Sunday, 1 March 2009


Well everyone - since the lameatnames domain hosting debacle and now my Flickr account has been switched to 'restricted' courtesy of the powers that be at Flickr [too many nips I guess] and I spend my Saturday mornings learning French from porn mags I suppose one could say I have reached a turning point of disregard. So here I present for you some images from the aforesaid French porn mag - more to show the brilliant graphic design and styling than anything else. And really I had no reason to write this bit of blurb other than to give you fair warning you might get into trouble at work for looking at this post on my blog.

Bob et Cindy. LOL.


Sorry for the burger, but what is that top she is wearing?! LOL.

Well I suppose it makes a change from me posting my tits all over the place.

I went into Milkbar this afternoon for my regular eggs and coffee and when I got off the tube I realised I had no money and no bank card. Thank god for the guys, they let me have my usual with the promise of paying later. Life is good.

xx Lektrogirl

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Sunday, 25 January 2009


Tomorrow it is Australia Day. Just to make it confusing, it is almost already Australia Day back in Australia. Australia Day commemorates the the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788. It was decided by the British that new penal colonies needed to be sought after the Brits lost colonies in North America. Some Aboriginal people call it Invasion Day and burn flags, but some also call it Survival Day cause they recognise that the indigenous people and their culture were not completely wiped out by the British. It is all a bit confusing. I am all a bit confused cause I have spent my whole adult life living in London - that will be 14 years in May - British or Australian sometimes I don't know.

Tomorrow is also the start of the Chinese New Year. So at work in a double celebration we are going to have a big feast for both days in one. My contribution will be ANZAC Biscuits [oh my favourite story is of Simpson and his donkey] and some Apple Liqueur from Larks Distillery in Hobart. King is cooking barbecue spare ribs!! Hayley is having a go at Lamingtons, Sam is bringing in crap from the Australia shop. The Australian and Chinese have enjoyed a really wonderful relationship from the 1850’s in the gold rush when the Chinese came to try their luck and scalped for their efforts. In later years, the Chinese were branded under some “White Australia Policy” as “The Yellow Peril”. The relationship has grown to be more fruitful and positive however with influences of Chinese cuisine and culture to the Australian landscape being very dear to many Australian’s hearts. You only need to go check out China Town in Sydney to see it stretches for blocks with some AMAZING restaurants. We don’t do number 10’s and a special fried rice there. Real Aussies know the difference between Pak Choi, Choi Sum and Bok Choi.

Anyway, my personal secret favourite place to go for a little but of homesickness relief - and I have to say those days are fewer and further apart - I always go into Milkbar on Bateman Street for a Soya Latte and sometimes scrambled eggs or toasted Turkish bread and Vegemite. As illustrated below:

God - Turkish bread and Vegemite - there is a paradox when you think what happened at Gallipoli! But please note the amount of Vegemite applied to the bread. That is how you do it. No more. Or it is HORRIBLE.

Milkbar is the only place in London that makes a good coffee with soya milk. [Well Milkbar and Flat White on Berwick Street of course cause they are run by the same people.] I also prefer Milkbar cause it is less crowded. My only criticism - and I am sure Pippa will join me on this - is that the sweet treat selection does leave something to be desired. I'm tired of cupcakes and never really been one for flapjacks. In the days of Maison B I would run up the road to get the coffees in and she would run upstairs to the patisserie for something sweet.

xx Lektrogirl

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Friday, 14 November 2008

100% FIKA

I'm sitting in milkbar feeling the coffee time vibes and chillin 2 the maximum.

I've been laughing to myself cause Cory called his latest exhibition 'Adult Contemporary' which is a style Paul coined when describing Pippa's old band All About Eve Babitz. Cory & Paul / Simon & Garfunkle (is that who I mean?) / John & Paul. All the greats.

I watched today how the boiler fixer man fixed the boiler. I will do it myself next time. It was a 20 second job. Working out CSS shits is more complicated and giving me a headache but I challenge myself to sort it. I also feel like some major DIY coming on this weekend - I have my porn movie drive in posters to pick up from the picture framer tomorrow.

Xx Lektrogirl

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Saturday, 5 July 2008


I can't wait to go here: The Giaconda Dining Room on Denmark Street. The Chef is Paul Merrony from Sydney. If someone has been there, let me know how it was! I'm DYING to know.

The menu at the moment [I picked up a card in Milkbar] reads:

Shellfish Bisque 5.00
Salad of Beetroot & Leeks Vinagrette; Goat's Curd 6.50
Pumpkin Risotto with Oregano 6.00
Boneless & Crisped Pigs Trotters; Eggs Mayonaisse 6.50

Crab Omelette; Green Salad 9.50
Crisp Roast Salmon; Deconstructed Piccalilli 11.00

Grilled Pork Chop; Risotto Milanese 11.75
Grilled Rack of Lamb [for 2 people]; Tian & Gnocchi alla Romana 24.00
Rigatoni with Braised Pork Sausages and Veal Shin with Tomatoes 9.50
Tripe Braised with Chorizo; Smoked Paprika & Butter Beans 9.50

Poached Peach; Eton Mess 6.00
Chocolate & Coffee Mousse; Caramel Sauce 4.50

I think I would have the Beetroot [and hope my friend would order the pig's trotter so I could have a taste because I'm a bit gutless and I'm not sure I would like it] then either the Crab Omelette cause I love eggs or if I was more hungry the Pork Chop and skip dessert.

Imagine the pictures I could take!!

xx Lektrogirl

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