and build things because with Johan he makes you feel like anything is possible and with a bottle of vodka in your hand you just don't give a fuck. Definitely something for the EMO in all of us!

So may I introduce for your sexual pleasure JOHAN HINDERS!

Errr... Babe!

Johan is a prolific musician and is/was a member of a number of bands: 1999, Midi Metal, Appareil and part of a group called Audionom. And then this personality Fé. So before we go further, here is the most recent video from Fé for a song called "Heaven and Earth".

Johan: Hi! this is my answers! ask me about if anything is unclear. My spelling and gramma is not best.

Fé and friend

Me: This first question is a bit more difficult than normal because I am interested in you as Johan Hinders and as Fé. How would you describe your personal style? What is the inspiration for Fé?

Johan: Fé’s personal style is depending on her stylists. But usually we working with the idea of a seventeen year old alternative extrovert girl, who may be intrested in and consume subcultures like goth and manga etc for an example. Johan Hinders was originally a club kid and may be a typically guy from underground scene?

Johan as club kid "Raise your glasses" and FIERCE lipstick on stylist Sara

Me: I know we talked on Facebook about it before, but I don't know how to explain about Fé as a female or a male cross dresser or what?

Johan: Fé is a art project and could be described as my inner fem. Fé should be my collided twin sister. So its not a cross dress project in a sexual meaning.

Me: What do you think makes a girl look hot?

Johan: Girls who look like dolls actually: Long legs, Big eyes, Big red mouth etc. A personal style is important. And of course the behavior.

Me: Who are the girls that do your make up as Fé? Have you learnt any secret beauty tricks?

Johan: I have four make up artists who I use to help me, three women and one man: Aurelia Le Houche, Tanya Byrne, Sara Litzén and Tommie X. No I think its their job. I'm not so interested in learning make up. I if I did it myself I think its risk that it would became too personal.

Me: You do fashion modelling as Fé - do you do any male modelling?

Johan: Yes I do some male modelling as Johan Hinders. Mostly fashion. I did a work for a Swedish magazine in November: [shitty flash website & no direct link] and I did a lot of modelling when I was younger in the mid nineties.

Me: What's your idea of a good date?

Johan: A girl I like and LOTS of Vodka!

Performing with 1999

Me: Obviously everyone who reads my blog will want to marry you by now, are you single?

Johan: No, I m dating one of my make up artists, Sara.

[oh shit... sorry guys... misery...]

Me: Your song Heaven and Earth is pretty sad and reminds me of all my Goth friends from when I was a teenager who used to listen to Under The Milkyway by The Church. Do you know that song? Cause I noticed you have the Donny Darko pic on your MySpace profile and that song is on the sound track.

Pricks at YouTube deleted the audio. Fuck.

Actually I don't know why I am going on about this song so much, but to me that there seems to be some connection between this song and your sound. What do you think? I mean, how do your describe your musical sound?

Johan: I had never herd the song before you showed it for me. I really liked it though! And I understand what you mean too. It is some smilarity between the songs.
My musical sound is inspirated of New wave, old dance music like techno from early nineties, space rock like Hawkwind, goth and very much of Brian Eno and Kate Bush. I m also inspirated of Baroque music like Bach.

Me: You also have written you like Amon Duul II. My favourite track is "Arcangel Thunderbird" and the bit where she sings really off. Do you have any favourite tracks?

Johan: My favorite song is "Wolf City" from the record with the same name wich also is my favorite record and "From here to your ears" from "Dance of the Lemmings". The album "Yeti" is almost too far out. And the records from 1975 and forward is often really bad.

On the left in the band 1999.

Me: You are also in other bands as well as performing solo. How do you find time to do all this stuff?

Johan: Im also studying Archaeology, working as a library assistant, and in the health caring sector and with light engineering etc. I'm also helping my father with his ex farm in the countryside of northern Sweden and taking care of my thirteen year old son Eldar. Well I guess I don’t like to do nothing. When I was small I was often ill and had to do nothing all the time. That's really boring! I m not watching TV so often either. TV is really boring!

Me: Okay and finally, most people come to my blog to read about me and my life. So to keep things on point, what do you think about me?

Johan: I think you are cool! I don´t know you, but you seem to be a really engaged person who runs many interesting projects! :) [Me: I don't think I do quite as much as Johan tho'. God - I had no idea!!]

And so there you have it - U.B.M. Edition #2 JOHAN HINDERS - a cool guy with 4 of his own make-up artists!! I wonder how many KISS had?!! And I don't really know how to sum Johan up in one paragraph, so instead I will use this photograph I found on one of his profile pages. If a picture speaks 1000 words, there is more than enough to be learnt about Johan, or maybe not.

And of course - Johan can be web stalked with all the usual web browsers...

Until next time!!

xx Lektrogirl

P.S. As usually apologies to everyone who's pictures I have ripped off from all over the place. If you have a problem with it, please let me know.

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