Monday, 4 August 2008


Lektrogirl and Satan, originally uploaded by All About Eve Babitz.

What the fuck do I look like here with Alex last Thursday night on Max's birthday at the George and Dragon? Let it be known that Max actually felt Alex up on the left nipple and Alex liked it. Also let it be known that I was actually wearing a bra.

The night was so hot and muggy and I had an upset evening earlier storming out of restaurants etc that I had to go home with a stomach ache.

Here is another HML picture. Paul Pieroni took this one at Visions. Was it Cocadisco? I don't remember now - too many Malibu and Pineapples.

In further scintillating news:

More on my supposed rocked fuelled superstar love life. Please note the phone is out of credit and that glass is definitely half empty.

But I got my eye on you and I'm gonna look you up some time soon YGM?

xx Lektrogirl

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Monday, 7 July 2008


2008!!! F.B.I. [that's French LOLspeak for 'fausse bonne idée']

Apart from all the stuff do do with work I have dealt with this year, financial woes, being ill, getting mugged etc [sorry to whinge] TODAY I got stuck in the rain, forgot my PIN for my only bank account with any money in it, nearly got run over by some 'youth' on his bicycle burning round the corner on the pavement and AM GRAPPLING WITH MY OLD PHONE WITH THE STUPID KEYPAD FOR THE LETTERS. All the while trying not to send out too many hate vibes to the universe.

On the plus side, Max rang me today and started to sing this:

Which is super funny cause it is the kind of thing my sister would do [only she would sing 'You Give Love A Bad Name' or 'Living On A Prayer' more likely]

Oh the Little Witch just rang me and I can't remember all the anti complaining I was going to do but I had a good laugh about The Twin, A Dog's Life and getting your period etc. SGT [serious girl's talk].

Aussi j'ai parlé avec le Parisian Jew et i told him my latest stories which he declared 'Hyper Mignon' et non il n'est pas un PD. En fait he was on his way out to buy sexy presents for his girlf.

In other super exciting news: This Wednesday night it is the launch of the Antony Price "PRICELESS" line for TOPMAN with a party at TRAMP! I have seen the upcoming collection in mock ups of the look book as Max has been working with 'Mrs' Price very closely putting the project together. I think the collection looks great. Sadly I won't have my camera :((( but I think Madame, Mrs Kipling, Caz [fellow Aussie Babe] will all be there and have their snappers out so I will be raiding their photo's like crazy for the blog. Anyway I have to totally rework the look I was going to be wearing now my Jas MB clutch has gone. I'd been thinking about it for days... Shit... What is a girl to do?

You know I will tell you something good - I loved walking back from the High Street today where I got rained on to see all the giant puddles and massive floods cause all the drains are blocked around here by leaves, twigs, petals, bits from people pruning their hedges and maybe a bit of dog crap in a plastic bag and the occasional Mc Donald's sauce lid container. It seems so civilised. Rather than in East London where I know that the drains are all blocked by chicken bones, knives, odd sneakers, eviction notices, more chicken bones and somewhere my forlorn belongings never to be seen again. A parochial mentality I know, but my mentality none the less.

xx Lektrogirl

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