Friday, 13 June 2008


It's 3.50am and I'm blogging from my phone. Let me tell you what really bugs me about my upstairs neighbours. One of them REALLY snores really loud. It doesn't help that I had fantastic coffee at Sean Paul's girlfriend's house last night keeping me awake - or that my head is bouncing around between spiritual taxi rides, apologies, wanting to have a baby (I KNOW!!!), wondering 'what ifs', wondering where my life will go next. But I would actually prefer to hear my neighbours fucking than the mronic breathing of someone who is reatively hot.

i still don't know the name of their child - Coco the dog is still there - but I saw the child with his mum outside the Whittington and it's a boy. Coco is definitely not a good name for a guy unless he's a clown.

i think they have woken themselves up with their snorig. I might try sleeping again. And with a bit of luck, the neighbours might start having a fumble - cause it is about that time of night, isn't it.

xx Lektrogirl

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