Wednesday, 30 July 2008


IMG_3620, originally uploaded by zhanlan9.

There is someone every day now inviting me into their worlds by making favourite any picture I have on my Flickr of women's legs and tights - most of which I take for just jokes. I DO NOT HAVE A NYLON TIGHT FETISH - anyone who knows me will know I only wear cotton rich Falke or Woolford tights through the cold months. But I don't have a fetish about it!

Anyway today, zhanlan9 came into my life by making favourite one of my pics and I think they have to be the best pictures I have seen of any tight fetishist yet. They are full of such as mixture malaise which I think comes from the rooms disarray and ennui which comes from the model. I can only imagine what their sex life must be like. If only the pig on the door knob could tell it's secrets!

And who said Asian* girls have no arse?

xx Lektrogirl

* I always make the same mistake I think cause in Australia we say Asian for Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Viet etc and Indian for India but here in the UK I don't know wtf to say cause I know Asian means India / Pakistan etc... Someone sort me out.

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Monday, 28 July 2008


jane_09, originally uploaded by st3773.

If you hadn't discovered it for yourself already, there is an inordinate amount of pictures of women in nylon tights on Flickr. Personally I love them and there is something about the repulsiveness of flesh coloured tights and a gusset I find hilarious. Others don't - they find it a full time occupation it seems.

xx Lektrogirl

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