Sunday, 10 June 2007


There is no better lyric to have in the chorus of any party track. It is great for kids and dirty hoes alike. My previous post Summer Jam, which got me onto The Outhere Brothers made me think of that incredible track WIGGLE WIGGLE [Don't Stop] which my neice and nephews have on CD and Sam, the greatest dancer, did this spin once that was so fast he literally flew across the room. I mean, he did end up in tears, but the move was fucking awesome.

Anyway - here are some incredible WIGGLE songs [please don't get confused with THE WIGGLES!]

Outhere Brothers [Live in Basildon] - Wiggle wiggle

Disco Rick & The Wolfpack - Wiggle wiggle

2 In A Room - Wiggle It [Live on TV so not live]

And as an aside - my sister and I had hats like that.

Disco Rick - The Nasty Dance
Nothing to do with WIGGLE but a preview of my next topic - rap songs with little kids in it doing lewd dancing.

Sounds a lot like Funky Y 2 C by The Puppies...

HHUAHAhhHAuhah Ahu hahau uhAU hHAHAHAHA

xx Lektrogirl

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