Tuesday, 22 July 2008

WEB 2.0

Lord Fauntleroy said that there is no such thing. [You can see that it was doomed from the off.]

I beg to differ and what I consider to be Web 2.0 - Facebook, Myspace, Friendster [remember that! LOL I wish I could remember my login and password] FLICKR [oh where would I be without you] and of course Blogger, rounded corners and scribble fonts.

An aside:
"OH yes! So yes I was right! My blogger files are on my server Lord Fauntleroy! You didn't believe me."

So tonight Drx and I chatted on ICQ like it was the good old days when we would chat on micromusic about Scooter, Marcel Masters would pop up every now and again with his hello kitty picture [OH MY DAYS - I think we had to have him banned or an official warning] and about falling in love and falling out of love and other such interesting matters. [No I never ripped out someone's spine and shoved it down their throat but I was close.] Drx told me that I must post something new on my blog for him to read in the morning or he will blow up the whole internet. I would like to see him try. I asked Bitch Ass Darius if the internet could ever 'run out' one day and he told me 'no' and explained about all kinds of things that would make it impossible.

Tonight, Drx and I used the internet to discuss Photoshop and it's use to erase identity on the internet. I had found a wonderful collection from a Flickr user who was quite good at drawing sunglasses on his nudie wife.

And himself

Drx reminded me of this project on Nasty Nets

Here are two favourites from the collection

What a poser.

Hugged by a blob.

I wish I could find the pictures of the woman who has the pool cue up her fanny that I found while chatting to Silverlink one night on Facebook with the womans face all scratched out with the pencil tool but alas, I have no clue where they are right now.

OH YEAH and does anyone remember that gay website where men would discuss the interiors of people homes who had post nudie shots of themselves online around with the bodies all blanked out? It was amazing and big in like 2000 or so. If anyone remembers anything about this site please let me know. It was HILARIOUS. I submitted a picture of a friend of mine who was dressed in a rubber outfit cause the shelves behind him were atrocious.

Anyway - not a lot of gossip in this post or anything like that. I just had to do it to save the internet for all of us tomorrow lest Drx try to get up to no good.

xx Lektrogirl

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Monday, 21 January 2008


Thanks maf*pHew

xx Lektrogirl

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Sunday, 15 July 2007


If you ask me how a t-shirt gets made, I can tell you a gang of different ways now. I can tell you about organic cotton. I can tell you about soil association approved printing. I can tell you about discharge prints and super blue. I can tell you about different types of construction. Different weights of jersey. Compact Spun. Enzyme wash. India. Peru. But at the end of the day, unless you want to make t-shirts I guess it is pretty boring. I've been wearing the same four t-shirts to death lately - three I bought in Paris and one I got from the rag bag at work. Oh and a CHOOSE LIFE tshirt from the rag bag that I prefer to wear inside out for some reason.

The only downer with this reprint t-shirt from Katharine Hamnett's archive is that people keep yelling "Hey YOU!" at me. Apparently this t-shirt is misprint. Very few come back as misprints with Katharine Hamnett slogan t-shirts cause the printers are so good. Urban Outfitters are stocking this colour way. A lot of people have asked me already where to get them from. On the Katharine Hamnett website we will have them on yellow t's with black and hot pink with a discharge print [very pale pink] for sale by Wednesday.

There are no down sides to this t-shirt. This is the Teki Latex t-shirt I bought. PLEASE NOTE TEKI - I BOUGHT THIS!!! This t-shirt is like totally booyah all over the place.

Then I also got a Gasius t-shirt that looks like and infinate fill pattern mixed with ghosts. I don't have any pictures of that and it is in the machine right now. The other one I keep wearing says "French Flair" on it with a retarded little man who looks lie a French version of The Little Chef. That is in the machine too.

So here are some videos of the songs I played at Roxy's Blonde vs Brunettes party the other night.
Cameo: Word Up

There is also not a bad word that can be said about this song.

Outkast: Ghettomusick

There are DEFINITELY a lot of sexual men in that video. I'll get my people to me in touch with their people.

Inner City: Big Fun

Can't complain.

Then I nearly choked myself laughing at the quality of my photoshop skills for my friend Ramiro.

Actually I feel a bit sick looking at them now cause he isn't like that at all.

xx Lektrogirl

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