Tuesday, 29 January 2008


Last night I spent struggling under my bath fitting the new shower tap and head into the plumbing. Oh my days, whoever the genius was who engineered the back nuts to be so awkward really deserves their front nuts removing. Never the less, I struggled and swore and totally missed 'City of Vice' but I got the new taps on! Yeah bruv, I love the internet. Everything I know about plumbing I learnt there.

You could not imagine the elation I felt about acheiving this small goal. It lasted about two hours. I was just in the bathroom chilling looking at my new taps when I could hear a drip. Not often and not very big, but with my bat like hearing I could definitely hear it. The isolator valve on the hot tap has spring a pin prick leak. I need to go talk to someone in the bath shop on Holloway Road tomorrow about it - to replace it [I think the actual screw is threaded in the valve switch] looks pretty straight forward, but I could be wrong.

Thankfully, Cardinal is back from Sri Lanka or I would go on and on about plumbing. A bit like the time I ended up vocalising the difference between a laser printer and an ink jet printer for Pippa. Ahhh good times. I met her yesterday early evening. Both of us feeling a bit poorly. We had a glass of wine. She has a TAN and her hair all holidayfied. She looks amazing. Then she gave me a slice of carrot cake she made - it was the best carrot cake ever! THE BEST. I am going to marry her one day. We sat on the sofa checking out different greys on paint colour swatch cards. So romantic.

Anyway - soon I am going to commit suicide on Facebook. I really fucking hate it. I've been the victim of scary profile picture attacks, a sucker for accidently sending out random applications to all my friends [I'm still sorry] and finding out if I was a drug I would be cocaine, but I am going to die from old age. Go figure. AND YOU CAN'T EVEN PIMP YOUR PAGE. Now that Macy's seem to have stopped giving away store cards and $500 all over the place I'm going back to MySpace. I like it there. So come February, Facebook I kill myself in defiance to you. If anyone wants to make a pact let me know. I'm not scared, but it there is something nice about a mass exit.

xx Lektrogirl

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