Monday, 31 August 2009


The Cardinal and I have a new blog called "MADAME A TROIS / Wesley Snipes' Private Party".

Strictly for the die hard, this is a blog based loosely on one of our favourite things - China. Complexxion couldn't even make it through a 30 minutes conversation at The Cardinal's house one night for dinner before bursting into tears and telling us we were not being nice as we flicked through a Midwinter catalogue style book.

The Cardinal and I mean serious business, like Nino Brown dealing coke in New Jack City. Nino Brown played so hard that who could forget the passion in Ice T's face when he has a gun over Nino [lying in garbage bags bleeding] saying "I want to shoot you so bad my dick is hard?"

If you would like to check our new tough love china site, please visit here:

xx Lektrogirl

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Friday, 3 July 2009


An eBay auction not to be missed! One of the ugliest things I have seen for some time. "VERY STRANGE LOOKING ART POTTERY VASE". Join the bidding war here.

xx Lektrogirl

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Saturday, 27 June 2009


Seeing as my blogging output is practically nil these days - I'm really busy and Dad has taken to sending me texts - I was considering putting my blog on permanent stop. Until I went in for the usual first check of the day internet trawl reviewing all my favourite china spots, when I came across this website FULL of the most amazing 1930's German airbrush ceramic from an avid collector. SO BEAUTIFUL!! Which drives me to share with you all someone else's obsession.

Here is the background to this kind of ceramic decoration from my favourite online translator

The 20s of the last century were marked by the belief in the technical-industrial progress which progressed with 7 miles boots.

Creativity, Progressivität and tempo were mainsprings of the time, after one of the chapters darkest up to now, the First World War.

Also in the art one looked for new expression means which could do the time taste best of all widergeben, were useable rationally and even though provided the breath of the special.
Cubism, Konstruktivismus, Suprematismus, De Stijl, new professionalism, Bauhaus - the list of the concepts tied up with this short period can be extended with famous representatives of the single types: El Lissitzky, Kandinski, Theo van Doesburg, Johannes Itten or Moholy-Nagy.
In the area of the ceramic art came along, e.g., Trude Petri, Martha Katzer, to Paul Speck, Herman Gretsch and Artur Hennig a name.

The hose procedure not new in itself experienced in the relatively short phase of six to eight years a Renaissance. (About in 1926-1933).
The technology known about since 1890 spends colored ornaments on the already dry shards by means of an Aerographen (airbrush).
One worked either freehand or with the help of stencils.
Rational work and individual artistic freedom went thus on ideal Wise hand to hand.

For relatively few money stamped, so-called lower layers could get from economic depression and beginning mass unemployment the big wide (art) welt in the sitting room.
Geometrical ornaments and Dekore, on ceramics and porcelain, tin cans, wallpaper and textiles took up the use of forms of the leading artists of the past, before these were edged out after 1933, outlawed as an ungerman, of the "little litter flower" with all power in the homely (uncanny) residential worlds again.

If you are able to read German and want to check out the website, please do here at Spritzdekor!

Hahaha "Auf die Titten spritzen!"

xx Lektrogirl

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Tuesday, 27 January 2009


Here is a quick photo diary from the Chinese New Year Australia Day celebrations at work on Monday.

Nat announces herself "the token aboriginal" [HER words NOT mine!] while she decorates reception with the flags she made painting with cotton buds and face wipes cause she didn't have any paint brushes.

Sam scoffs a few Twisties after we lay out the Aussie part of the spread - the majority of which was junk food.

Barbecue Shapes, Cheezles, Twisties, Larks Distillery Apple Liqueur [that we drank in Cava], Tim Tams, Cherry Ripes, ANZAC biscuits [as featured in The Booyah Cook], Milo and Lamingtons.

Kingaroo made Chicken and Black bean, Noodles and Spare Ribs and some other stuff that I can't remember. Some of the best ribs I ever had.

And here I am [as photographed by Sam] scoffing an ANZAC in front of our celebratory display.

A shame I didn't get a picture of Hayley accepting the Australian Souvenir Tea Towel which was my present to the office for accepting an Australian into the fold or of Lauren who was dressed in her Chinese dressing gown for most of the afternoon as part of the celebration.

xx Lektrogirl

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Friday, 11 April 2008


So the latest venture from Shop At Maison B - Pippa and I have been going demented over vintage china lately. And the shop is under the jewel that is Maison Bertaux, with the finest cream cakes, croissants and pastries in all of London town! What makes a cake? Why, a cup of tea! A drink is too wet without one don't they say? So it follows that we are fans of the tea set, especially if it's mismatched crockery trios. If you're stuck for the perfect gift we say a pretty trio called MADAME A TROIS (teacup, saucer and cake plate), packed in a cake box to go, with a bow on top for £29 will please most ladies... especially those who we've come to love as "our" ladies!

Some of them are so gorgeous I just want to be sick in the same way I get when I see fancy bra's [OMG did you see the new collection at AP? The green leopard print with burgandy bow!!! I need one!! Only it is three times more expensive than a Madame A Trois. OMG I could sit in my underwear and drink tea in the summer!!! ]

I just want to drink Gin cocktails out of this one.

Hello - so nice! This is the kind of tea set a guy should have so that he can be cool but not look too nancy.

There are loads of different styles of Madame A Trois trios from the 1920's to the 1960's. This one is a hand painted job from the 1930's.

In the black cabinet in the first photo on this post, are loads more trios to choose from which Madame Pippa will be happy to unlock for you if you want to torture yourself further with the delights of the treasures contained within.

xx Lektrogirl

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