Monday, 4 August 2008


This morning while sitting at Valerie's on Old Compton Street with Pippa and Max we were curious about what exactly happened at Costa's. There was shit everywhere, the shop still open but cordoned off, no signs, guarded by cops... I walked the periphery to check out if I could clock any evidence that would provide clues as to what went on but there was nothing. Besides, a lot of vital evidence would have been washed away in the rain. Pippa and I had to explain to Max that fingerprints do not last in water. All the hours of CSI we had watched was important. It looked like someone had lobbed a table at someone though. By the afternoon the place was full of homosexuals again.

Speaking of people I spotted on Old Compton Street today, Jammer and I believe Badness were walking arm in arm along the road with two other people carrying loads of shopping bags. It was great to see them and I wanted to rush up to them and say "HOW ABOUT YOUR NEW TRACK COMING OUT THE ONE WITH SILVERLINK ???!!! Remember me Jammer? I'm your girlfriend Lektrogirl?! You know... The one that promised you could do it up the bum if only you would call."

Jammer never did call, but probably cause he was busy in the studio with Silverlink and Badness to make a new track being released as a 12" on No Hats No Hoods. It is some fucked up Soca vibes called "The Message is Love". When Linden from HOUSE OF WINGS [R.I.P. those wings] heard the original Soca instrumental by Silverlink he went nuts for it. If you want to cop and earful of the track, rather than a Costa coffee table, visit Silverlink's MySpace page and you can listen to the instrumental there [called 'Love is the Message' there]

You can also check the No Hats No Hoods MySpace for when it is finally released and where you can buy it from. Listen to the hilarious Are You Ready EP Promo. I couldn't stop laughing -- "And all other record stores that know what they are doing". LOL.

xx Lektrogirl

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