Tuesday, 5 February 2008


And oh yeah - I heard Lady Sov was big in America. Her fans must be awesome.

And finally and unusual hit. This is a video I made ages ago of a Tasmanian Devil at Bonarong park. It has had 61,500 viewers. The track is AC/DC TNT, but I didn't bother to put that anywhere.

xx Lektrogirl

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Sunday, 27 January 2008


Sorry pets, I have been neglecting you for a number of days I know. Please call the RSPCA if you feel the neglect has been too much. :(

Yesterday was Australia Day!

I sent a text around to my friends to excite them into - I don't know - something. Covvo replied saying "Oh I forgot it was Australia day". The Witch said "I'm having a Milo right now!!" And the typical British Gent, Alex T responded with a picture text of a 'gang' of - who I can only assume to be - Australians [they looked equally British!] outside a pub, drinking. He attached the message "This is why I will not be celebrating Australia day today." At least he wasn't saying I turned him of Australians.

Let's celebrate some great Australians!

Phar Lap!

Errol Flynn

Just for the record, he is also Tasmania.

Acca Dacca

Check out Angus' license to sell hot dogs. [He's fly is low in a live show.]

Dame Edna Everage AND Jason Donovan

xx Lektrogirl

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